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“As long as you’ll have me, I’m yours.”

my piece for the @shancebigbang
i had the incredible privilege of collaborating with @fratboyshiro and drawing for their accidental sugar daddy au (lucky for you) that’s what I like. it’s such a cute fic and i adore everything about it<3

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bonus piece under the cut (it makes more sense if you read the fic but you can still enjoy it on its own!)

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Kim Samuel ; Sixteen 

 Listen here y'all, my boy is debuting and I’m so so so so so SO happy for him. I’m going to cry when the MV and album drops. I’m just. I’m going to end up swimming in a pool of my own tears. This boy has worked so hard for this so we better not let his debut flop okay. We are going to support him and give him the recognition he deserves. Show the world what Samuel Arredondo Kim is made of. I’m a supportive emotional mom okay shut up.


And here they are, my last 3 images for inktober 2017!

Thanks for all the likes and reblogs, everyone. I’m glad I committed to finishing up the month! As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be collecting all 31 images into a zine (with a few extra pieces of art). I’ll debut them at SacAnime Winter, but I will be taking online pre-orders in late November.


What was supposed to be a few hours turned into an all-day excursion. After 5+ hours and countless excitedly crying fans, here are *le photos* from LANY’s L.A. pop-up shop.