the best types of otp

the type where one is a ray of sunshine who lights up everyone’s worlds and the other is the storm cloud that sometimes blocks the light, but eventually the light shines through and makes the stormcloud fluffy and white

the type where one is death and the other is life, where one is dark and the other is light, where one is yin and the other is yang, where they are complete opposites but they balance each other out so completely

the type where they’re both so broken and scattered that it doesn’t hurt them to pick up the pieces of each other and put them back together, sometimes using a piece of themselves to fix a tiny crack in the otherwise flawless shard of what used to be a soul

the type where they’re both suns and every other little planet and moon gravitates towards them, but they’re special to each other, they light up the spaces where the other can’t reach, and with their combined gravitational pulls they know they’ll never be apart from each other

the kind where one is a spark and the other is kerosene, where all it takes is a single spark to create an explosion of fire and light so powerful that it destroys everything but them

the type where one is diamond, hard and unforgiving and cold, and the other is light, warm and inviting and safe, and apart they are nothing more than themselves, but when they’re together the diamond becomes a rainbow, a kaleidoscope of beauty and color as it reflects the light

the type where one is shattered and jagged and haphazard in how they’d put themselves back together, and the other is unblemished and new and unmarked, and they don’t mind breaking off a few pieces of themself to fix the cracks left in the other’s heart 

cute things your otp can do:

  • go on walks at sunset
  • buy each other random things that remind them of each other
  • get matching tattoos
  • take cooking classes together
  • stay-at-home date nights once a week
  • fuck until their throats are raw from screaming
  • get a pet
In class
  • What I am supposed to do:Listen to the teacher, work, learn, communicate with people
  • What I do:Read/write fanfictions, draw my OTP, make sure that other people don't see me, cry over finales, think about non-real boyfriend

So I went back and watched hammer of the gods (and cried) and then I realized after closely examining this picture ( standing 3 inches from the TV) I realized that Gabriel has six wing imprints! I never noticed this before and it made me really happy to know that the writers acknowledge the fact that archangels have six wings. Also now everyone that writes or draws Gabriel with 2 wings can see that he does in fact have six :)

(Sorry for putting such a disturbing picture on your dash) 


Louden Swain x Supernatural (Also known as A Very Louden Swain Supernatural)

Downtown Letdown

After being a trickster for so many years, Dean persuades Gabriel to stand up to his family, to kill his brother. But Gabriel ends up getting killed instead.

Companion Piece To This

Just A Little Bit
  • Just A Little Bit
  • Kids Of 88
  • Teen Wolf season 1 ost

Kids of 88 - Just a little bit

Working your fingers to the bone 
Driving you mad and he shoulda known 
Wrap it baby I’m taking you home 
Get off your thrown 
I want you alone 

Take just a little bit of time 
Just to make you feel alright 
Just enough to ease the party 
Hit the lights!


Rare Ships

↳ Debriel

“I see right through you, you know that? The smart-ass shell, the whole ‘I could give a crap’ thing? Believe me, it takes one to know one.”

“Better late than never, huh? […] And Dean, you were right. I was afraid to stand up to my brother, not any more. So this is me, standing up.”