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Are you going to be signing any books at the greenwood B&N when you're there for your talk at the library?

Dear czernyisnthere,

There will actually be book sales and a signing right there at the library. Here are the places I’ll be talking & signing for the remainder of ‘16 — there will be books for sale at each of these (and sometimes the stores require a book purchase at the event to get into the signing line):

DECATUR, GA: November 21, 7 pm. Little Shop of Stories, with David Levithan, Peadar O’Guilin, & others.

BATTLE CREEK, MI: December 7, 6:30 p.m.

GREENWOOD, IN: December 8, 7-9 p.m. 

Folks have been bringing me friendship bracelets they’ve made at all of the events this year, which I find delightful, particularly when they are fashioned in drab and dreary colors. 



alright so i went to chris’ signing in decatur (one of the best days of my life he’s so beautiful) and afterwards i went into starbucks and ended up behind will in line (i still have no clue how this happened i didn’t believe it was him until the woman in front of me mentioned chris and the first set of girls asked for a picture [there were 3 groups of people who asked in all and this was his response to them all]). the woman in front of me was talking to him for the majority of his time in line and it’s her that the video kinda jumps behind because i was trying not to be seen oops). i just wanted to share that no he didn’t want pictures to be taken with him and he wanted that day to be about chris. the girls who came up to him interrupted him in the middle of ordering his coffee (he got it for his friend i think bc his friend met up with him as he waited) but he really wasn’t trying to be rude when he turned away but the starbucks barista was kinda done with it all and kinda pushy about the line (there were a good 15 people in it) so that happened. he was super nice to all the fans that randomly came up to him and talked to him and he never once looked impatient or annoyed or even that nervous though he kinda looked scattered at one point bc SO MANY PEOPLE WERE TALKING TO HIM and he was mentally prepared for one or two but like 7 people talking to him at once was a little overwhelming probably. (also that’s my voice at the beginning asking why they were going up to him. i was whispering to the girl besides me who commented on the first set of girls to me because god the second hand embarrassment in the moment was kinda crazy but he was prepared for it also the fact that two groups had asked for one showed he has practice with it so)  

tl;dr: i was behind will sherrod in line at starbucks and some girls came and asked for a picture and this happened


no one apparently knows what he says so here’s a basic run down:


will: ohhhh, thank you for asking but-

*barista interrupts asking for his order and he leans over and orders*

will: um- i like to let chris have that.

girl: alright sure!!! 

will: thank you though! [goes back to pay for drink]

Thanks to allthesass for this pic. He was looking at Phoenix here.

Okay, so when I went up to Chris, he started to reach for the books and then noticed Phoenix was in my purse. I wish I could have captured his face when he saw Phoenix…so fucking adorable! But he reached out and shook Phoenix’s paw. So adorable.

I told him I came from New Orleans to see him and he thanked me. And then I mentioned that I had driven to Houston and saw him last year and that I had given him a little voodoo doll to help protect him on his travels. And he said “I remember that! I still have it!” and Alla said “It was white, right? I remember that too.” Or something very similar to that. So I gave him his new voodoo doll and told him it was a wizard to help him achieve the impossible, to which I said “Because you haven’t acheived enough as it is.” And him and Alla laughed. IT WAS PERFECT!

And then I shook his hand and got shooed away by staff.

My selfie with Chris Colfer! :) BEST. MOMENT. EVER. ❤️ I talked to him and Alla about Madison (takeusdownandwekeeptrying) being in Latvia (and Germany) which they thought was pretty cooll! Chris was like “oh my goodness how fun…where is that?!” *looks to Alla asking about Latvia* and she said “oh I’ve been there! Such a beautiful place!” 😳 And then he thanked me and Madison for reading his books! 😂😂😍😍❤️ since she couldn’t be with me, I wanted to tell him about her so she felt like she was there! :D

BUT SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS, he is even more beautiful in person and THE SWEETEST :) that handshake was all I needed :) oh happy day! :D ❤️

My 10 seconds with Chris Colfer

Desi: Hi Chris

Chris: Hello!

Desi: *watches him sign what could loosely be considered a signature*  Wow, how many times have you signed your name this week?

Chris: Oh, many.

Desi: You should just write potato or something. Then it would be worth a lot more on Ebay.

Chris: *looks up at the crazy woman* Are you going to sell it?

Desi: Oh! No, no, I’m not. Thank you!

Chris: You’re welcome. Bye!

Desi: *rushes off to slam her head against a wall*

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Will's grandmother was also at the Decatur signing. She was supposed to be upstairs with them, but she was downstairs in the shop. So she was trying to ask an employee how she could go upstairs and she leaned in and said quietly "I'm Chris Colfer's boyfriend's grandmother" and a little later she was upstairs behind the divider :)