Despite early leads by Darth Talon and Starkiller, Jaina Solo won Hasbro’s 2016 fan choice figure poll. (Here’s the percentages just before the poll closed.)

Jaina, who is the oldest child and only daughter of Leia Organa and Han Solo in decanonized Legends timeline, has had at least one figure from Hasbro in the past, plus a Bishoujo-style statue from Kotobukiya. The new figure will take some time: The fruits of last year’s poll – Darth Revan and Sabine Wren – aren’t expected to hit the shelves until late this year. 

Hasbro also announced several new figures at SDCC, including a 6′ Black Series Hera Syndulla and an Imperial Royal Guard inspired in part by the (also Legends) comic Crimson Empire. Getting a 3.75 figure, the newly recanonized Grand Admiral Thrawn, who will appear on Star Wars Rebels when it returns in the fall.

Also, you ever realize how miraculous the BIONICLE fanbase is? I’ve hopped a few bandwagons recently, and been amazed at how different BIONICLE’s is.

*BIONICLE reboot!*
*fans pretty much unanimously rejoice*

*DC/Marvel reboot!*
*a sea of moaning and whining*

*new BIONICLE book!*
*fans fangasm all over the place*

*new Star Wars book!*

The BIONICLE fanbase only really has a few big nitpicks, like decanonizing romance, which I think are pretty much all justified. Except the hate for TLR, which was just nostalgia goggles. Fans of other particularly nerdy things always find something to complain about.

The Harry Potter fanbase is pretty much the only one that compares, I think.

The Aftermath aftermath, or, what’s up with all those crazy Amazon reviews?

With Aftermath, the first canon Star Wars novel to tread where only Legends had been before, it’s only natural that some controversy would erupt.

Now, some of it has been people who just plain don’t like Chuck Wendig’s writing style and/or the book itself. I didn’t find the style bothersome and liked the book, but both are perfectly valid complaints.

And then, there are the… Others. Our old friends (‘friends’) the folks who are still bent out of shape that the old Expanded Universe has been decanonized. And, of course, the folks who are mad that some of Wendig’s characters happen to be gay.  

Needless to say, neither group is particularly sympathetic. The Legends folks might have a case, if they weren’t so plain-out obnoxious, but if there’s a moderate part of this supremely ineffectual ‘movement’ they’re being drowned out.

Together, some outspoken members of those three groups all got the idea to… Leave a whole bunch of very quick, very many one-star reviews on Amazon. Jim C. Hines and Michael Patrick Hicks have some nice breakdowns of that. Of course, there’s also a wonderful irony here. Per Wendig himself:

…A passel of negative reviews actually elevates the book’s overall sales ranking. Which in turn garners it more sales. Amazon reps have been clear with me on this point: buyers buy books with reviews, period. Not good reviews, not bad reviews. But rather: quantity of reviews impress buyers to make purchases. So, leaving a ton of bad reviews actually increases the book’s sales. Ironic, and not likely what anyone supporting such a campaign intends.

His response to the objections regarding the gay characters needs to be read in full, though.

I’m not here to tell you how to feel about anything Star Wars. We are all adults here (or so I am going to assume for my own mental health,) and I can’t believe I have to keep saying this, but: Not everything in Star Wars is going to work for everyone, and that’s fine. Feel however you like about whatever, it’s no skin off my back. But that doesn’t give you the right to be a dick, and there’s far too much of that going around. Or, to throw it to Wendig again:

Loving something is fandom. Hate isn’t, or shouldn’t be, part of it. Fandom is about sharing awesome things with like-minded people. It isn’t about spreading hate and forming spiteful tribes. That’s heinous fuckery. Do not partake in heinous fuckery.


And to end this on a high note, check out DragonCon’s Wendig panel with Tosche Station and the latest Full of Sith.

Kamu; 2-Decanone-ku

Ada fakta yang begitu menarik mengenai manusia.

Bahwa kita, entah bagaimana, selalu bisa mengenali wangi khas seseorang. Terkadang kita tidak sadar setiap kita sedang bersama seseorang, ada wangi khas yang muncul dari badannya. Tapi sebenarnya seluruh komponen diri kita mengingat wangi tersebut. Dan ketika wangi itu tiba-tiba muncul, hidung kita seperti langsung mengirim sinyal-sinyal tertentu pada otak untuk mengingat pemiliknya.

Dan dari sana aku tahu, bahwa ternyata ada korelasi antara wangi seseorang dan perasaan rindu.

Selalu ada wangi khasmu yang tertinggal setiap kamu beranjak pergi dari tempat di sebelahku. Ketika lengan-lengan sang waktu kembali berjalan dengan lambat, ketika mereka tidak lagi bergerak dengan luar biasa cepat seperti saat kamu bersamaku. Wangi khas yang menyeruak dan langsung saja membuat rindu.

Aku mengingat wangi khasmu itu seperti aku mengingat wangi hujan—yang sangat aku sukai. Wangi hujan yang disebut dengan istilahPetrichor. Atau kau boleh menyebutnya dengan istilah kimia yang mungkin akan lebih kamu sukai.

Petrichor memiliki nama kimia, yaitu 2-decanone. Senyawa itu datang dari minyak yang dipancarkan oleh tanaman saat masih kering. Dan selama hujan, minyak itu dilepaskan ke udara bersama dengan senyawa lain yang datang dari mikroba yang sudah mati, yaitu Geosmin, yang kemudian menghasilkan Petrichor.

Tidak terhitung berapa banyak aku mengendus wangi Petrichor setiap aku sedang bersama kamu. Kamu yang selalu mencari wangi itu setiap hujan turun. Tapi menurutku hujan selalu menyenangkan, karena hujan selalu sukses menahan kamu lebih lama. Hujan yang menyenangkan, yang memberi indera penciumanku waktu untuk mengingat wangi Petrichor yang bercampur dengan wangi dari punggungmu, wangi lenganmu yang melindungi aku dari tetes hujan yang menghampiri bumi dengan perlahan.

Petrichor menemani aku—kamu jatuh cinta.

Dan kamu tak ubahnya Petrichor bagiku. Petrichor penanda hujan turun, seperti kamu yang memberi pengertian bahwa jalanan keringku tidak lagi kemarau. Petrichor pemberi ketenangan, sesuatu yang memberi aku keteduhan dan rasa aman. Petrichor yang mengajakku untuk bersiap bersenang-senang, berlari, menari—larut bersama hujan.

Petrichorku, 2-decanone-ku; kamu.

#jumat siang, hujan, dan wangi petrichor yang menyeruak lewat jendela kamar; aku merindukanmu hari ini