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Friends & Community!

I’m new to being a cat mom and so I already feel much guilt over the issue and am hoping that there are others like the wonderful friends of mine that have stepped up to help me struggling with this.

My long haired calico Dora got into some of my string (I try so hard to keep my crafting put away because I know how much she loves string) and got it tied around the base of her tongue and swallowed enough of it to cause intestinal bunching. By some miracle I was able to put down the deposit after maxing out 2 credit cards (care credit and personal) and using up the rest of my cash just to get her into surgery. Paying for the second half of the surgery on top of trying to regain available credit on those cards plus many other bills and financial issues in need of attention is a weight I’m struggling to carry on my own. She is currently in recovery and I won’t get to see her until Sunday. I’m crossing my fingers there are no surprise additional medical fees upon pick up tomorrow.

With that said, I’m set back a total of $1,509.81. Which doesn’t seem too bad, but I am already in deep struggling to pay for life though I would rather be in debt than lose my best friend. I’m really feeling the burden of a debt based and money minded culture here in the #USA and lately it’s become too much for me. Any little bit of weight lifted matters to me. Any donation regardless of the amount is appreciated beyond words! (my PayPal is but contact me if you feel inclined to donate and need another method) Please know any money sent to me goes STRICTLY towards covering the costs of the surgery (or can go to food/toys for Dora if you want to take that route. I will be pampering her like crazy once she gets home). I will also be looking into pet insurance once I can get my finances under control again.

If you can’t or don’t want to donate, I will completely understand. I know there are a million different kitty causes and I’m often too broke to support many that I wish I could. If you would like to share this it would mean the world to me <3  I wanted to get this message out first, and as soon as I can I’ll be offering finished crafting projects and graphic commissions that can be exchanged for any amount of help.

Love & Gratitude <3

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