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Season 2, Episode 10: Red’s Birthday

This Will Forever Be My All-Time Favorite Red and Kitty Moment

So many great things in this moment, the way Red puts his arm around Kitty and pulls her closer to him. The way they look at each other. That smile that Red gives Kitty, like it’s a smile he saves just for her.

And though Red doesn’t say the exact words ‘I love you’ to Kitty he’s saying just that. Asking her what he loves about her and then it’s like able to pick a single thing because he loves so much about her: how she much she cares about him and his happiness, how she can make him smile, how she’s up to moving things to the comfy living room couch since the bedroom has no ceiling…but instead of saying all this word for word he gives her a short but sweet, Red Forman kind of reply when he tells her ‘Lotsa stuff.’

Plus it happens on the porch/patio and I’m a sucker for those kind of scenes.

There is so much to love much about this episode but this moment…never fails to warm my heart.