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APE (2017)


Netflix swoops on world rights to Martin Freeman zombie movie

EXCLUSIVE: Streaming platform in multi-million dollar deal for Cargo from The Babadook producers.

Netflix has taken world rights to Martin Freeman zombie movie Cargo, in what is understood to be a multi-million dollar deal.

The film, from the producers of The Babadook, will be the first Australian film to sit under Netflix’s Originals banner.

The SVoD giant, which declined to comment on the acquisition, swooped on the film after seeing a three-minute promo.

CAA, UTA and Bankside Films represented the filmmakers in the deal with Ian Bricke negotiating on behalf of Netflix.

Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling’s debut, based on their short film which garnered 12 millions views online, charts the story of a father, played by The Hobbit and Sherlock star Freeman, who is stranded in rural Australia with only 48 hours to find a new home for his baby daughter, after being infected in the wake of a violent pandemic.

Freeman, who will be seen in the forthcoming Marvel film, The Black Panther, stars alongside Anthony Hayes, Susie Porter, Caren Pistorius, David Gulpilil and newcomer Simone Landers who completes the cast.

Screenplay was also written by Ramke.

Currently in post-production, the film is produced by The Babadook producers Kristina Ceyton and Samantha Jennings of Australia’s Causeway Films, together with Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder of Addictive Pictures and Mark Patterson.

Executive producers include Ian Kirk, Jeff Harrison, Fergus Grady, Craig Deeker, Ian Dawson, Phil Hunt and Compton Ross.

Umbrella Entertainment will handle rights outside of the Netflix SVoD window in Australia.

The film is financed by Screen Australia in association with South Australian Film Corporation, Screen NSW and Head Gear Films/Metrol Technology with Bankside Films handling international sales.

Filmmakers Ramke and Howling commented: “I think the great hope of all filmmakers is that their film will find an audience. More than that, the right audience. Netflix’s distribution model is both global in scale whilst also being incredibly innovative and viewer-specific. It’s quite an honour to be launching our first feature under this highly respected banner, and to be the first Australian Netflix Original feature.”

Happy 1-Year Premiere Anniversary, Loud House

Thank you Chris Savino, for your  genius in creating this show! The short originally aired in 2013, but made it’s debut in 2016 with shorts and an amazing series! And it’s only going to get better! <3

If it wasn’t for this show, I would still be in the ART BLOCK stage. And my creative mind as heightened again! And I made a few new friends on her, too doing what I love. Thank you again,  Loud crowd!

EDIT: Chris is fired and what he did was WRONG…however…I am grateful this show still exist. And must keep supporting this show. 

hi reminder that i love and appreciate johnny seo so so much and i hope he’s having an amazing day and life and is happy

Donald Duck learned so much in one episode. Ducktales proved he’s smart, capable, brave, and quick on his feet when he has to be. He’s so much more than the angry sailor hardly anyone can understand. 

He realized that he can’t always be around to protect his nephews. He also knows these boys are going to get in trouble whether he’s around or not, and how he’s been raising them hasn’t been the best for them. He admits Scrooge can teach them to get out of trouble, just as he’ll teach them to get out of trouble, and the appreciative smile on Scrooge’s face sold it for me.

Going off on S.S. Della because this is her first animated appearance, she wasn’t even seen in the nephew’s debut short, because her disappearance is most likely caused the rift between Scrooge and Donald. I’ll like to see how they come to grips with their loss, raising the boys, and her possible return later in the show. 

Family is a major theme of the show, and I’m loving all that they’ve done with the characters, especially Donald. He deserves this. 


The Demon Mages will be at Anime Expo 2017!

Kentia Hall, Artist Alley #C17 with @o-8!!!

Debuting a new short book “Twenty Four x Two”, new prints and extras!
Almost didn’t make it – but pulled strings and got a TON of help!

Pics from the show floor and more this weekend – if you’re at the show, see you there!

Kitty!NCT [ All Debuted Members ]

Request; short point post for NCT as cat hybrid


  • Sleepy Kitty
  • Cuddles up to your side
  • Likes pets
  • Purrs quite a lot
  • Doesn’t talk much


  • Annoying Kitty
  • Always knocks shit over
  • Loud af
  • Clumsy - can’t land on his feet to save his life
  • You neck will forever be nuzzled


  • Dorky Kitty
  • Constantly playing with his own tail
  • Likes when you touch his ears
  • Likes to test his flexibility
  • Ass constantly on the counter when there’s food being made


  • Affectionate Kitty
  • Rubs his head on any part of you he can reach
  • Paws at everything
  • Clingy af
  • Scratches and bites on you


  • Bitchy Kitty
  • Tears up all your shit
  • Knocks everything down
  • Nose in the air
  • Acts innocent to get affection


  • Sweet Kitty
  • Likes to cuddle
  • Enjoys praise
  • Nibbles and licks on you
  • Loves collars, especially with bells because jingle jingle


  • Cuddly Kitty
  • Sprawls out on the floor, limbs everywhere
  • Likes to hold onto you
  • Whines a lot
  • Just wants to be played with


  • Cautious Kitty
  • Doesn’t like loud people
  • Generally doesn’t like being touched by strangers
  • Quite affectionate towards you
  • Likes to sleep in cramped places


  • Hungry Kitty
  • Sneaks out a lot
  • The type to scratch you, and freak out with apologies
  • Nice, but horribly messy
  • A wonderful companion


  • Quiet Kitty
  • Awkward smiles all the time
  • Likes resting his head on your lap
  • Chews on things
  • Follows you around


  • Pissy Kitty
  • Bit cold
  • Hisses quite a lot
  • Eventually comes around to cuddling
  • Sweeter when the suns down


  • Loving Kitty
  • Hisses, but feels bad depending on your reaction
  • Curls his tail around your wrist all the time
  • Wants all of your attention, affection, and love
  • Lowkey the softest cat boy around


  • Mischievous Kitty
  • Always bounding around with a grin
  • Purring machine
  • Oddly enough, likes the rain
  • Hint; rub his ears


  • Whiny Kitty
  • Always wants milk tbh
  • Love him or he’ll cry
  • A bit self-conscious about being replaced
  • Always sprawled out on your lap


  • Awkward Kitty
  • No noise
  • If he wants something, expect him to tug on your leave, and just look at you expectantly
  • A bit playful
  • Likes sleeping by windows




170412 | it’s our baby’s birthday!! i am super proud and happy to be a xunqi, because sehun never disappoints. he showcases his utmost love for us at all times, and is always trying to keep us happy. making this short and simple, Happy 23rd Birthday, Oh Sehun. and may we all walk down this path together forever ❤

Courtney Gears - Sombra

I thought it’d be an interesting fit, if not very fun! Sombra has a great design, I’ve been itching to draw it since I saw her debut short film. I’ll be trying to compose my images in a more interesting manor. I feel like my work can be stale, so I want to change that.

R&C/Overwatch Crossplay:

HK 433

Supposedly H&K’s newest rifle platform that combines the G36 and 416. There were two translations about the features but some people aren’t convinced if this is actually a real rifle since it wasn’t debuted at SHOT Show.

– Short Stroke Gas Piston System with rotary bolt
– 45/90 and 90/180 selectors
– Barrel change on user level
– All charging manipulations can be done while the safety is activated

- Modular and light construction. Compact dimensions.
- Barrel length individually configurable. Simple end-user level barrel change.
- Completely ambidextrous manipulation for right and left handed shooters.
- Non reciprocating charging handle with integrated forward assist. Switchable w/o tools.
- Lower receiver with ambidextrous manipulation for G36 and HK416 users.
- Drop safe according to AC225/D14 with and w/o applied safety.
- Upper receiver with full length STANAG rail in 12 o'clock position. Hand guard with Hkey interface on 3 and 9 o'clock position. Picatinny rail on 6 o'clock position.
- Length adjustable folding stock with height adjustable cheek weld. Weapon also usable with stock folded.
- Optional receiver integrated maintenance free shot counter.
- Tool less disassembly / assembly of major components.
- Weapon can be set to safe in all loading conditions.

NU’EST on Produce 101

Okay so, for those who don’t know this 4 members of NU’EST are currently on Produce 101(which at first really threw me off cause why if they already debut???). Long story short, these guys are on this show to stop their group from being disbanded. Yeah, you heard right. They are on the brink of disbandment.

While I am a huge fan of EXO, I actually really love the Q Is. album by NU’EST. However, I had no clue about the hardships they were going through until I watched P101 S2. I always knew Pledis was horrible with managing and promoting their groups, but I never knew it was this bad. It really hurts to watch NU’EST say they want to be like Seventeen, who are their juniors and are more successful at the moment, even though NU’EST has been around for five years. But the company hasn’t done much for NU’EST since their debut (in fact, I’m pretty NU’EST manages themselves at this point). That really takes a blow in their self-esteem as artists and they seriously think the company sees them as failures. 

Bottom line is, even if you aren’t a fan of NU’EST please stream their songs and support them however you can because this is just horrible. No group should go through years of practice and training to only have their company essentially give up on them because they weren’t making money fast enough (or because the company couldn’t learn how to do management correctly). These guys are just as diligent as any other group and deserve recognition for their hard work.

All in all, support NU’EST.

Holidays and Hotsauce

Pairing: Zero/X 

Rating: T

[Ao3] @ InconvenientImmortal

Zero was an A-Class Hunter. A veteran of a ridiculous amount of wars. He’d died twice, was painstakingly reassembled both times, and put through more trauma and suffering than most Hunters combined.

But this?

This was a new kind of hell.

Summary: X, Zero, and Axl try a new restaurant together. It doesn’t go well. (aka: The “Dates and Desserts” sequel no one asked for). Written for a friend’s birthday.

Note: Because posts with links not affiliated with tumblr don’t show up in the tag, the above link is a redirect to my Ao3 works page. Thank you!