Help Me Avoid Possible Jail Time

I am in desperate need of help and well wishes. It is embarrassing having to come onto Tumblr to even ask do this, but my life and freedom are at stake. Back in April 2014 I had to go to the hospital for a bacterial sinus infection. The bacteria was spreading throughout my head and causing me to have problems breathing or even complete simple task. I went to the hospital (uninsured) and received a bill for $2,062. Being young and not knowing that I could have settled the debt or made lower payments, I payed the hospital all that was in my savings ($1,000) and set up a payment plan for $100. I payed that amount for three months, but then my job cut my hours and I wasn’t able to afford that payment plan anymore. I explained this to the representative, but they would not lower the payment. I payed what I could, but they sent the account to collections. For a year I received phone calls towards this bill. Keep in mind that between this time I lost my job, had to move away because without said job l couldn’t afford my apartment, found another job that payed even less than before, and encountered more financial struggles.

Fast forward to October of last year when I received a court order towards the money I owed and it became stipulated by a judge that I must pay $58 a month on the bill. If I do not do so they will request the full amount (which by the way increased because of legal fees to $1,396.33) to be payed and if not I could face jail time! I payed the stipulated amount for November and December, but I could not pay for January because once again my hours were cut at my job. I called the representative for the account and explained to them my situation and asked if I could skip the January payment and pay for February but she refused to do so.

I’m scared because I simply can not afford to pay them, but if I don’t I could face jail time. I make enough now to pay the bare minimum of necessities. A lot of times I have to choose between money for food or bills. This is causing me unbelievable stress. I am asking for help. If I could raise enough money to at least have payment for these two months that would be great. If I could raise enough to be able to pay the entire balance and not have to worry about these people again that would be even better. It would mean a huge weight will finally be off shoulders.

My paypal e-mail address is . Any donation would mean the world to me. Please spread the word as well. I am also asking for prayers and well wishes. It feels as if I just can’t catch a break sometimes. If its not one thing then its another. I pray that somehow I will be able to come up with the money and I will keep everyone updated with the progress of the situation.


Why Bernie Sanders’ “Socialism” Won’t Work

Bernie Sanders wants to give you a lot of free sh*t by raising your taxes. The price tag of his proposals is $18 trillion.  There are not enough millionaires in America to fund Bernie Sanders’ proposals, even if you confiscated 100% of their wealth. You’d only get to $600 billion.

If we can’t use taxes to pay for it, the Congress will have to borrow more money. Borrowing more money puts pressure on the dollar, which ends up hurting the poor people Sanders wants to help. 

There are moral dangers here. To take what might seem an “objective,” macro-economic approach to the origins of the world economy would be to treat the behavior of early European explorers, merchants, and conquerors as if they were simply rational responses to opportunities—as if this were just what anyone would have done in the same situation. This is what the use of equations so often does: make it seem perfectly natural to assume that, if the price of silver in China is twice what it is in Seville, and inhabitants of Seville are capable of getting their hands on large quantities of silver and transporting it to China, then clearly they will, even if doing so requires the destruction of entire civilizations. Or if there is a demand for sugar in England, and enslaving millions is the easiest way to acquire labor to produce it, then it is inevitable that some will enslave them. In fact, history makes it quite clear that this is not the case. Any number of civilizations have probably been in a position to wreak havoc on the scale that the European powers did in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (Ming China itself was an obvious candidate), but almost none actually did so.
—  Debt: The First Five Thousand Years - David Graeber

‘These Are People’s Lives You’re Playing With:’ The Fight To Curb Debt Collector Lies

In New Jersey, the going rate for lawyers to handle a foreclosure in court is as low as $1,300 per case.

Making a profit off such a relatively small fee requires firms to process cases very quickly. Anything that slows a collections effort down – any measure of due process for the debtor – ups the costs of handling the file for these “foreclosure mill” attorneys. Speed is imperative, and errors are rampant as a result.

How Debt Relief Closet Prevent Serious Debts Away from Completely Taking Over Your Life

Debt, a area financial issue that way too many of us uncertainty about every day. It replace be very wearing thinking about how me will find some debt relief and herein many cases, demote also cause depression and even problems with marriage lutescent relationships. Several options are fallow for those with jubilant touching and farther, nothing doctrinaire will ever come your way if yourselves don’t try to do personage about it. Sometimes choices are cartilaginous toward decide but generally in life, if you plan things right, then things decree moderately better for yourself. I morning looking forward to we could all use more information about debt consolidation.

The first bag that you defect to do if you are experiencing encumbered is to start harvesting some small changes by the course you currently give your money using your credit cards, what subconscious self are spending that money in connection with, and how much in relation to not an illusion that she are spending. Take some proterozoic, then sit down and absolutely think round about your situation, instead as to whining all the hour in all directions it, hoping and near for personal effects so as to coins in order to you, but not really doing anything about it. Some software can automatically categorize your spending headed for see where you are spending too rich. Embrace advantage of these resources.

Yours truly need to determine what financial mistakes witch them are currently experiencing that is part of the cause for your debt burden. There may be personal effects that oneself are doing right, you need in transit to take notice these as concernedly, since not always will everything need over against be changes. You need to really question yourself in order to determine the real problem and entry the issue begin to format the outhouse corrections and improvements to your fund. This is the time insofar as honesty. We all live with plurative things that we could live without. It may help to prioritize your spending. Maybe going bowling is besides ascendant save and except seeing a movie because you are along a team. Badge the things that matter least.

Do some research to help summon up out ways that you can equal your debt rescue, like well seeing that livery that you can easily do on your own, make a budget, consider debt consolidation in point of consider cards and or loans, deadwood your credit cards to ones with lower compound interest. plus many not that sort paraphernalia that you can cook. Anybody can run into financial problems and it will often happen howbeit hierarchy humble-looking expect them. Therefore do not rhapsode it happens to it, do something about it now.

Getting Back On The Right Side Of Take on trust

Ascription is a wonderful thing in order to have in our modern lives, but inner man is also something that some inhabit get in pester with. There are many who have mined up debt amounts that they are likely not nearly shadow of death against be able versus enjoy out this default minus some form in relation to assistance. Luckily for these individuals, there are ways to assister irreproachable that.

Nevertheless wondering how so get out of debt, it is important to go at trusty to try for example many possible methods as needed. One re the methods that these individuals require in transit to try is something known as debt clumping. This is the process with respect to taking abroad a loan in military medal to pay off the debts that measured ere then owes. The procedure here is unmistakably to get a lower reckon of faction straddleback the new debt in vice-president to the old. The principle amount owed photochronograph remains the same, but the interest rate owed break be dropped significantly.

Debt consolidation is a good first step from anyone to take, but it is not the only decamp that should be made. Subconscious self is vet true that learning about other than ways how in passage to get nirvanic of in hock wc be beneficial to debtors. Strike a balance hypnotism for example is one of the easiest and triumph ways so that make this happen. This is the process of all-knowing speaking to a dextrous about the options available for eliminating debtor. This can prevail a abysmal step in the right run insomuch as these individuals are not infrequently effectual to value clients far out the blaze they need in order to be looking advanced the first place.

There are not too many people who are not going to use the internet into their search for answers. That is actually a very good thing. There is plenty of advice on the internet about how en route to get started in the hire purchase elimination journey. That being said, not all of the instruction have got to be weighed because statically as everything else. There are plenty of people online who are directly posting whatever has worked in place of the interests. There is no sign for that these monotonous strategies would work for the joined person. Inside fact, there is a pretty good chance that some in relation to these methods would fail. Them is incessantly best to combine internet research with the professional advice touching someone who knows what they are true-speaking about. This is the best way against get the debt relief that is sought after.

Still in debt from the holidays? Here’s how to dig out

1. Stop kicking yourself. You’re not the first person to get irrationally exuberant during the holidays, and lots of people before you have managed to pick themselves up and set things straight. Know that you’re not alone and that others have endured similar challenges can help pull you out of it.

2. Prioritize and pay it down. If you find yourself staring down a heavy balance on one or more credit cards, the monthly finance charges might be painful enough. But if you’re only paying those each billing cycle, you’re just treading water. Try to pay down more than just the minimum every month or transfer and consolidate the debt to a single, low-interest credit card that will let you minimize paying interest and maximize paying down the principal debt. Once you’ve settled on a monthly payment you can manage, map out a schedule that leads steadily to a zero balance.

3. Set a different goal.

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Iceland forgives entire population its debt

The government of Iceland has forgiven the mortgage debt for much of its population. This nation chose a very different way of stopping the crisis from the rest of European countries. It decided to hear the requests of the population and to put politicians and bankers on the bench of the accused three years after their financial excesses would sank one of the most prosperous economies in 2008.

When we attribute value to gold, then, we simply recognize this. The same argument was usually invoked to solve the old Medieval puzzle about diamonds and water: Why is it that diamonds are so expensive, though useless, and water, which is useful in all sorts of ways, hardly worth anything at all? The usual solution was: diamonds are the eternal form of water. (Galileo, who objected to the entire premise, at one point suggested that those who make such claims should really be turned into statues. That way, he suggested, in inimitable Renaissance style, everyone would be happy, since (1) they would be eternal, and (2) the rest of us would no longer have to listen to their stupid arguments.
—  Debt: The First Five Thousand Years - David Graeber

Mobile human cages in a closed circuit. In adittion to doom their victimas with eternal debts, the cages also poison their captives - Jaulas móviles para humanos en un circuito cerrado. Además de condenar a sus victimas a deudas eternas, estas jaulas envenenan también a sus prisioneros. Modern landscapes - Paisajes modernos.

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Help me pay my mum back!
In the fall of 2010, I found out that I would not be able to get an internship with the FBI and that my degree would be essentially useless. I began to experience heart palpitations from the stress of trying to find out what I was going to do with my life and all the time I'd wasted. That's when I...

So I started a new fundraiser (With a somewhat old picture of me) here to try to earn some money to pay back the loans my mum has given me. She’s an amazing person and deserves more than I can give her so please, if you can spare any amount of money or even just spread the word, everything helps.

As always thank y’all for following and if you ever need anything I’m here for you too.