decade: 1920s

Why you should watch Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix streaming (U.S.)

This is Phryne Fisher. She’s a daring forty-something woman living in Australia during the 1920s with enough money to live it up and a wardrobe that’ll make you cry. 

She decides she’s going to become a private detective, so she does. She has a pearl handled pistol in her handbag and a dagger in her garter.

Her adventures sometimes require undercover work. Such as circus performer. 

And if she’s not in an adorable hat, she has a sparkly headband. Of course.

And every now and then her lesbian bestie visits in the greatest tweeds and brogues. 

Did I mention the clothes?

She prefers younger men


But you’ll totally ship these two.

She knows how to fly planes, 

and teaches young girls self defense on top of table manners.

But these two are the cutest most innocent couple you’ll ever see. Seriously cute.

 There’s so much more, but you’ll just have to watch it. The first season is on Netflix streaming in the U.S. so I hope you enjoy this kick-ass lady. She’s seriously cool.