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In light of Moana’s fast-approaching debut, I feel like I need to remind y'all that this shit:




This year my high school thought it would be really cute to use Hawaiian culture as a theme for homecoming. I was so disgusted and furious when I found out I was literally shaking. I have seen my culture being used as a trend or theme all my life, and I felt utterly betrayed when I discovered my “tolerant” and “accepting” school reducing it to a mere stereotype. They even encouraged students to wear their best “tiki-themed outfit”. DO NOT LET PEOPLE USE MOANA AS AN EXCUSE TO TREAT POLYNESIAN CULTURE AS A COSTUME. Disney is already subtly trying to commodify our culture, as if you couldn’t tell from that Maui costume bs. For some reason indigenous cultures are always ignored when they are appropriated and exploited. People treat us like we are extinct. We are still here, and we will never go away. 

Thank you. This has been PSA.

It has already been 5 years since debut, time flies so fast. Our B.A.P members, I wish you all best, to finish Japan tour safely and continue promoting as artists I can be proud of 😙 And of course Bang Yongguk leader, hope you recover soon and join the others on stage again! 😙😙
벌써 5주년이 됐다니.. 믿기지가 않아. 우리 비에이피, 밥돌이, 이번 일본투어를 무사히 마치고 앞으로도 열심히 함께 하자! 그리고 방용국리더님, 빨리 회복하고 다시 무대에서 볼 수 있었으면 좋겠다 🙏🙏😶😚


2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

2017 Geneva International Motor Show


“Nothing lasts forever, You only live once So live your life, not any other’s lives Take chances and never regret, never Never be late to do what you wanna do right now Because at one point of someday, everything you did Would be exactly what you will be.” -BTS ‘ORUL82?’ Intro

loona is great group and the girls are all talented and their songs are great but blockberry rushed too fast to debut them and worked too hard on their unique concepts instead of actual singing and dancing skills :/

[My Name] Seventeen Hip-Hop Team - S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon

My Name is S.Coups
, real name is Choi Seungcheol, Win, Seung(勝), Clear, Cheol(澈), are used. Win clearly! Win fairly! S.Coups is the name created by me. I added Coups which means big success to Seungcheol’s S and Seventeen’s S. As a rapper, I wanted to have my own cool name.

I was born on 1996 August 8th and I am seventeen’s general leader and hip hop team’s leader. I trained for the longest time. At fist I had thoughts that I wanted to debut fast but as the members came in, I thought that I had to lead the team well. As I continue to get trained, I got into the dance team of after school blue team. I could not forget the energy I felt when I was on the stage.

When I got the debut album for the first time, I felt like “Is this ours!”.It’s been 2 week since debut but it’s like a dream till now. I think I’ll become a trainee when I wake up tomorrow. I feel like I am the idol the most when I met sunbae nims at music programs and when I am on the stafge together with them at broadcasting station.

Beagle, power, manliness are my keywords. I’m confident the most when it comes to power. I’m stronger than my friends and hyungs. I like sports. About beagle (being crazy), all the members have this but since I am the leader, I’m like the captain of beagle? Haha

Role models are Uknow Yunho sunbae nim, G-Dragon sunbae nim, Zico sunbae nin. As I am a leader, I want to emulate the sunbae nims who played their role well. I also want to be the role model of others by keeping my dream.

My Name is Wonwoo, and the surname is Jeon. Round,Won(圓) and Help,Woo(祐)are used. Let’s live by helping with rounded mind!

1996 July 17th born and I’m from Gyeongsang-nam do, Changwon. I moved to seoul in 3rd year of middle school. I went to guitar class since I want to do the music. When I started to play it, I participitated in pledis audition just for experience. I got in luckily.

At first, I sang but because of persuation from surroundings, I got into hip hop team. They told me to rap because of good voice. Since then, I looked for the hip hop music and listened to. And then, I got recognized and got into the hip hop team.

The extreme sexiness which comes out when I’m tired? When I’m not in good condition, I just stay blankly and people say that I’m really handsome when I’m staying blanky. I’m emo when I’m hurt/sick. haha My mind is not sexy but my appearance has something like that. I love myself. so, my visual ranking is 3th~4th.

seventeen’s number 1 visual in my heart is S.Coups hyung. I like the ones who look manly. Leader S.Coups hyung ha amazing leadership so I always want to follow him. The more I see him, the more I respect him.

Role model is LUPE FIASCO, in korea, it’s Tablo sunbae nim. I like writing lyrics, I got ideas for lyrics when I see that person and Tablo sunbae nim. When I look at sad things, I become sad and when I look at happy things I become happy.

I want to be the best with seventeen members. Wonwoo, this is our starting point. Fighting! (Seungkwan : Wonwoo hyung is the charge of cheesy lines)  

My Name is Mingyu, precious gem stone, min(珉) and star, gyu(奎) are used. A gem stone like a star? haha We cannot touch the star but we can touch the stone. So I want to be a star which can be touched. (Members : ohhhh~) I just made it up now. haha

1997 April 6th born and I got asked for casting in 2nd year of middle school. I got trianed and held small concerts with members and I got fans’ support, it was really good. I thought that I had to continue this.

I’m seventeen’s all round hand. I heard a lot from my surrounding that I’m good at hand skills. I can repair the thing which are broken. When I was young, I made a sailing ship with chopsticks. When I am bored at dorm, I moved the things and changed the interior. I am in charge of changing bulbs since I am tall.

I’m also in charge of hair styling. Mingyu shop which do the styling simply for the members! I’m counting 1000 won for each as credit. (Joshua: he is really good). I sometimes do so badly that I even feel sorry. I touched DK’s hair and told him to wash.

Role model is Big Bang’s TOP sunbae nim. TOP sunbae nim shows the cool images on the stage and he also do well as an actor. I want to emulate those sides. Ler’s practise acting.

My dream is not “I want to be something” but “Wherever I am, whatever I do, I hope people will like me”. I want to be a person whom people become happy when they work with me.  

My Name is Vernon, real name is Hansol Vernon Chwe. My middle name is my mother’s surname and I used it as my stage name. Korean name is Choi Hansol. It’s hangul name.

1998 Feb 18th born. I was born is America but before I went to elementary school, I moved to korea. To be honest, korean is more comfortable for me.

I got casting at the station in front of school when I was in middle school. The more I practise, the more my dream that I wanted to be a singer becomes confirmed.

The variety show which I appeared in when I was young, becomes an issue. I went there because I was bored… It’s strange and I’m embarrassed. haha but it was fan. I was also in “hello stranger” by MBC before debut. I knew that how the broadcast works. All the people who worked with me were nice. I’m thankful.

America rapper J Cole is my role model. I want to be the great artist like him. I want to be the improving artist who climb the steps till the final aim. Vernon, let’s practise rapping harder!

Source: tenasia || Trans cr: @17wonkkyu


What an excitement-filled day:

~ a blizzard-cum-sunshine-pendulum day

~ the realization that Director Kawaguchi-san and he are like lovers - going on both vacations together (current Iwate and Hawaii’s Ka-uai trips)

~ the highly-anticipated debut of Sho-san skiing on television bearing no fruit as not a single shot had [initially] been captured on film


kimheenim: 11 years had passed since I debuted. Time (passed) really fast. I liked flowers by nature so I named my fans as petal. Of course, I am the Flower 🌻🌻 Was it at a variety show some years ago? I had heard (people calling) “Top Star”, “Super Star” like this, so I shall be “Space Big Star”, pasting such a ridiculous title on myself, getting others and self-proclaiming myself as Space Big Star, I lived (like this). Because of this, ever since someday, grown-ups and children too, many people will call me “It’s Space Big Star” when they see me. To be honest I was laughing so much insideㅋㅋㅋㅋ At times like that, I promise (myself) “even if I have splitting amount of likes and dislikes as celebrity Kim Heechul, as citizen Kim Heechul, let’s be a person who will always protect a name he created” 😀😀 Fellow citizens. Voting day is approaching soon. I hope that everyone will act (widely) with the precious right you have as Korean citizen. Thank you ☺☺ #ItTurnedIntoVoting #OverseasFansSorry #IDontKnowWhatIAmSayingEither (cr)

BLACKPINK to Debut with a Fast-tempo Song Titled “BOOMBAYA”

The debut song of YG Entertainment’s new girl group BLACKPINK is titled “BOOMBAYA”.  

BLACKPINK will debut on August 8 with “BOOMBAYA” as their title song. An YG official said, “The song is a fast-tempo song with a beat exciting enough to blow the heat away. We have been preparing for their debut for a long time and are expecting good results. People at YG are also excited about BLACKPINK’s debut as we only have to wait for three more days.”  

“BOOMBAYA” is made by YG’s main producer TEDDY and BEKA. The music video of the song is directed by Suh Hyun-seung, who also directed a number of music videos for BIGBANG and 2NE1. 

YG’s YANG HYUN SUK asked four renowned foreign choreographers to make choreography moves for “BOOMBAYA”, and he himself chose the ones that he thought are great to complete the choreography for BLACKPINK’s debut single. 

BLACKPINK will debut with two songs: “BOOMBAYA” and another single whose title has not been revealed yet.

Before the official release of their songs at 8 PM on August 8, BLACKPINK will stand before the public and the press for the first time at a showcase at 3 PM. The music videos of BLACKPINK’s debut songs will be played, and the showcased will be broadcasted live on Naver V App.

2016. 8. 5.

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