dec. 11 2012

Sharon and Nico Tweets

So I’ve tried uploading this last night, but I’m still learning how to post. So here it is again….

After seeing all the discussions on Sharon and Nico tweets, I decided to find out what all the excitement was about. Here’s my compilation of their tweets that I could find in order of sequence. I did edit out the address of those not directly connected to #MMFD. I think Sharon and Nico have developed a very nice friendship and are very comfortable with each. Their interactions are quite cute…. Enjoy!

June 23, 2012
@sharonrooney Alright are kid?!?! -Nico

@NicoMirallegro Hola Handsome!! How are you doing??Xx –Sharon

@sharonrooney Oi Oi! All good here, just in newmarket.. Down tomorrow, wit the gang! How are you? X -Nico

@NicoMirallegro Im looking forward to Mon, get the gang together again :-) I am good ta, was kissing Mr Achie till the early hours haha!!Xx -Sharon

June 28, 2012
Filming a pool party at some big fudging mansion wit @sharonrooney @generalraff @jodiecomer @CiaraBaxendale @DanDaveCohen #staywarmstaysunny -Nico

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