UK Debt Debate C5

Watching the UK Debt Debate last night really only taught me one thing.

Katie Hopkins is so rude. Why is she even invited to these debates?

I don’t know where she was dragged up from but I was always taught not to talk over people when they are talking.

She only cares about her own middle class opinions and doesn’t listen to people when they talk about their individual circumstances.

A man tells his story about how he took out a £40k+ loan which he can’t afford to repay (row kick off)…. because he was diagnosed with a progressive illness after he took out the loan so he can’t work.

A young woman tells the audience she had a baby at 17 and needed to claim benefits and take out a loan (Katie goes off on one, she is not happy that the woman decided to keep her baby!!)…. she then explains she needed them because her partner lost his job. He now has a job and they are off benefits and the loan is paid for.

It’s not just Katie Hopkins it’s others who find it easy to look down at people with an expert answer to a situation they have never been in.