Meanwhile, the U.S. debt remains, as it has been since 1790, a war debt; the United States continues to spend more on its military than do all other nations on earth put together, and military expenditures are not only the basis of the government’s industrial policy; they also take up such a huge proportion of the budget that by many estimations, were it not for them, the United States would not run a deficit at all.
—  David Graeber, Debt: The First 5000 Years (2011), p. 365.
The bumbling doofus Obama is once again stealing other people’s original ideas.  Obama the idiot now wants to copy Trump and have a “Farewell Tour”, which Obama will make the American taxpayers pay for as usual, just like all his golf vacations.

Democrats are the most unoriginal people on Earth.  Remember when Donald Trump showed off his incredible new airplane, and then Hillary scrambled to buy her own airplane to try to impress her idiot voters with?


Just got hold of ‘Aftermath: life debt’ before work, at my local Waterstones - flipped to a random page and found out that HUX is an illegitimate child named - ARMITAGE!!! Ahhhahahahahaa! What else will this book reveal??? I’ve also seen Leia and Han’s names mentioned a lot !!!

Over the past twenty years, student debt has risen rapidly and now totals $1.3 trillion. But higher education is more important than ever and, on average, remains a strong investment. That’s why for the last seven years, President Obama has worked hard to make student debt more manageable. Want to know what the President has done to make college more accessible and affordable? Two of President Obama’s top economists will be here on the White House Tumblr tomorrow to take your questions during #AnswerTime. Ask in our ask box by tomorrow 7/20 at 3pm ET. 

In 2013, PayPal accidentally deposited $92 quadrillion into Chris Reynolds’ account, briefly making him the richest man in the world. PayPal realized the error and corrected it, offering to donate an unspecified amount of money to a charity of his choice. Reynolds says he would have paid down the U.S. national debt had he kept the money. Source

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