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MARGINAL#4 Index 1st Stage ~REVOLUTION!~ Chapter 7 - Revolutionary★Stars (Translation)

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                 \Happy 4th debut anniversary to MARGINAL#4!!!!/

The contents of this chapter were performed as Reader’s Theater by the seiyuu cast of MARGINAL#4 at Rejet Fes. 2013, the event Universe FES is based on.

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when the skies and the grounds were one… #4yearswithexo

If it’s not you/EXO-L, who would protect me when someone curses/talks bad things about me? Thank you. If you always be kind and considerate of others, those minds will eventually come back to you so never forget it, and I hope you will always spend every day with a beautiful heart. Fighting.
—  Sehun’s handwritten letter for EXO’s 4th Debut Anniversary at SUM [x

Today is the 4th debut anniversary of SPYAIR.

Within 4 years,they made it to Budokan,held live in Korea and France,performed on Music Station,released 3 albums and 14 singles etc.

SPYAIR may not be the No.1 Rock band in Japan but so what?We love them nevertheless <3