SJWs invade, hilarity ensues.

“I don’t study in the library because I don’t feel comfortable with people always wondering what my gender identity is and how I express myself, and I don’t feel comfortable being in classrooms where I am supposed to speak as a transhuman and as a queer person as all queer people,”

hopefully this is the last one of these i have to make, but just in case, i’m tagging them all as “financial struggles”. you can always unfollow or blacklist the tag.

sorry for clogging up your dashes. i really really am. i need to buy cat food tomorrow for my babies. i’m currently crying, i feel like such a bad cat mom for being unable to do this for them. my car insurance and gas and medical stuff can all wait, just, please, help me feed my babies. they don’t deserve to go hungry. 

my paypal and circlepay are

even a dollar helps. please. 

Watch Aftermath Season 1 Episode 1

Storyline :
The Copeland family battle for survival when civilization comes to an apocalyptic end, triggered by massive storms, meteor strikes, earthquakes, a plague - and the rise of supernatural creatures.

Drawing by candlelight isn’t easy.

Well, our utilities are getting shut off, because my roommate is a terrible person and won’t pay their part, which neither I nor our other roommate can afford to cover. I already make way, way below poverty level and barely can pay my third of things as is. Our power is gone today, but I can use the local McDonald’s to charge my phone and snag their wifi for a bit. We got super screwed by the third roommate (who we are replacing for this, by the way, but that doesn’t help us right now). I know I haven’t really been on here long, and my art isn’t the best, but I was wondering if anybody would be willing to commission me to help out, and at least get our power back on. All the owed everything is about $400, which is what we need to cover all his stuff and still stay here and have electricity and stuff- we ended up choosing food over electricity this time.
I can do small chibis on paper for $5, full-sized character sketches for $15. They’d be traditional, because the power is out, though you can pre-pay to help out if you want a digital commission; those run from $15 - $35. Lowered prices, because we really could use the cash. If you just want to donate, that’s cool too.

If you can’t help out money-wise, maybe just help spread this around? Pretty please? It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

Message on here, or at, which is also the PayPal address for donations/commission payments/kind souls. Thank you so, so much.


Just got hold of ‘Aftermath: life debt’ before work, at my local Waterstones - flipped to a random page and found out that HUX is an illegitimate child named - ARMITAGE!!! Ahhhahahahahaa! What else will this book reveal??? I’ve also seen Leia and Han’s names mentioned a lot !!!

Over the past twenty years, student debt has risen rapidly and now totals $1.3 trillion. But higher education is more important than ever and, on average, remains a strong investment. That’s why for the last seven years, President Obama has worked hard to make student debt more manageable. Want to know what the President has done to make college more accessible and affordable? Two of President Obama’s top economists will be here on the White House Tumblr tomorrow to take your questions during #AnswerTime. Ask in our ask box by tomorrow 7/20 at 3pm ET. 

Look. I hate taylor swift. I hate her pasty mayo the-air-is-spicy ass so much if we were in the same room we gon fuckin box til this bitch enters a twelve year coma but I’ll say one thing and that is Kanye went too goddamn far with putting her naked next to him in that music video.

Especially with placing a known rapist in the video along with putting rihanna right next to her abuser I hope everyone sues Kanye for every penny he’s got