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So YOI is just full of ingenious, subtle and entirely graceful dialogue. No scene is wasted and every conversation, however brief can explain so much with just a few lines. I’d like to take a moment to talk about one of the last scenes in episode 10 when Yurio and Victor are on the beach. In all honesty, I thought about this scene a lot and it took me a little while to really, truly understand what was going on here.

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I used to come to this blog for the Jungkook spam and all I see is Moonbin 😂 I mean, it's not bad, but just tell us that your ult is changing Alyssa, or should I call you moonbxin?

IM SORRY LOL jungkook is still my ult tho!!! I’ve just been broadening my horizons to other groups than just bts~ and how can one possibly ignore moonbin?? that boy has me on the floor constantly )); I just rlly love him a whole lot but I also love jungkook (and yoongs) whole lot still


Sojin: I trained for 12 years. Pre-debut could be extremely difficult but I struggled more when we first debuted. I didn’t feel like I’ve achieved my dream. I did become a singer but I didn’t know how and what I would have to do to survive.

Hyeri: I was very lucky. I debuted fast but debuting fast also had difficulties. I learned a lot about my insufficiency and that was mentally stressful. I also felt like the head of the house so that was hard. It didn’t struggle me that much. It rather had positive effects. It became my motivation.

MC Lee Young Ja: When did you start feeling that way? Do you still think that?

HyeriI think I had that thought all my life. My mom worked at a factory for 15 years. I feel sorry for her. I feel like my mom spent her young days in a struggle because of me. My mom might be sad if she hears this but I’m apologetic and also grateful.

Minah: I wasn’t able to go home for 3 years during training. A lot went on in my house during the 3 years. They knew I was working hard so they didn’t tell me anything. But (fortunately) I was able to give good news to them since then.


In light of Moana’s fast-approaching debut, I feel like I need to remind y'all that this shit:




This year my high school thought it would be really cute to use Hawaiian culture as a theme for homecoming. I was so disgusted and furious when I found out I was literally shaking. I have seen my culture being used as a trend or theme all my life, and I felt utterly betrayed when I discovered my “tolerant” and “accepting” school reducing it to a mere stereotype. They even encouraged students to wear their best “tiki-themed outfit”. DO NOT LET PEOPLE USE MOANA AS AN EXCUSE TO TREAT POLYNESIAN CULTURE AS A COSTUME. Disney is already subtly trying to commodify our culture, as if you couldn’t tell from that Maui costume bs. For some reason indigenous cultures are always ignored when they are appropriated and exploited. People treat us like we are extinct. We are still here, and we will never go away. 

Thank you. This has been PSA.


“Nothing lasts forever, You only live once So live your life, not any other’s lives Take chances and never regret, never Never be late to do what you wanna do right now Because at one point of someday, everything you did Would be exactly what you will be.” -BTS ‘ORUL82?’ Intro

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I wonder if they resented Baek at first since he didn't have a long training period and debuted so fast? but I guess he won them over some how

I remember reading interviews about baek thinking that too, but they welcomed him with open arms and smiles, and they even helped him practice :(

Quit Playing

Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Junhoe x Reader
Words: 1,641
Summary: You’re a trainee at YG. Being the sweet person you are, it feels weird and unpleasant that Junhoe has been acting very rude towards you. After finding out about Junhoe’s ‘secret’ crush on you, you decide to play along.
Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: This one was more difficult to make than I imagined, it was fun to write, so I hope I didn’t make it boring. I apologize if this does not live up to your expectation ^^’

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[My Name] Seventeen Hip-Hop Team - S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon

My Name is S.Coups
, real name is Choi Seungcheol, Win, Seung(勝), Clear, Cheol(澈), are used. Win clearly! Win fairly! S.Coups is the name created by me. I added Coups which means big success to Seungcheol’s S and Seventeen’s S. As a rapper, I wanted to have my own cool name.

I was born on 1996 August 8th and I am seventeen’s general leader and hip hop team’s leader. I trained for the longest time. At fist I had thoughts that I wanted to debut fast but as the members came in, I thought that I had to lead the team well. As I continue to get trained, I got into the dance team of after school blue team. I could not forget the energy I felt when I was on the stage.

When I got the debut album for the first time, I felt like “Is this ours!”.It’s been 2 week since debut but it’s like a dream till now. I think I’ll become a trainee when I wake up tomorrow. I feel like I am the idol the most when I met sunbae nims at music programs and when I am on the stafge together with them at broadcasting station.

Beagle, power, manliness are my keywords. I’m confident the most when it comes to power. I’m stronger than my friends and hyungs. I like sports. About beagle (being crazy), all the members have this but since I am the leader, I’m like the captain of beagle? Haha

Role models are Uknow Yunho sunbae nim, G-Dragon sunbae nim, Zico sunbae nin. As I am a leader, I want to emulate the sunbae nims who played their role well. I also want to be the role model of others by keeping my dream.

My Name is Wonwoo, and the surname is Jeon. Round,Won(圓) and Help,Woo(祐)are used. Let’s live by helping with rounded mind!

1996 July 17th born and I’m from Gyeongsang-nam do, Changwon. I moved to seoul in 3rd year of middle school. I went to guitar class since I want to do the music. When I started to play it, I participitated in pledis audition just for experience. I got in luckily.

At first, I sang but because of persuation from surroundings, I got into hip hop team. They told me to rap because of good voice. Since then, I looked for the hip hop music and listened to. And then, I got recognized and got into the hip hop team.

The extreme sexiness which comes out when I’m tired? When I’m not in good condition, I just stay blankly and people say that I’m really handsome when I’m staying blanky. I’m emo when I’m hurt/sick. haha My mind is not sexy but my appearance has something like that. I love myself. so, my visual ranking is 3th~4th.

seventeen’s number 1 visual in my heart is S.Coups hyung. I like the ones who look manly. Leader S.Coups hyung ha amazing leadership so I always want to follow him. The more I see him, the more I respect him.

Role model is LUPE FIASCO, in korea, it’s Tablo sunbae nim. I like writing lyrics, I got ideas for lyrics when I see that person and Tablo sunbae nim. When I look at sad things, I become sad and when I look at happy things I become happy.

I want to be the best with seventeen members. Wonwoo, this is our starting point. Fighting! (Seungkwan : Wonwoo hyung is the charge of cheesy lines)  

My Name is Mingyu, precious gem stone, min(珉) and star, gyu(奎) are used. A gem stone like a star? haha We cannot touch the star but we can touch the stone. So I want to be a star which can be touched. (Members : ohhhh~) I just made it up now. haha

1997 April 6th born and I got asked for casting in 2nd year of middle school. I got trianed and held small concerts with members and I got fans’ support, it was really good. I thought that I had to continue this.

I’m seventeen’s all round hand. I heard a lot from my surrounding that I’m good at hand skills. I can repair the thing which are broken. When I was young, I made a sailing ship with chopsticks. When I am bored at dorm, I moved the things and changed the interior. I am in charge of changing bulbs since I am tall.

I’m also in charge of hair styling. Mingyu shop which do the styling simply for the members! I’m counting 1000 won for each as credit. (Joshua: he is really good). I sometimes do so badly that I even feel sorry. I touched DK’s hair and told him to wash.

Role model is Big Bang’s TOP sunbae nim. TOP sunbae nim shows the cool images on the stage and he also do well as an actor. I want to emulate those sides. Ler’s practise acting.

My dream is not “I want to be something” but “Wherever I am, whatever I do, I hope people will like me”. I want to be a person whom people become happy when they work with me.  

My Name is Vernon, real name is Hansol Vernon Chwe. My middle name is my mother’s surname and I used it as my stage name. Korean name is Choi Hansol. It’s hangul name.

1998 Feb 18th born. I was born is America but before I went to elementary school, I moved to korea. To be honest, korean is more comfortable for me.

I got casting at the station in front of school when I was in middle school. The more I practise, the more my dream that I wanted to be a singer becomes confirmed.

The variety show which I appeared in when I was young, becomes an issue. I went there because I was bored… It’s strange and I’m embarrassed. haha but it was fan. I was also in “hello stranger” by MBC before debut. I knew that how the broadcast works. All the people who worked with me were nice. I’m thankful.

America rapper J Cole is my role model. I want to be the great artist like him. I want to be the improving artist who climb the steps till the final aim. Vernon, let’s practise rapping harder!

Source: tenasia || Trans cr: @17wonkkyu

one foot in sea, one on shore / a mighty mix for the Mighty Balthazar

  • An Ode - Reuben Hudson
  • Wandering Around - Coconut Records
  • Heartbeats - José González
  • Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala as performed by Arctic Monkeys
  • Postcards From Italy - Beirut
  • Glare - Sheep, Dog, & Wolf
  • If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart - Beulah
  • Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons
  • Step Out - José González
  • Young Folks - Peter Bjorn & John
  • Major Label Debut (Fast) - Broken Social Scene
  • Mi Negrita - Devendra Banhart
  • Sigh Not So - William Shakespeare, as performed by Reuben Hudson
  • [the super duper secret bonus track that has nothing much to do with one direction at all. nope. not even a bit.]

/ listen /

iKON <3

My Conclusions, Part ll:

✔ Chanwoo’s height is unknown. It keeps changing~(Maknae growing up well)
✔ Junhoe has a thing for B.I’s phone and gifts 😅
✔ Bobby is mama’s boy.
✔ Yunhyeong always thinks out of the box. He’s fun 👍
✔ B.I is hanbillion
✔ Jinhwan cries a lot
✔ Haru loves Bobby but Daddy Tablo wants B.I 😂😂😂
✔ Donghyuk’s favorite word ‘What’s up’!!
✔ ikon stans want to hear bobby speaking English (YESSS)
✔Donghyuk has pretty good English accent. Even B.I.
✔ B.I can rap in English. (Can he rap LTWYL again?) 😍
✔Junhoe can be musical actor in future. His voice 👍
✔ Tablo is ikon’s second godfather. (1st YG)
✔ Jinhwan is the nicest hyung for all the members.
✔ B.I’s smile has not changed at all.
✔ B.I likes to tease Chanwoo.
✔ Yunhyeong likes Chic fashion.
✔ Double B are Double B shippers themselves 😅
✔ All members know fans ship B.I and Bobby.
✔ Yunhyeong is the least hip hop member. Maybe Chanwoo too.
✔ Jinhwan’s judging face needs a comeback.
✔ Bigbang is a girl group for Yunhyeong
✔ B.I’s towel photo is everywhere.
✔ Junhoe has a sharp tongue 😅
✔ Bobby always spots the camera 😅😅😅
✔ B.I is shy around strangers/not so close people.
Shy with fans too (so cute)
✔ JunDong’s relationship = Complicated! 😂
✔ B.I is the father, Jinhwan is mother, Bobby is the hyung, Yunhyeong is the kind unnie.
✔ Yunhyeong and Chanwoo were not close until the Gapyeong trip happened. And now YunChan is sailing~
✔ Sour cream and Onion Pringles are B.I’s.
✔ Junhoe has nice legs and Donghyuk has pretty hands, B.I has beautiful lips.
✔ Winner and ikon are close.
✔ B.I starts speaking English whenever he’s hungry. (i wanna eat…..)
✔ Junhoe also eats a lot.
✔ No competition to B.I’s predebut photos 😂😂😂 (SOOOO MANY)
✔ Bobby is the aegyo master of ikon.😅
✔ All members will look so good in suits.
✔ Double B airport fashion is going to change when they debut. (It’s just what i feel)
✔ Junhoe doesn’t like skinship.
✔ B.I has 1425636895806696 snapback.
✔ Yunhyeong is YG’s next Ajhumma.

LAST: These kids are so talented. Need to debut fast.