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Should someone who wants to learn how to provide safe abortions read the book,"Abortion Practice," by Warren Hern? I heard that in the book he talks about dismemberment and decapitation and I don't know why'd he'd be anti-choice because he provides abortions. I don't know if the book is propaganda or medical facts? What do you think, Tobey? Should I trust it as a good source?


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Pink Eye should be on your list. Kyle saves Wendy from decapitation that Stan doesn't have the heart to do anyway, plus all the costume contest cuteness. Style was pissed at Chewbacca Wendy.

Added!!! Thanks friend 💕

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Game of Thrones!

The first character I fell in love with: Daenerys.

The character who is my ‘baby’: Sansa.

The character who I do not understand: Littlefinger in the later seasons. You got stupid, dude. I don’t get it. 

The character that I think the show ruined: One word: DORNE. (Everyone related to the Dornish plot was RUINED).

The most attractive male and female character: Jaime (like older, grizzled, “I’ve been through a lot of shit” season 7 Jaime) and Missandei. 

The character death that was the worst for me: The first character who dies in Episode 1 by beheading. I am super, super, super sensitive to decapitation, I just… can’t. Just no. It terrifies me and disgusts me and makes me want to throw up. Let’s say I’ve had a hard time with this show and there’s a lot of it that I listened to, but didn’t watch (let’s not even go near Oberyn’s death).  

The character that is the most like me: …Sam, I guess? 

The character I think the writer(s) love: Bronn. Otherwise he’d be dead by now.

The character that I just want to be happy: Sansa. And Arya. And all the Starks.

My four favorite characters, past or present: In no particular order: Sansa, Cersei, Daenerys, Jon and Jaime. (Yes, that’s five, don’t care). 

My four least favorite characters, past or present: The fucking character assassination that was the Sand Snakes. Oh, and the standards of Ramsay, Joffrey, etc.

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