Birth rates of Europeans on record low; migration on record high; birth rates of migrants 2-3 times as high as those of Europeans. Erdogan telling the Turkish in Europe to have more children, not 3, but 5, because they “are the future of Europe”. 

I promise you, you will lose everything you love and know if you don’t wake up now. Muslims will soon be a majority in Europe. They will form their own parties and they will win in elections because they are the majority. Civil wars will start. If you don’t see it, or if you now think that’s “racism”, you are indoctrinated by the media, because it doesn’t take any ideology to recognise it, math is enough. Important leftwing thinkers turn their backs to their parties to support the Nouvelle Droite, because they know there won’t be any social European society - no European society at all - if you don’t wake up. This isn’t a fight for anyones “supremacy”, it is a fight for existence.

Already, he was dreaming of a refined solitude, a comfortable desert, a motionless ark in which to seek refuge from the unending deluge of human stupidity.
—  Huysmans, Against nature