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    watched in 2016:   D.E.B.S. (2004) dir. Angela Robinson

    “I understand this whole thing isn’t gonna work out between us… because, obviously, I misinterpreted the whole situation. But… I just want you to know that last night was the most alive I’ve felt in a while. So I guess I’ll see you around. Same Bat-time or whatever… Come with me. Come on. What do you have to lose?”

To everybody asking if we’ll get Newsies Live on DVD/digital release....

Listen, us fansies are a damn mighty group.

We took a movie that flopped at the box office, and badgered Disney until they gave us a stage version at Paper Mill.

We took a show that was never supposed to hit Broadway, and convinced Disney to put it on Broadway as a limited run.

We took a show that was supposed to have a limited run and got it to run over 1,000 performances, and a tour.

And then with only weeks left to go before the end of the tour, our love for this beautiful, life-changing show convinced the folks at Disney Theatricals to bring together the casts of the Broadway and tour productions together for a one night only show that was beautifully filmed and put together for an ultimate Newsies experience, and then put it in movie theaters.

We did that, guys. Our deep love for our dancing paper boys DID ALL THAT.

So I have a feeling that if we badger the folks at Disney Theatricals enough, they will most definitely distribute the pro-shot digitally or on DVD in some form. 

So get cracking, folks. FANSIES UNITED!!!!


MARCH 25: D.E.B.S. (2004)

Tired of seeing all your favorite lesbians die on TV? Looking for something absolutely cheesy and adorable that’ll make you go aaawww? Look no further and go watch D.E.B.S.

So, this is more or less the premise: lesbian spoof of Charlie’s Angels. The plot? College girls become top-class spies within a secret paramilitary academy called D.E.B.S. (the acronym for Discipline, Energy, Beauty, and Strength); and the main goody-two-shoes character falls for the archvillainness. (Shocker, we know.) And! There’s an happy ending, if that’s an important criteria for you (it is for us).

Angela Robinson (to whom we dedicated an article previously!) wrote and directed the movie. Fun fact: the whole D.E.B.S. idea started as an idea Robinson had in college. Power Up gave her a $20000 grant to make a 10-minute short film about the D.E.B.S. - which was notably shown at Sundance. And from that the glorious masterpiece that we know as D.E.B.S. was born. It didn’t fare well with critics at first but quickly became a cult classic for all of us wlw.

If it isn’t clear by now, we love this movie and have a lot of feelings about it and we think you should watch it too, if you haven’t done so already (and if you have, then watch it again - won’t hurt).

- AK

D.E.B.S. (Movie)

The question of the moment is, how do I write about this movie without gushing. I guess I could start with the music. It was a perfect blend of less well known bands’ (at least to me) music that fit together like puzzle pieces.

Next the costumes, pure brilliance. The school uniforms were anything but uniform on the four main characters and the differences meshed perfectly with their characters.

The beginning was hilarious, as was the comedic timing throughout. I think it’s a combination of great actors (both well known and unknown. I mean, Holland Taylor and Michale Clarke Duncan, yikes, awesome cast right there), and an awesome director (Angela Robinson).

The effects are an interesting part of the movie too, with action comedy movies they can easily take over the film, or they can be so lame that you can’t concentrate on the characters. D.E.B.S. seems to split the difference using the visual effects when needed, but not over using them.

And finally the actors. Jordana Brewster’s amazing as always, giving Lucy Diamond the right amount of seriousness versus comedy. Sara Foster is almost as good, taking her character’s journey of discovery and actually changing. These days characters rarely grow in the course of their movies (and even few in comedies) and in D.E.B.S. not just one, but both the main characters grew. It’s a minor miracle. (Not to mention they grow as characters in unique ways).

I recommend this movie to everyone. It’s more than just a comedy, more than just a romance movie and it’s much more than a lesbian flick. It is a work of art. There is only one sad thing about this movie. That there aren’t more films like it out there. And, now, I think I need to go watch it again.