Dark Souls 1: The Four Kings' Surrogate HP

I’m sure someone else no clipping around the map has seen this before, but it’s news to me. There’s actually an extra king loaded beneath the Abyss, whose HP is tied to the main health bar that drains during the fight. Attacking the other kings reduces its health.

What this thing finally dies, the victory cutscene triggers:

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Goatmom knows stronger magic than she lets on. If you use the speed button in debug mode and actually outrun Toriel when she tries to leave you, you will see Toriel run to the pillar, then keep walking out the door, of course, if you try to chase her, another Toriel comes out from  behind the pillar and the original Toriel walks through her. I expected her to actually go behind the pillar or just speed up the closer you get to her like Sans, but no, she uses a decoy. 

Dark Souls 1: A Closer Look at Backstab and Parry Ranges (PvE)

Backstab Angles

Using debug I was able to compare the placement of the player character and a given enemy, which includes their angles relative to the map.

For a character that was facing 0, I found that I could backstab them if I was at +60 or -60 degrees. It was tricky manipulating the angles precisely, but I was able to test 60.00 at one point, which worked, while 60.02 failed.

The following images both demonstrate an angle of around ~59.5 meaning they are very close to the steepest angle possible:

Something to keep in mind about backstab angling is that it relies on the data of which direction the character was facing when their current animation triggered. For example the following image still indicates a legitimate backstab angle, even though it doesn’t look like it:

That’s because I was actually standing up against the wall on the opposite side of the black knight, and parried him (and then strafed around to this new location).

This explains why sometimes you can get really generous-looking backstabs, as it’s because the game doesn’t take into account the torso animating during a specific move. The Black Knight here is essentially at the apex of his recoil from getting parried, but before and after that animation he would’ve been facing the wall more- and that’s what counts for landing the backstab. Not where their back appears to be at the exact current moment, but where the enemy was facing when the animation triggered.

Backstab Distances

The longest distance from an enemy that appears to be allowed is 1.5 units of space. The following would land a backstab when pressing R1:

Different weapon types do not have different backstabbing windows, the same distances are allowed regardless if you’re using a spear or fist weapon. Here’s a gif demonstrating the “pull” that occurs:

Parrying Distances

For various reasons this was much harder to test, but I believe the max parrying distance is somewhere between 2.15 and 2.20 units of space. That looks like this:


I didn’t set out to make a point or support an argument, this is just something I was curious about. Though I think I can agree with those saying that the windows for backstabs should’ve been tightened (if only a little). Something to help take the edge off of how latency worsens it in PvP, without drastically nerfing or messing it up in PvE.

Debug, which is David Hewlett’s movie that he directed. I play this extremely strange man. I thing it’s David’s dream to dress me up as David Bowie and kill me fifteen times. He owes me a big fuckin’ favor after that one. I really wanted to support him in his endeavor, and it’s his big sci-fi movie. 

Jason Momoa [X]

I think Jason wanted to do something different. He’s always doing the hunky guy, shirt-ripping stuff. The poor guy. He’s blessed and cursed with his looks. I think in a way he’d almost be happier if he was just an ugly little troll of a man like me and he could just go off and do his art and focus on that stuff. He’s ridiculously good-looking. The press loves him, and the camera loves him. But he’s an artist. We’re absolute polar opposites. I mean, we’re absolute negatives. He’s this wonderfully outgoing, free-spirited beatnik, almost, and I’m just the most uptight, by-the-rules guy. 

He does this found-art stuff. He finds pieces of garbage or trees or whatever and puts them into pieces of art that are really quite clever and beautiful. He’s now making films, and the stuff is breathtaking.

David Hewlett on Jason Momoa

Debug exclusive stills at Dreadcentral:

D³, Debug Driven Development

Development mechanics have taken a rather huge paper in the programming world in late years. Nowadays you can read all kind of funny names for development techniques such as TDD, XP, Scrum, etc. In the python world TDD (Test Driven Development) has become highly popular and this is reflected everywhere (eg: Django apps has a full testing suite out of the box).

However this never suited the way I work. Since I’ve learned all by myself, I grew my own development mechanics based on 5 basics steps:

  1. Choose feature to work on
  2. Write a small mock up of what it will look like
  3. Test it as a user (it’s critical that you test the feature as a user, not an automated process)
  4. Fix bugs found
  5. Repeat 3 and 4 ad eternum (or as necessary)

This not only allows you to be your own user, but it also gives you an early feeling of what the feature is like and what it bring to the table for the whole product.

Since being highly product focused, D³ matches quite nicely with rapid development techniques. It becomes an iterative process with small cycles forcing the programmer to focus on what matters, no fancy designs.

Now I think, Are there any others debug driven developers out there? How does this all fit with “Premature optimization is the mother of all evil”? I understand that TDD leads to clean code, but in the practice most projects never get 100% code coverage or 100% test pass.

How about focusing on the project and not the development process as a standalone science? Leave the polishing for later! Focus on what matter and bring features to your product!


Debug These Exclusive Stills

Posted on March 26, 2015 by Steve Barton

The newest supernatural sci-fi/horror hybrid, Debug, is more than on its way; and to celebrate its DVD premiere on June 2, 2015, from Ketchup Entertainment, we have an exclusive gallery of stills for you!

Debug is directed by David Hewlett (Cube) and stars Jason Momoa, Jeananne Goossen, Adrian Holmes, and Adam Butcher.

In this tale of deep space cyberhorror, six young computer hackers are sent to work on a derelict space freighter as a part of a work release program. They quickly fall prey to the ship’s vengeful artificial intelligence, a program that would kill to be human. They are helpless to defend themselves as it silently roots out their deepest desires to use against them in the most imaginative and horrific ways. It takes a very determined and brilliant hacker, Kaida, to battle this malevolent entity and send it back to cyber hell.

Dark Souls 1: Unused “Restore Humanity” Menu, Allowed Sacrificing Stats For Humanity

/u/JesterPatches recently discovered this unused respec menu (original discussion here). The following post is simply double-checking and reiterating his findings:

The menu allows you to select stats and reduce them. Each stat reduction is traded in for 4 soft humanity (note the increase to 40 humanity after de-leveling resistance 10 times):

A “Trade for humanity” prompt appears to confirm the selection:

An odd quirk of this is that your total Level doesn’t actually change afterwards. Though who knows if this is simply due to the mechanic not being completed properly (note that the character is still level 20 after reducing Resistance):

If your level was supposed to decrease accordingly, then it would’ve been a proper respec feature. Though it’s also possible, given how the feature is called “restore humanity”, that your level wouldn’t change and the penalty would be fewer stats relative to others with the same SL.

You are also not charged to re-level back up to where you were:

Free leveling doesn’t make much sense, given that you had to trade those stats for humanity. However, I believe this is probably the result of the patch that was implemented to help players who got de-leveled by others online through a malicious exploit. Free leveling to get back to where you were should be the result of the patch and not how this would have worked.

Full size images here:

Lake Pier Set

Seit „Zeit für Freunde“ ist mir der dekorative Steg am Strand nicht mehr aus dem Sinn gegangen. Leider ist er nur über das Debug-Menü verfügbar und dort auch nur in einer Farbe.

Deswegen habe ich es zu einem normalen kaufbaren Objekt umgewandelt welches nun in 4 Farben verfügbar ist.

Ich hoffe ihr könnt eurer Kreativität nun freien Lauf lassen.

Am Besten mit dem „bb.moveobject“ platzieren.

External image

External image


Lake Pier Set was originally published on akisima sims blog