decatur signing

Thanks to allthesass for this pic. He was looking at Phoenix here.

Okay, so when I went up to Chris, he started to reach for the books and then noticed Phoenix was in my purse. I wish I could have captured his face when he saw Phoenix…so fucking adorable! But he reached out and shook Phoenix’s paw. So adorable.

I told him I came from New Orleans to see him and he thanked me. And then I mentioned that I had driven to Houston and saw him last year and that I had given him a little voodoo doll to help protect him on his travels. And he said “I remember that! I still have it!” and Alla said “It was white, right? I remember that too.” Or something very similar to that. So I gave him his new voodoo doll and told him it was a wizard to help him achieve the impossible, to which I said “Because you haven’t acheived enough as it is.” And him and Alla laughed. IT WAS PERFECT!

And then I shook his hand and got shooed away by staff.

My selfie with Chris Colfer! :) BEST. MOMENT. EVER. ❤️ I talked to him and Alla about Madison (takeusdownandwekeeptrying) being in Latvia (and Germany) which they thought was pretty cooll! Chris was like “oh my goodness how fun…where is that?!” *looks to Alla asking about Latvia* and she said “oh I’ve been there! Such a beautiful place!” 😳 And then he thanked me and Madison for reading his books! 😂😂😍😍❤️ since she couldn’t be with me, I wanted to tell him about her so she felt like she was there! :D

BUT SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS, he is even more beautiful in person and THE SWEETEST :) that handshake was all I needed :) oh happy day! :D ❤️