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Ill go by DD anon— im not here to piss anyone off—dont be surprised if we see MM next week, potentially a pap walk w/ PH. As far as I know he doesnt have any engagements scheduled for next week. Nothing should surprise us anymore. Whether Doria will fly to the UK to keep the fake narrative going is up for debate. After IG, anything is possible. He’ll go to the Dec 11 sentebale concert. No Sandringham, no engagement at all! So chill. Shes gambling like 3 part anon said.

Well she is in LA right now…

Your Birth Tree

Many witches like to choose what their wand is made of by their birth tree, or have seeds/the actual tree nearby for strength/guidance. So here you go 

Dec 23 to Jan 01 | Apple Tree

Jan 02 to Jan 11 | Fir Tree
Jan 12 to Jan 24 | Elm Tree
Jan 25 to Feb 03 | Cypress Tree

Feb 04 to Feb 08 | Poplar Tree
Feb 09 to Feb 18 | Cedar Tree
Feb 19 to Feb 28 | Pine Tree
Feb 29 | Poplar Tree

Mar 01 to Mar 10 | Weeping Willow Tree
Mar 11 to Mar 20 | Lime Tree
Mar 21 | Oak Tree
Mar 22 to Mar 31 | Hazelnut Tree

Apr 01 to Apr 10 | Rowan Tree
Apr 11 to Apr 20 | Maple Tree
Apr 21 to Apr 30 | Walnut Tree

May 01 to May 14 | Poplar Tree
May 15 to May 24 | Chestnut Tree
May 25 to Jun 03 | Ash Tree

Jun 04 to Jun 13 | Hornbeam Tree
Jun 14 to Jun 23 | Fig Tree
Jun 24 | Birch Tree
Jun 25 to Jul 04 | Apple Tree

Jul 05 to Jul 14 | Fir Tree
Jul 15 to Jul 25 | Elm Tree
Jul 26 to Aug 04 | Cypress Tree

Aug 05 to Aug 13 | Poplar Tree
Aug 14 to Aug 23 | Cedar Tree
Aug 24 to Sep 02 | Pine Tree

Sep 03 to Sep 12 | Weeping Willow Tree
Sep 13 to Sep 22 | Lime Tree
Sep 23 | Olive Tree
Sep 24 to Oct 03 | Hazelnut Tree

Oct 04 to Oct 13 | Rowan Tree
Oct 14 to Oct 23 | Maple Tree
Oct 24 to Nov 11 | Walnut Tree

Nov 12 to Nov 21 | Chestnut Tree
Nov 22 to Dec 01 | Ash Tree

Dec 02 to Dec 11 | Hornbeam Tree
Dec 12 to Dec 21 | Fig Tree
Dec 22 | Beech Tree

Apple Tree | Love | of slight build, lots of charm, appeal, and attraction, pleasant aura, flirtatious, adventurous, sensitive, always in love, wants to love and be loved, faithful and tender partner, very generous, scientific talents, lives for today, a carefree philosopher with imagination.

Ash Tree | Ambition | uncommonly attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with fate, can be egotistic, very reliable and trustworthy, faithful and prudent lover, sometimes brains rule over the heart, but takes partnership very seriously.

Beech Tree | Creative | has good taste, concerned about its looks, materialistic, good organization of life and career, economical, good leader, takes no unnecessary risks, reasonable, splendid lifetime companion, keen on keeping fit (diets, sports, etc.)

Birch Tree | Inspiration | vivacious, attractive, elegant, friendly, unpretentious, modest, does not like anything in excess, abhors the vulgar, loves life in nature and in calm, not very passionate, full of imagination, little ambition, creates a calm and content atmosphere.

Cedar Tree | Confidence | of rare beauty, knows how to adapt, likes luxury, of good health, not in the least shy, tends to look down on others, self-confident, determined, impatient, likes to impress others, many talents, industrious, healthy optimism, waiting for the one true love, able to make quick decisions.

Chestnut Tree | Honesty | of unusual beauty, does not want to impress, well-developed sense of justice, vivacious, interested, a born diplomat, but irritates easily and sensitive in company, often due to a lack of self confidence, acts sometimes superior, feels not understood loves only once, has difficulties in finding a partner.

Cypress Tree | Faithfulness | strong, muscular, adaptable, takes what life has to give, content, optimistic, craves money and acknowledgment, hates loneliness, passionate lover which cannot be satisfied, faithful, quick-tempered, unruly, pedantic, and careless.

Elm Tree | Noble-mindedness | pleasant shape, tasteful clothes, modest demands, tends not to forgive mistakes, cheerful, likes to lead but not to obey, honest and faithful partner, likes making decisions for others, noble-minded, generous, good sense of humor, practical.

Fig Tree | Sensibility | very strong, a bit self-willed, independent, does not allow contradiction or arguments, loves life, its family, children and animals, a bit of a social butterfly, good sense of humor, likes idleness and laziness, of practical talent and intelligence.

Fir Tree | Mysterious | extraordinary taste, dignity, sophisticated, loves anything beautiful, moody, stubborn, tends to egoism but cares for those close to them, rather modest, very ambitious, talented, industrious, un-contented lover, many friends, many foes, very reliable.

Hazelnut Tree | Extraordinarycharming, undemanding, very understanding, knows how to make an impression, active fighter for social cause, popular, moody, and capricious lover, honest, and tolerant partner, precise sense of judgment.

Hornbeam Tree | Good Tasteof cool beauty, cares for its looks and condition, good taste, is not egoistic, makes life as comfortable as possible, leads a reasonable and disciplined life, looks for kindness and acknowledgement in an emotional partner, dreams of unusual lovers, is seldom happy with its feelings, mistrusts most people, is never sure of its decisions, very conscientious.

Lime Tree | Doubt | accepts what life dishes out in a composed way, hates fighting, stress, and labor, dislikes laziness and idleness, soft and relenting, makes sacrifices for friends, many talents but not tenacious enough to make them blossom, often wailing and complaining, very jealous but loyal.

Maple Tree | Independence of Mind | no ordinary person, full of imagination and originality, shy and reserved, ambitious, proud, self-confident, hungers for new experiences, sometimes nervous, has many complexities, good memory, learns easily, complicated love life, wants to impress.

Oak Tree | Braverobust nature, courageous, strong, unrelenting, independent, sensible, does not like change, keeps its feet on the ground, person of action.

Olive Tree | Wisdom | loves sun, warmth and kind feelings, reasonable, balanced, avoids aggression and violence, tolerant, cheerful, calm, well-developed sense of justice, sensitive, empathetic, free of jealousy, loves to read and the company of sophisticated people.

Pine Tree | Particular | loves agreeable company, very robust, knows how to make life comfortable, very active, natural, good companion, but seldom friendly, falls easily in love but its passion burns out quickly, gives up easily, everything disappointments until it finds its ideal, trustworthy, practical.

Poplar Tree | Uncertaintylooks very decorative, not very self-confident, only courageous if necessary, needs goodwill and pleasant surroundings, very choosy, often lonely, great animosity, artistic nature, good organizer, tends to lean toward philosophy, reliable in any situation, takes partnership seriously.

Rowan Tree | Sensitivity | full of charm, cheerful, gifted without egoism, likes to draw attention, loves life, motion, unrest, and even complications, is both dependent and independent, good taste, artistic, passionate, emotional, good company, does not forgive.

Walnut Tree | Passion unrelenting, strange and full of contrasts, often egotistic, aggressive, noble, broad horizon, unexpected reactions, spontaneous, unlimited ambition, no flexibility, difficult and uncommon partner, not always liked but often admired, ingenious strategist, very jealous and passionate, no compromise.

Weeping Willow | Melancholy | beautiful but full of melancholy, attractive, very empathetic, loves anything beautiful and tasteful, loves to travel, dreamer, restless, capricious, honest, can be influenced but is not easy to live with, demanding, good intuition, suffers in love but finds sometimes an anchoring partner.

Carry On Countdown PROMPTS!

Today it’s October 25th; so it’s exactly 1 month before the Carry On Countdown of 2017 starts. This means it’s time to reveal the 30 daily prompts!

For every single day from November 25th until December 24th there’s a prompt to count down to the day Snowbaz became canon. (AKA the Snowbaz anniversary AKA chapter 61). The idea is to post content relating to the daily prompt on that day. 

The prompts are given out a month early so you have more time to prepare your fics/fan art/memes/edits/anything for each day. Of course you don’t have to post something for each single day! You can even only participate in one of the days. However this year we will do something special for the people who manage to post something for every single day (if there will be people actually succeeding to do that).
At the end of the Carry On Countdown we will make a Page Of Honour on this blog, where we will honour the people who’ve managed to post something for every single day. (More info on this at the end of the event thought!)

Anyways, time for me to stop rambling. Here are the prompts:

Day 1, NOV 25: At Watford
Day 2, NOV 26: Social Media
Day 3, NOV 27: Time Travel AU
Day 4, NOV 28: Rainy day
Day 5, NOV 29: One word prompt: Dreams
Day 6, NOV 30: Angst day
Day 7, DEC 1: Your favourite trope
Day 8, DEC 2: Hogwarts AU
Day 9, DEC 3: One word prompt: Flowers
Day 10, DEC 4: Song inspired
Day 11, DEC 5: Catching a cold
Day 12, DEC 6: Side characters
Day 13, DEC 7: Domestic day
Day 14, DEC 8 Disney/ Fairytale retelling
Day 15, DEC 9: Pets / animals
Day 16, DEC 10: Crossover day (carry on crossover with another fave fandom of yours)
Day 17, DEC 11: WLW (women love women)
Day 18, DEC 12: Stuck in a … (lift, library, classroom, anything) together
Day 19, DEC 13: Late nights / early mornings
Day 20, DEC 14: On a trip and/or adventure
Day 21, DEC 15: Royalty AU
Day 22, DEC 16: Opposite day
Day 23, DEC 17: Cooking/baking
Day 24, DEC 18: One word prompt: Stars
Day 25, DEC 19: Christmas Decorating
Day 26, DEC 20: One Word Prompt: Family
Day 27, DEC 21: Snowy day
Day 28, DEC 22: Letters to Santa / Christmas wish-list
Day 29, DEC 23: Christmas Presents
Day 30, DEC 24: One word prompt: Anniversaries

If you have any questions about what a prompt might mean or if you have questions about the event in general, feel 100% free to send an ask!
Also, if you don’t have inspiration for one (or more) of the prompts, but you still want to do as many days, you can definitely ask around for inspiration on what to do with a certain prompt.

We really hope that as many people possible will participate in this event. We’re excited to celebrate the Snowbaz anniversary with all of you by creating a lot of wonderful content for everyone to enjoy! We’re excited to see what you make of these prompts. Good luck everyone!


As a bona fide crazy cat lady it was only so long until I was compelled to make a cute kitty of some kind. I’ve previously made Luna and Artemis dolls in the Pokemon style, but wanted to do something with a bit more of an animal shape. I had a custom order last year for a cat character that gave me the perfect oppurtunity!

Meet Ser Pounce-a-Lot! The original custom order had tiny little armour as well, but this is just the plain ol’ cat version, since it’s a little less time consuming. I also remade Luna and Artemis using the same style, and am thinking about trying out a Jiji next!

This pattern is super simple, though sometimes creating the small tube-like legs and tail can be a bit of a pain. Find the pattern below the cut!

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MicroVax and PDP-11

I’ll admit, I didn’t spend alot of time at Douglas Taylor’s exhibit, because I wasn’t sure what I should play with on the terminals.  The little demos going by were fun to watch though!  Therefore, I will let his exhibit description speak for itself:

“In the mid-1980s Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) began selling smaller versions of the popular VAX and PDP-11 line of computers. These were big hits since they fit into the office environments and blended in… somewhat. The exhibit consists of a working MicroVax II running VMS 5.5 and 7.2, along with a working MicroPDP-11/53 running RT-11. Each computer is configured to boot from a SCSI interface disk. Rather than actual SCSI disks the computers use SCSI2SD adapters to attach microSD memory cards as disk storage.”

My school district refuses to remove confederate symbols from my high school campus

I am a student at Robert E. Lee high school in San Antonio, Texas. When you walk into Robert E. Lee high school, the first thing you will see is a giant statue of Robert E. Lee. Imagine being an African American student and having to walk into school every day looking at a man who fought for the enslavement of your ancestors. Robert E. Lee high school is the oldest school in the North East Independent School district. The school mascot is a “volunteer” appearing in a red and gray confederate army uniform and looking a lot like Robert himself. The school colors are red and gray which are the confederate colors. The pep squad is called the “confederettes”, The JV drill team is called the “dixie drillers” and the varsity dance team is called the “rebel rousers”.  Progress this summer was made when two confederate emblems were removed from the campus. This summer, a peer of mine, Kayla Wilson, sought to get rid of all confederate symbols from my school and change the name. At first, the district wouldn’t even put the name change up for discussion. After a long battle of board meetings and a petition with over 11,000 people, the school board voted not to change anything about my school. “Dec 11, 2015 — On Monday night NEISD Board voted NOT to rename Robert E Lee H.S . Board Trustee Wheat pleaded with fellow Board members to give the students and faculty an opportunity to voice their opinion and grievances. He requested a committee made up of teachers, administrators, and community to do surveys, obtain facts, and submit alternate names. He stated"we have not done enough to make this decision". Board Trustee White gave his testimony, as a African American the name offended him, and “we should not have to constantly defend the name of our schools for someone who is so controversial”. White reiterated Robert E Lee was the general of the confederacy, and fought to continue slavery. 

Superintendent Gottardy and Board Trustees Grona, Bresnahan, Hughey, and Perkins stated they had done enough research to make this decision and felt burdened to continue any additional effort. Board Trustee Perkins mocked Trustee Wheat attempt to add the voices of the students , teachers, and PTA.

The board meeting ended with an item being place on the Agenda to look into all symbol, icons, and songs tied to the confederacy. This Agenda item will be reviewed in the spring.

Please review the video below and review the response of the Board members. Unlike other communities like , Houston, Austin, Princeton, UT and even Robert E Lee’s Washington and Lee University recommended a discussion.

San Antonio NEISD refused discussion. Board Trustees did not feel the voice of its students or faculty matter for this decision.

Please email your Board Members why community matters. Why facts are important. Please tell them ALL are children voices’ matter.”

Robert E Lee was a confederate who fought for the enslavement of black people in the United States. He fought to maintain the continued subjugation of Blacks in America’s south. My school district perpetuates a racist culture by keeping racist symbols on my campus. 

The dance team and cheerleader coach threatened to their students that if the name change was posted about on social media or talked about at school, girls would be kicked off the team immediately. 

Faculty members were fired for talking about it on social media as well. 

The petition didn’t make a difference. The school board meeting didn’t make a difference. Very few individuals in San Antonio, Texas want to change the school name to make African American students comfortable. 


Shawn Mendes Is First Artist in AC Chart's History to Notch Three No. 1s Before Age 20

Mendes accomplishes a feat no one had –- although Taylor Swift nearly did –- since the chart launched in 1961.

Shawn Mendes scores a first in the 56-year history of Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart, achieving the unprecedented feat of tallying three No. 1 songs before age 20.

Mendes, who celebrated his 19th birthday Aug. 8, earns the honor as “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” rises 2-1 on the chart dated Nov. 18. The song follows his debut AC entry “Stitches,” which led for two weeks beginning April 30, 2016, and “Treat You Better,” which reigned for two weeks beginning Feb. 11.

The Adult Contemporary chart measures total weekly plays, as tabulated by Nielsen Music, among its reporting panel of 84 AC radio stations.

Mendes bests the rise of an artist for whom he has opened on tour (and over whom he can now boast chart bragging rights): Taylor Swift posted her first two AC No. 1s at age 19: “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me,” both in 2009. She had to wait until the advanced age of 20 to notch her third, “Mine,” which hit No. 1 on Dec. 11, 2010 (two days before her 21st birthday).

Before Swift, Mariah Carey collected her third AC No. 1, “I Don’t Wanna Cry,” nearly three months after turning 21 in 1991. She logged her first two career-opening No. 1s, “Vision of Love” and “Love Takes Time,” at age 20 in 1990.

Mendes has helped lower the average of age of lead soloists atop the AC chart in 2017 to 22.6 years (with, notably, Alessia Cara reigning earlier this year at age 20). Five years ago, the average age was 35.6 (lifted by then 67-year old icon Rod Stewart in the mix). Ten years ago, in 2007, the average age for soloists atop the tally was 29.4.

In September, Mendes likewise became the first artist to have notched three No. 1s before age 20 on AC sister chart Adult Pop Songs (which began in 1996). He managed the feat with the same three songs that have crowned, and earned him history on, the AC chart.


The children who were victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre

(1) Caroline Previdi

Caroline Previdi was one of the 20 young children killed in the massacre that left the town of Newtown, Conn. grieving. 

(2) James Mattioli

James Mattioli, 6, was another one of the young victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Fondly called “J” for short, the energetic young boy loved math, sports and cuddling on the couch with his mom at the end of the day.

(3) Daniel Barden

Daniel Barden, 7, was another of the victims. His father Mark is a musician, and he and his family wrote the following words in memorial of their son: “Everyone who has ever met Daniel remembers and loves him. Words really cannot express what a special boy Daniel was. Such a light. Always smiling, unfailingly polite, incredibly affectionate, fair and so thoughtful towards others, imaginative in play, both intelligent and articulate in conversation: in all, a constant source of laughter and joy. Daniel was fearless in his pursuit of happiness and life. He earned his ripped jeans and missing two front teeth. Despite that, he was, as his mother said, ‘Just So Good.’ He embodied everything that is wholesome and innocent in the world. Our hearts break over losing him and for the many other families suffering loss.”

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