His nomination is actually doubly significant for me. I got so used to seeing him in the cutting room as Mad Max. It just shows what a great actor he is. I didn’t feel any familiarity watching him in The Revenant. I felt like he was Fitzgerald. It just shows that he’s the guy who’s prepared to take on anything. He’s like a decathlete in the Olympics. He doesn’t just do the 800 meters but he does the broad jump, the high jump and the pole vaulting.

- Director George Miller on Tom Hardy being nominated for best supporting actor in The Revenant.
'SNL' best host poll: Was Louis C.K. too naughty to win Mr. Saturday Night?
What makes a great Saturday Night Live host? There really is no simple answer, though Steve Martin, who’s hosted 15 times, had some fun explaining...

“ …the biggest wild-card might be Martin Freeman. The Hobbit star was initially eliminated, but he was the runaway winner of our second-chance poll last week, with nearly 60 percent of the vote.”

“ Freeman’s SNL debut was one of the funniest in years, demonstrating what fans of the British Office have known for years but what viewers of Sherlock and the Hobbit films might have missed—he’s a versatile comic decathlete who can play scenes both big and small. 

Though he was initially eliminated, pro-Freeman forces turned out in droves to get him back in the final. (He received nearly six times as many votes as his nearest rival in the second-chance vote, Chris Pratt.) If the same fans chime in this week, he might pull off the upset.”

We did it! We all voted Martin back into the finals for the best Saturday Night Live host! 

Now, lets make him Mr. Saturday Night Live 2015 in the final poll!

Martin is one of 6 finalists you can vote to be Mr. or Mrs. Saturday Night Live 2015.

Vote for Martin #OneLastTime 


No one on Facebook has uploaded any pictures that I like, so I figured that I should stop waiting and just post a (sorta dumb) picture before it’s a few weeks later lmao.

I arranged my medals in the order that I won them for the sake of a nice picture. :D So that’s Lang/Lit, Music, Science, Art, Econ, Essay, Speech, Social Science, Team Super Quiz for Division 1, and Team Overall.

It was a great run, and I’m going to be proud for the rest of my life to say that I’m a former Academic Decathlete.