decade: 1830

What do you have to give old on the war of Algiers during 1830?

I guess you ask for illustrations on the french conquest of Alegeria then?

I have several paintings on that

Battle of Mazagran, 1840

Enemy repulsed in the heights of Coudiat-Ati, 10.10.1837 - Horace Vernet

Taking of Constantine, 1837 - Horace Vernet

Assault columns set in motion -13.10.1837, Horace Vernet

2nd Chasseurs d'Afrique - 1832, H. Boisselier

 1st Chasseurs d'Afrique and Moor Gendarme, 1832-3, H. Boisselier

French chasseur d'Afrique and wounded Arab, 1846