Sans has really bad night terrors and Papyrus wakes up in the middle of the night to comfort him (even tho he’s really confused and disoriented) 

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I want to talk about this part right here
I have seen that post going around praising dave for his quick thinking, and how Dirk will get to revive because his death wasnt heroic, but i have a suggestion.

You see, to me, it looks like the striders are nodding to eachother.

If they are nodding to eachother, it means Dirk is telling Dave to do it, to take them out while they have the chance, even if hes in the way, and Dave is steeling himself to do it, to decapitate his brother.

if that is the case, it means that Dirk sacrificed himself so they could kill the adversaries while they could, regardless of his own life, which is pretty damn heroic in my opinion.

Guys, what if Dirk is really dead?

Original art by 闻人初然

Translated by sasuisgay

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