DeCaLiBron: Mission Accomplished.

Today was just full of win. 

(Kayla and V know what I’m talking about!)

It’s pretty badass to knock out 4 14-ers in one day.

As of now? I’m very tired and can’t feel anything south of my belly button. I have blisters forming on my pinkie toes (a tradition that happens when I climb).

Worth it? Totally.

Click HERE to see my pictures I took today. There were plenty of pics taken, too much to spam with, so I hope you enjoy the slideshow instead!


Podge and I are aiming for 4 14-ers  in one day, aka the Decalibron, next Tuesday!

  1. Democrat
  2. Lincoln
  3. Cameron
  4. Bross


This girl! :D

It will be my 4th-7th summits! 

Pretty sure only true Coloradoans can appreciate this post. 

I only say that because the rest of you may not know how exhilarating it is to stand 14,000+ feet above sea level and take in the earth’s beauty. It’s amazing and I definitely recommend that you do it at least once in your lifetime.

Podge and I on my first two summits: Grey’s (mountain in between our heads) and (standing on) Torrey’s in 2006.

Checked off four more 14ers yesterday with @beccalwilliams: Mt. Democrat, 14,148’, Mt. Cameron, 14,238’, Mt. Lincoln, 14,286’, and Mt. Bross, 14,172’. We battled crazy intense winds, saw a mountain goat, and chugged our beers at the top of Bross as we took semi-shelter from the winds before descending.

(by beccaleewilliams)