On the family front, it was Jared Leto who added “devoted son” to a diverse image that also includes actor, rocker, and all-around hottie. He told me that he came out to help pump mom Constance Leto’s new jewelry line, which explains why he and brother Shannon Leto (both wearing sunglasses) hung close to the jewelry case all night. He says the line is called Linda & Constance, and “they are kind of making their debut tonight. They’ve been selling it privately for quite some time and then were asked to come and be a part of the store.” It’s a women’s collection but even though Jared told me he has been pushing her to do men’s (he even told me he liked my chain with a skull & crossbones charm on it), he still does get some benefits from his mom’s biz. “A lot of my friends who are girls love it and are always trying to get some,” he laughed before saying that he hasn’t tried to spring any free pieces on potential love interests. “I keep it professional, but I did buy my assistant a necklace for her birthday.” How sweet, right?