Birds of a Feather

It’s exam month with means I have significantly less time to paint my nails. As a bit of a compromise with myself, I decided it would be the perfect time to try out these Full-Nail Water Decals from Born Pretty! If you want to try them out for yourself remember that you can use my code FHX31 for 10% off your order!
You can check out my full review of these decals by clicking the link below.

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Well I wonder who this could be from? Just look at that packaging omg <3 ferret kisses! And as if the package wasn’t cute enough, look at all these goodies!! I cannot wait to stick those paw prints everywhere and those koozies are adorable >:) thank you thelifeofmyferrets​ - you spoiled me! Your half of the trade is almost done! Oh, and by the way, a trip to NY is in my future (I don’t know when but it is) 

PS guys, as soon as she lists those koozies online - go get them cause you need them <3 Dooks and Spoons

Now to peel off/ cut out all the cute from that package so I can keep those too