Animal Farm

58 in x of animated feature film history
Release: Dec. 29th, 1954
Country: USA
Director: John Halas, Joy Batchelor

‘Animal Farm is based on the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, which is an allegory for the Russian Revolution of 1917 and its aftermath. It was the first British animated feature to be released.

The animals are tired of being under the cruel hand of Farmer Jones (Czar Nicholas II), so Old Major (Karl Marx), a pig, leads a meeting declaring that man is their enemy. But when Major dies, the animals lead a successful revolt against Farmer Jones, and the animals rename Manor Farm ‘Animal Farm’ and have their own laws. Snowball (Leon Trotsky) becomes the first president, but Napoleon (Joseph Stalin) ousts him, and Napoleon and his accomplice, Squealer (propagandist) break countless rules. And the rules are changed, showing that all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. The film deviates from its source material by having the animals rise up and destroy Napoleon at the end of the film.

The animation historian Brian Sibley doubts that the team responsible was aware of the source of the funding initiating the project, which came from the CIA to further the creation of anti-communist art. The CIA initially funded Louis de Rochemont to begin work on a film version of Orwell’s work and he hired Halas & Batchelor, an animation firm in London that had made propaganda films for the British government. Halas and Batchelor were awarded the contract to make the feature in November 1951 and it was completed in April 1954. The production employed about 80 animators.

The ’financial backers’ influenced the development of the film, the altered ending, and a message that, ‘Stalin’s regime is not only as bad as Jones’s, but worse and more cynical’, and Napoleon ‘not only as bad as JONES but vastly worse.’ The ‘investors’ were greatly concerned that Snowball (the Trotsky figure) was presented too sympathetically in early script treatments. A memo declared that Snowball must be presented as a “fanatic intellectual whose plans if carried through would have led to disaster no less complete than under Napoleon.’

To coincide with the film’s release, a comic strip version was serialized in newspapers, drawn by Harold Whitaker, one of the animators.

The film critic C. A. Lejeune wrote at the time: ‘I salute Animal Farm as a fine piece of work… [the production team] have made a film for the eye, ear, heart and mind’. Many parents were alarmed at the bleakness of the film, having taken their children thinking it was a film along the lines of a Disney cartoon. Some criticism was levelled at the altered ending, with one paper reporting: ‘Orwell would not have liked this one change, with its substitution of commonplace propaganda for his own reticent, melancholy satire.’

Maurice Denham provided the voice talent for all the animals in the film.

Animal Farm is also the first ever animated film to contain animated blood.”


Animal Farm is available on YouTube. 

fe14 zodiac

•note: these are the actual signs of the characters from the wiki and this post will be updated when more info is published


benoit (mar 24th)
kazahana (mar 28th)
shara (april 1st)
sakura (april 9th)
kanna (april 19th)


zero (april 22nd)
yukimura (april 28th)
ryouma (may 1st)
charlotte (may 4th)
midoriko (may 17th)
setsuna (may 20th)


shigure (june 6th)
anna (june 10th)
gunther (june 13th)
orochi (june 19th)


mitama (june 26th)
leon (june 30th)
kisaragi (july 4th)
matoi (july 6th)
nishiki (july 12th)
odin (july 15th)


sophie (july 21st)
kagerou (july 26th)
crimson (aug 3rd)
lazwald (aug 7th)
ignis (aug 16th)
hinoka (aug 18th)
shinonome (aug 22nd)


soleil (aug 31st)
lutz (sep 5th)
asama (sep 9th)
ophelia (sep 15th)
tsukuyomi (sept 19th)


hisame (sep 27th)
kaze (oct 2nd)
saizou (oct 2nd)
mozume (oct 6th)
velour (oct 11th)
kinu (oct 20th)


marx (oct 27th)
flannel (oct 30th)
silas (nov 1st)
yuugiri (nov 7th)
deere (nov 16th)


oboro (nov 28th)
kamilla (nov 30th)
jakob (dec 3rd)
takumi (dec 14th)
asura (dec 21st)


pieri (dec 24th)
izana (dec 29th)
grey (jan 1st)
fuuga (jan 8th)
arthur (jan 14th)


luna (jan 21st)
eponine (jan 31)
rinka (feb 5th)
tsubaki (feb 7th)
nyx (feb 17th)
flora (feb 19th)
felicia (feb 19th)


belka (feb 26th)
azura (mar 3rd)
foleo (mar 13th)
elise (mar 19th)

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Fools was posted on the 29th Dec in western time but depending on what time of day, Fools was probably posted on Tae's birthday in their time.

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Got these two categories to contend for in the nuzforums nuzlocke extravaganza event (Best Plot and Saddest Death)! Made some poorly timed gifs for the occasion as usual. 

PS: This is just the nominations, NOT the results. Voting will be on Dec 29th and I am excited to see the other nominees! :D

PPS: I did check with the mods before posting these bc talking about your nominations in the nuzforums outside your nuzrun thread (and the discord) is an insta-ban. Sites outside the forums/discord server does not count.


Gotham next airs on the 16th of January (roughly 3 weeks away as of 29th Dec.)

16th Jan. S03 EP. 12 “Ghosts” - lead up to Jerome??

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24th Jan. S03 EP. 13 “Smile Like You Mean It” - Jerome bursts out of giant cake like 

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31st Jan. S03 EP. 14 “How the Riddler Got His Name” - okay but I’m so excited for this one because a. it’s been hinted that nygmobblepot resolves their angst in this one and b. the Riddler has been one of my favourite characters in comics for years and Cory Michael Smith is KILLING IT and I’d love some backstory on this particular interpretation of Edward Nygma

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all in all, I’m so friggin excited man

Blacksun week Nov.29th -Dec.5th

Artwork done by @artsuhaven

A weeks fully dedicated to one of the many awesome RWBY ships! The relationship between Sun Wukong and Blake belladonna needs to be appreciated in all of it’s beautiful faunus glory! Their will be seven beautiful prompts, one prompt for each day. There will be two EXTRA prompts that can be done before of after the event. Feel free to do each event in you interpretation. Fan fictions are 1000000% welcomed as well.

November 29th - December 5th.

  1.  First Date
  2.  Games
  3.  Protection
  4.  Catnip
  5. Monkey Business
  6.  Kisses
  7.  Future

Bonus Prompts

  • 1. Warmth
  • 2. Jealousy

If there are any questions please feel free to contact me @artsuhaven All of the contributions will be reblogged here so I ask people to tag their work with BlackSun week 2K15 so I can find them! Can’t wait to see all the beautiful creations > v <

So, how about Harrisco New Year’s Kisses: An Anthology?

It hit me that it’d be nifty for our community to have this collection of special new year Harrisco kissage, so I’m putting this out there. *waggles brows* Various settings and moods to explore! Guidelines/notes are below. You post, I’ll compile and share. There’s also a collection tag all set up for Ao3 as well.  

  • Word Count: 500 min. - 4,000 max.
  • Ratings: G - NC-17 welcome. Note rating in post and any warnings if necessary. 
  • Cisco Ramon/(E-2) Harry Wells, specifically, as the main ship.
  • Fic should be decently proofread.
  • Fics should be posted by Thurs Dec 29th. The Harrisco New Year’s Kisses: An Anthology (list) post will be up on the 30th. Of course, I’ll gladly tack on any fics trickling in after the 29th.
  • ** Make sure to write @heckyeahharrisco​ in the post somewhere so that I can definitely catch sight of your wonderful pieces. 

Have fun playing with this. It could take place in a - slightly further out - future new year. What settings are forming in your mind? Is that kiss going to be right on the mouth or… *G* Or, hey, maybe the kiss doesn’t come right at or even near the stroke of midnight. Maybe it’s one in the afternoon on New Year’s Day. Hee. Possibly mid that week.

  • If you are housing the fic on Ao3, under the Post to Collections bit, feel free to type in HarriscoNewYearsKissesAnAnthology. I’m moderating it, so works should be allowed in shortly after submission. 
  • Yes, you can write more than one fic, but make sure each one keeps within that word count and please have them in separate posts. If it’s something like “Four Times Cisco and Harry Wanted to Kiss Each Other on New Year’s… and the First Time It Actually Happened” I’ll allow it in one post.  Just keep between 500 - 4000 words in total. 

PS - Pimp this post at will, fam! Muchly appreciated.

Living With Regrets - Part 8: Facing the Past (Teaser)

We are closing in on an end to this one. 3 chapters left. If you need to catch up you can do so here: Masterpost.

Part 8 will be posted dec 29th at 9pm danish time (3pm EST) - Until then enjoy the teaser.

“I’m sorry,” Y/N’s voice was barely above a whisper, but it was enough to pull Jensen from his thoughts as he hit the small back road that was going to lead the out of town.

“What?” Jensen took his eyes of the road for barely a second, only to see her staring out of her window, before he directed his attention back onto the road.

“You didn’t force me to stay. You never forced me to do anything.” Her voice almost cracked as she spoke, and Jensen let out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. He wasn’t sure he believe that he hadn’t. He might not have put a gun to her head, but he had convinced her to stay. Nevertheless hearing her take back her words from before made him breathe easier. It gave him back faith that things could go back to what they had been, as soon as they had their daughter back in their arms.

“I have never been as happy as I have been the past few month. I want you to know that.” Jensen took his eyes off the road to find her looking at him as she spoke this time. Her eyes were filling up with tears and as happy as her words made him, there was a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that he couldn’t shake. There was a sadness in her voice he wasn’t used too. Y/N also didn’t tell him how she felt that often. He could see it in her eyes and feel it in her touches, her actually saying he made her happy wasn’t something he was used too.

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Some pages from Journal #9. I think that many of us can agree that 2016 hasn’t been the best year so far, for whatever reason. I’ve noticed a lot of other journalers have been struggling (or at least taking much longer than usual) to fill a journal this year. This journal lasted me Dec 29th 2015 to May 8th 2016. Writing in it was no longer fun for me and summer was just about to start. So I’ve moved on. Goodbye, sweet friend.

The remains of the camp of Hunkpapa and Miniconjou Lakota, a few weeks after the Wounded Knee Massacre. In the wake of Sitting Bull’s arrest and death, Chief Big Foot (Spotted Elk) left the Cheyenne River Reservation with a group of men, women and children, planning to move to the Pine Ridge Reservation. Lacking permission, the US 7th Cavalry was dispatched to bring them back.

Soon caught, the 350 or so men, women, and children were surrounded, and on the morning of Dec. 29th, 1890, the cavalrymen entered the camp to disarm them. Debate exists on what the exact spark was, but regardless, a shot was fired, and quickly resulted in a full-blown firefight. The handful of male warriors was no match for the 500 strong cavalry detachment and could offer only token resistance while the soldiers fired indiscriminately, killing men, women, and children. The battle was quick and bloody, and at least 150 of the Indians lay dead, although estimates go up to twice that. In contract, 25 US soldiers had been slain in the action. It would be the last major “action” of the Plains Wars.

Far from hiding what had happened though, the fight at Wounded Knee was praised as a worthy battle, and no less than twenty Medals of Honor were awarded, an excessive number even given the lower criteria of the time. It wouldn’t be for many decades that the “Battle” would be remembered for the massacre that it was, although the Medals of Honor remain a bitter point of contention with American Indian activists.

(Library of Congress)

Twitter Trending Challenge

2pm EST Sat 28th Dec &  6pm EST Sun 29th Dec


Can we try and trend #TenInchHero and as a bonus trend Jensen Ackles at the same time.

It would be great to spread the word since it’s got so many tumblr fans and lets be honest if people see Jensen’s name associated with this film they’re going to watch it hoping for something more than big sandwiches and end up loving it anyway for all the great characters.

I’m not really on twitter that much so I hope people can spread the word and help this happen. I’ve given two times so we can have a couple of shots at trending but if anyone has any suggestions let me know.