dec. 2011

Posts You May Not Have Seen

Hey kids, this blog has officially been around since Dec 2011! So since ya’ll love being in the moment it occurred to me that you might not have had the time or patience to dig through my tags, posts, or lists. So here’s some posts that I am pretty fond of and think will help people out, all in one place.

look i know i got tagged in like…3 of these……and didn’t do them……… but

thx for tagging me @viridianforest

Nicknames: radio and sometimes mikey 

Height: 5′4″

Time right now: 4:24 pm

Last thing I googled: shar pei (i wanted a new icon on :P)

Fave music artist: i like queen and glass animals!

Song stuck in my head: what the heck i gotta do

Last movie I watched: im watching it follows with nico rn!

Last TV show I watched: voltronnnn

What I’m wearing now: ironically, also my voltron shirt i ordered! and jeans

When I created this blog: dec 2012? 2011? i think 11

The kind of stuff I post: games and shitpost

Do I have other blogs?: i have sideblogs for aes stuff!

Do I get asks regularly?: sometimes!!

Why did I choose my URL?: lol i thought i wanted to be a nuclear physicist when i made this blog  and i thought blogs were just for posting like, personal bullshit

Gender: i’m a dude!

Hogwarts House: look, i fuckin get a different house every time i take the quiz

Pokemon team: yea idk which this is asking either if it’s go i never picked

Fave colors: black + red, gold, earthy greens and browns

Average hours of sleep: 5-10 lol

Lucky number: 13

Favourite characters: i have… a lot

Dream job: something to do with infectious disease… rn im thinking dr of epidemiology 

Number of blankets I sleep with: one? sheets and an extra blanket

Following: 155 blogs haha i dont follow too many and im constantly unfollowing inactives

uhmm ill just tag a few people from my activity ares does that and it’s a good idea? @ashvyer @digitalpoltergeist @myhoneybree @rachelsama @geistgraace @miserysucculent @gayidate you dont gotta do this but i have fun with these