She can’t stop stuffing herself. She can feel her huge gut growing more swollen everyday. Her paunch is growing softer and thicker with every calorie laden bite she takes. Her friends gape in shock at how fat she has gotten, it’s getting harder to do her duties at work without getting winded. But still she goes out every lunch break and scarfs down thick shakes and decadent treats. The people she buys food from look embarrassed for her. When she sits down to eat her huge meals people gape at her swollen stomach and her straining clothes. She goes back to work with her gut peeking out the bottom of her shirt wobbling. Her clothes barely containing her fat, swollen body.

Today, I’m my own #wcw.

ONE DECADE vegan strong as of 02/10/16, and the pride, humility, and gratitude that I feel in reflection of that is only part of the joy that feeds my choices every single day.

Going vegan remains the best decision I ever made. Now…who’s in?

(📸 from the @vaute_nyc fashion show 2013)

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Bia, please tell me you feel the same way: When I go see Carol and hear people asking each other what they thought as we all leave and they shrug and twist their mouth and "meh" it, when they say it was "too melodramatic", "nothing happened" (how can it be BOTH??! And you ARE WRONG) - don't you just want to slap strangers in the mouth??? I just feel it so personally. Did we see the same movie? Is your heart dead? Are you too straight to *see* straight? I've waited decades, stop pissing on it.

OH YES I feel the same damn way, when I went to see it I had a teenage het couple sitting behind me and they spent the entire fUCKING TIME giggling and making jokes and I didn’t want to be that person but I had to turn around and ask them to stop because sOME OF US !!!!!! WERE TRYING TO WATCH THE MOVIE !!!!

And then when it ended they were like “Heh it wasn’t anything special” and like !!!!! you know what !!!!! enjoy your hollow heart !!!!! like, I get it, every fucking movie was made for them, so when they walk into one that wasn’t, they don’t understand it so I pity them, I do

They literally left right away when the credits started rolling and I looked back and the only people there was a group of older gay couples, two women and two men, it was honestly magical, the hets can suck it
China's nuclear fusion machine just smashed Germany's hydrogen plasma record
Game on.
By Bec Crew

Just last week, we reported that Germany’s revolutionary nuclear fusion machine managed to heat hydrogen gas to 80 million degrees Celsius, and sustain a cloud of hydrogen plasma for a quarter of a second. This was a huge milestone in the decades-long pursuit of controlled nuclear fusion, because if we can produce and hold onto hydrogen plasma for a certain period, we can harness the clean, practically limitless energy that fuels our Sun.

Now physicists in China have announced that their own nuclear fusion machine, called the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), has produced hydrogen plasma at 49.999 million degrees Celsius, and held onto it for an impressive 102 seconds.

While this is nowhere near the hottest temperature that’s been produced by an experiment - that honour goes to the Large Hadron Collider, which hit a whopping 4 trillion degrees Celsius (250,000 times hotter than the centre of the Sun) back in 2012 - the team from China’s Institute of Physical Science in Hefei managed to recreate solar conditions for well over a minute.

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Everyone’s able to cover a pair of shoes with colors and transparencies that can be easily found in a drugstore; we often see footwear -including well known craftsmen’s ones- sold as “hand-colored shoes”, made by hurriedly spreading random colors and shades on the surface of the shoes without any criteria and good taste. The producers emphasize that it is an entirely hand made product, which is virtually  true but… handmade by whom? This is the basic issue.
Alexander Nurulaeff is a professional painter with decades of experience in various painting techniques such as silk painting, oil on canvas, painting on leather. The materials he uses are absolutely the best blends of colors and transparencies  in the world. His Patina are not simple hand coloring: with Dandy Shoe Care every pair of shoes becomes a canvas on which the artist paints a unique and unrepeatable masterpiece.
If you want to have a ‘work of art’ at your feet, pamper you with a Patina signed Dandy Shoe Care. Otherwise, you may have just one of the many rough and monotonous results created by improvised so-called artists.
To all manufacturers or retailers of luxury footwear we remember that you can order a Limited Edition created for you by the best Patina Artist in the world- Alexander Nurulaeff. We remind you that you can also organize special events with the participation of Alexander Nurulaeff.
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#10 years of Amazing Phil

Happy 10th Birthday to @amazingphil ‘s Channel! Truly an amazing guy ^^
Thank you for always brightening everyone’s day with your videos! 

happy thursday  - I have fun