larries are literally sat here supporting LOVE of two boys and loving them for who they are and then there are people who dedicate their blogs to hating on larries, laughing at them, sending them rude and threatening messages, debunking posts, spreading lies and hate, bullying people, because larries are harassing the boys and blahblahblah, using invalid, uneducated and ignorant arguments such as that larries are forcing sexuality on the boys (fuck off with that honestly)… wonder who is the one harassing someone

About the new ChasseChasse account on Instagram:

As you probably know by now, the instagram account that used to belong to Sophie Hunter (ChasseChasse) has been reactivated these past few days.

Before it was set private, there were 5 pictures of Sophie, at least one of them tagged with her name (??!!). 

The thing was so confusing, that even some of her friends (Jessica Grindstaff and Will O’Hare) liked the pictures.

Well, some pointed out that, according to Instagram terms of service, once an account is deleted, you can’t use the name again. Ever. So maybe Sophie had just simply reactivated her account?

Well, it turns out that it’s not true. You can “reclaim” a username after enough time has passed (I’m not sure how much, maybe one year?).

How do we know? because we just did exactly that.

Remember this? it’s from one of many SHCentral/Senyorita/Benophiedaily accounts on Instagram:

This account was deactivated more than a year ago. I managed to sign in on Instagram using the same username*:

I don’t know who is behind the new ChasseChasse, but I’m 99.99999% sure it’s not Sophie.

*Don’t bother following this account, I’m going to delete it in a few days :)

Debunking Si stereotypes and myths

Submitted via e-mail

I see quite a few statements about Si that make me go “Nuh-uh!” Here are a few of them….

Si has the best memory of any other function:

Not true. Memory has nothing to do with functions. If I had a quarter for every time I misplaced something at work  and can’t find it. Or getting my a** handed at Trivial Pursuit. What Si has, however, is a much detailed and vivid memory. When thinking of past events, Si-doms can recall exactly how they felt at that moment, like they can relive it at will. Other types may have strong memories of past events but usually with a more superficial overview such as “Yeah, that was fun.”

Si is traditional and hates change:

If you are a politically left Si-dom like me, this is nothing short of offensive. Si-doms are not automatically against abortion or gay people getting married, you know. While it is true that Si  operates under the guise that “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” and thus likes to stick to what is familiar, many Si-doms DO get bored of routine or reliving the same thing over again. The difference is that when Si approaches something new, it needs to study it carefully and thoroughly before doing it; however, Si-doms can very well be excited by new endeavors. For example, I’m tired of this apartment that I lived in for 3 years. I’m excited about the prospect of moving somewhere else, but I just won’t up and leave tomorrow. I’m going to very carefully plan it, weighing the pros and cons, etc. 

Si is nostalgic/obsessed with the past:

I have Ne-Dom friends that go on and on about 80’s/90’s pop culture. Si doesn’t spend its time thinking of what was. What Si does is use the past for a crap-load of information and actively uses it. Comparing it, dismissing it, etc. More than any other type. It doesn’t mean we wish time would just stand still and believe everything on the horizon is ultimately going to suck. Although let’s face it, 90’s music WAS way better than today’s… ;)

@tellmethisisnotlove Some anon sent your bg masterpost to antis.. and well….. 

1. They believe the world is rosy

2. They have “debunked” like 3 questions out of like 100? 

3. “nobody got patience at 6 am" 

Aah. The quality content I see on this website. Plain old denial :D



oh man,when reality comes crashing down, their very perception of the world will change😂

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wouldn't it be hilarious if when larry come out all the antis turn into us basically and try to debunk it and call everything a pr stunt and say its all fake omfg

There will be some that do that, poor babes won’t know how to dig though.

@lads-laddylads think its cute to talk shit about people on their blog then block them but okay. You can block me or whatever, but I have a couple things to say. First of all lets talk about how you’re calling antis “stupid”, which could be offensive as hell to people. Second, you say that antis are “the most unintelligent creatures alive” and that they’re “bitter as fuck” yet who’s the one dedicating their time to debunk a new born child just because it doesn’t fit the “Larry official narrative” and then you compare it to a dog? Also not only that but you said “I guess its not really surprising when you think about what they spend their time doing”. ARE YOU SERIOUS? lmaooooo, again, who’s the one going out of their way to get a birth certificate of a child, who is going out of their way to harass Briana and talk all this shit just to prove a ship is real?? you have ZERO room to talk about shit like that when you’re on here being disgusting as fuck about a baby. I feel so bad that you feel so threatened by Freddie, I am truly so so so sorry that you go online every day and post the shit you do and that you think you’re doing the world a favor. And don’t even act like you aren’t talking about me in your posts, its so obvious, also thanks for calling me an anti, guess I’m an anti if I believe the baby is real! yikes!! guess I can’t be a larrie now! guess since I don’t constantly bash on Briana and Freddie I am an anti!! whooopppps

also, since I can’t reblog the posts about them talking shit about me here they are, @lads-laddylads, when you stop being a scared little bitch, unblock me and we can talk.


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For the anons who think there is a baby. I'm tellin ya if there was a baby the jungwirths and the Clarks would've already posted 1000 of pix. There is no bump hence he got shady ... Doubtful bump pix and pix with no face 😂 So just chill Kay?! The BC maybe fake maybe real we don't know. Bit how can u forget everything that was debunked before just because they leaked/released a BC


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I love larries we're debunking this sh*t in 10 seconds

I knew it as soon as I heard the story and saw the copy. Honestly we’re too educated about birth certificates now to be fooled.

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Just wondering what you think of this idea. So we all pretty much agree that it looks like TMZ has got some kind of exclusive because they were really ramping up babygate. But what if we got it wrong about the denial being the big scandal they were after? If Azoff makes an announcement about handling ALL of 1D and then HL come out, effectively debunking babygate and all the other PR stunts, all the public would need to do is piece together the evidence in front of them to realise that Simon (1)

Cowell were closeting and forcing the boys into stunts. It wouldn’t be hard to piece together, but we know that the GP is sometimes pretty stupid when it comes to stuff like that. So what if THAT is the big scandal that TMZ is waiting to get their hands on, with some kind of exclusive? Obviously not the coming out itself, because that’s not a “scandal” and they wouldn’t want it portrayed as one, but all the shit that Simon and co put the boys through. Do you think that’s a possibility? (2)

I think Harvey Levin is dancing a really fine razor’s edge if so. I’ve seen some suggest he’d post an exclusive of them together, essentially a coming out, if Harry and Louis were okay with it, but I remain suspicious. Harvey has had his dedication to his “no outing” policy for a long, long time. At the same time, TMZ is pure scandal like you indicated. I think Harvey would be reluctant to publish paps of them together, but he might do it if it were spun right. 

I think most of us have considered the possibility of them blowing the lid off this entire thing. I know I’ve certainly considered it, and with every new twist and turn in this sick maze, I flip and flop back and forth between options. I will say I haven’t ruled this out as a possibility, but I’m also trying to consider the business implications it would have for Harvey. He’d have to know some serious shit about Cowell’s immediate future in this business to agree to go along with it, I’d think. 

As always, we shall see!

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Hi Bethany, witht M!M website is down and now the RBB twitter gone, it just makes me think that maybe RBB was just a huge troll by Modest, and of course the boys couldn't say anything against it (maybe a vague 'image' term in a contract perhaps.) Also someone said this 'Harry' Spotify with the 'Deleted' playlist has been debunked, and if indeed that playlist was posted prior to RBB's deletion, then it means the bears too were a troll if this 'Harry' knew to make that playlist. I'm so upset. x

Modest has been gone since mid November. Meanwhile that’s when the rbb Twitter really really got obvious. That’s not a team that’s been ousted. That’s boys who were able to do what they wanted with less interference or worry another retribution.

Let’s Debunk Two MORE Cherished Dear BagelSwennerisms, Shall We???

Firstly “Hook is not Henry’s parent. Only Emma, Regina and Bagel are his parents”. Further pushed forward with this l’il gem:

Hook’s stupidity and lack of care has almost gotten Henry killed at least twice (when Hook decided he should hustle a twelve-year-old out of town rather than just tell his mother that a witch had it in for him, and when Hook attacked Zee in her cell with Henry in tow), not including the time he was TRYING to kill Henry. 

Ummmm……when has Hook EVER tried to kill Henry? When, ever??? However to the other points: Hook couldn’t tell Emma or anyone else what WAS going on because then Greenie Zee was going to kill all of them, including Henry. Plus Hook had stopped Henry from seeking to drive away on his own and was trying solely to get him to safety. In the case of the cell, Henry was behind two locked doors, acting as a distraction and nowhere NEAR Fraulein Witchee. Neither of these come even close.

However, of the original claim and Henry’s “real” parents, lets also consider:

Regina - adopted Henry illegally because she was bored, gaslit and emotionally abused him to the point that he hated her. Actually DID inadvertently kill him. Has tried repeatedly to kill almost all his other family members and friends. Has him parent her far more than she parents him. Blocked him out because her boyfriend dumped her, put him in danger’s way by having him spy on his grandpa, who had already tried to murder him twice.

Bagel - essentially a sperm donor. Made Henry because he wanted to grunt on a different child without condoms. Framed and abandoned that child, which was why Henry was given up for adoption. Acted entitled to Henry, while objectifying him and encouraged him to treat his mother like a piece of shit. Taught Henry, aged 11, how Bagel picked up Henry’s not much older mommy (to whom he lied non-stop). Exposed Henry to his kidnappers, used someone else’s toddler as bait, “rescue” attempt resulted in his own capture, further delaying #didn’tsavehenry. Placed the entire EF and Emma and Henry in far more danger by empowering Fraulein Witchee, as well as enslaving his own father.

Emma - actually Emma’s a pretty okay mom other than babying Henry sometimes—most of her mistakes seem to merely be unfamiliarity/living in a magical place where she has to constantly battle monsters and shit. Or some kinda jerky shit she did while cursed. Or she’s slightly dumb that day.

But, again…..yeah….so his illegally adoptive mom and his deadbeat sperm donor are waaaaayyyyy better at this shit than Hook, amirite?

Meanwhile, speaking of poor, pregnant teen Emma:

“We promised to take care of one another”

Emma was fucking 16 years old, the only things she should be “taking care of” are her homework and her pet bunny/kitty/puppy/hamster/goldfish. NOT a 224 year old man who couldn’t bother with condoms and lied to her non-stop.

And Bagel on this? Totally and completely failed. He ruined her life and entrusted another deadbeat with an insufficient amount of money. BFD.

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can someone please debunk the new louis/freddie picture im losing my mind

I haven’t seen it but apparently he doesn’t have his wrist tattoo there idk

The main problem with saying “race doesn’t matter” is that the world has been built in favor of the white race. It’s easy to dismiss race when it systematically works for you.
You can’t create a world in which intelligence, success and opportunity are based on race, then when the oppressed races speak out on it, they get told to shut up and “get over it”.
For years scientists have known that race doesn’t matter. Meaning that if you belong to a certain ethnic group based on coloring and/or geographic location, it doesn’t dictate intelligence or integrity.
This knowledge is not meant to work in favor of white opinion, that “we should all come together because we’re all the same”. This knowledge is suppose to dismantle systematic oppression by debunking the myth that being white makes you inherently better.
So, no, race shouldn’t matter. but it DOES. and it DOES because WHITE people made it that way. So, no, you don’t get to tell me we’re all one race now that you’re conveniently at the top.

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whats your opinion on the worldly philosophers so far?

good shit and i really respect heilbroner tbh i bought one of his other books last year but haven’t read it yet. the beginning of TWP is solid and I’ve recommended it before wrt the history of capitalism because it debunks a lot of the human nature stuff you hear about these days by talking about social norms and attitudes in pre-capitalist society (the values instilled by the church and disinterest in profit-making and stuff like that), saying that really we’ve just adapted to a new society and developed new behaviors to deal with it and it’s pretty neat. ill probably try to finish it on the ride to massachusetts. im not SUPER far in. I think I’m on ricardo so like chapter 4? idk but i know heilbroner was a socialist so hopefully he won’t fuck up when it comes to marx, but I don’t think he will.

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the larries are beginning to default with 'idk how this will end but it will.' so every time some prediction doesn't come to pass it's like nothing to them because in their minds they know~ it'll end soon. it's just nuts how they rly think it's plausible that harry and louis will come out as an established couple and that somehow that will make everything ok. their logic is actually flawed

It doesn’t make any sense anymore. Unless there’s something they are claiming as fact that hasn’t been debunked yet, it’s really not worth arguing about. They will either come around or they won’t. Music management companies do some shady and seedy things, I’ll agree the music business isn’t all rainbows, but they don’t give their talent fake babies and they don’t forge government documents to then be printed in the public domain.