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Keith and Lance in Episode 6

I wanted to write for a bit about these two, others have been faster but the more the merrier right? Also I’m trying to keep it in a platonic perspective and mostly Keiths side (even though - personally - I’m tempted to see it through shipping googles - a girl can dream right?)

I think this episode established further something I’ve been suspecting in the past two seasons already: Keith really wants to be Lances friend (and cares about him and all the good stuff).

So let’s get into it:

Keith faces a lot of struggles in this season so far and even though Shiro just came back he doesn’t seem to be very releaved. Something is just off and that adds to the weight of his unwanted leadership role, cue Lances entry:

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favorite dexter and debra scenes
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I remember a long while ago some 2///nu shipper passively messaged me to try to hear my side of the story and when I was done explaining valid points they turned around and said "oh but most of us start shipping it around phase 3 where they're both adults." Okay Debra that still doesn't erase the fact that he still had a hand in raising her during phases 1 and 2.

They also just told a flat out lie because they’ve been shipping Noodle pre phase 3 as well 😂 foolishness

Bruce Wayne Imagine

Prompt: “Is that sweet talk I hear?”


Bruce helps you conquer the ‘Devil’ at a party. (Short)

Your red dress cascaded down your legs smoothly. The Fabric was like stilled waves, folding carefully towards the bottom where it touched your bedroom floor. Your fingers ran over it’s soft silk, smoothing over any bumps or creases. Bruce picked up his jacket from the bed, sliding his arms into it’s sleeves, and flipping the collar so it sat well on his shoulders.  You gathered your hair to the side and moved your hands to the zipper on your back. Failing to reach it, Bruce walks over behind you, zipping it up, his warm fingers gently brushing against your back. You turn around and smile, fixing his tie as your placed your hands on his chest.

“Ready?” You asked. Bruce nodded, smiling whilst looking down at you. He could never get bored going to parties with you, you were a light in the ballroom that always made him feel happy and secure. Much like he was to you too, you always felt safe in the presence of him.

You had been invited to a charity Gala. A small eventing, you had planned to stick with Bruce for the majority of the time. It was the presence of the Wayne couple that was needed, as it would solidify this party from good to great. Bruce was happy to attend the generous cause and donate efficiently.

You had walked into the complex quietly. Being a private party the paparazzi were no where insight; They were gone with the wind. You looked around, your eyes sparkling like the chandeliers. The violins played and the piano echoed beautiful melodies in the hall whilst people chatted and congregated in groups. Bruce took two glasses of champagne from a waiter walking past, and handed you one. You gladly took it, eyes still on the crowd. You heard running feet, the steps pattering on the marble floor, loudening as the sound got closer. You heard a grunt and turned to look at Bruce. Two boys clung onto his leg. They looked up at his face. The children had giggling smiles and enchanted faces attached on them, you smiled and laughed silently.

“Mr Wayne!” They said excitedly. Bruce smiled widely, bending down to be eye level with them. You held his glass as he messed up the boys hair with both his hands and said,

“Hey champ’s, how’s it going?”  They nodded furiously,

“Great Mr. Wayne, Hey Mrs Wayne!”

“Hi Boys.” You smiled whole heartedly.

“Just wanted to say hi! We have to go now, bye Mr. Wayne, See ya’ Mrs. Wayne!” They waved and ran off fast. The quick and sudden chat over within a minute. Bruce chuckled and got up straightening his jacket whilst taking his glass off you.

“They’re adorable” You say, Bruce puts his hand on your lower back,

“They’re trouble” he states. You laugh sipping your golden alcohol, looking out into the crowd,

“They aren’t that much-” Your eyes stop at a head of grey hair. Your breath stops. Your pupils dilate.

“Oh God” you whisper. Bruce looks down at you, tracing your eyes to where they were entranced.

“What is it?” He asks, trying to find what you’re looking at. 

“It’s Debra.” 

Your eyes had found the head of grey hair that belonged to the Queen of Destruction in Gotham. She had turned around and seen you with Bruce. Her mouth smiled so widely you could see down her throat. She waved at you, with her hands that could destroy and rip you to shreds. She had the ability to rip you, swallow you whole, and take you down within a minute of a conversation. She was deadly. She fed off the gossip and the socially inept. She motioned for you to come over, her wrinkles inviting you to the gates of hell.

“Bruce don’t leave me alone in there.” You said whilst waving back at her. Bruce chuckled hard, finishing the rest of his champagne.

“What would you owe me if i stay with you hm?” He joked. You looked at him, eyes glaring.

“How about i continue being your wife.” Bruce laughed, taking a ‘shocked’ hand to his chest,

“Feisty.” He said quietly. You smiled and hit his shoulder softly. Bruce of course would never leave you alone with Debra, he knew her wrath first hand.

You turned to face him, your eyes now looking desperately into his,

“Bruce please come with me, i can’t take her on my own. She’ll eat me whole.” Bruce placed a strand of hair behind you ear. You let out a huff and rolled your eyes, you raised to your tip toes and whispered in his ear,

“If you help me i’ll do what ever you want for a week.” You pulled back and saw Bruce with a smile on his face. His hands slid around your waist pulling you in slightly,

“Is that sweet talk i hear?”

“Maybe Mr. Wayne.” You finished off your champagne, ready to face the grey lady Debra.

“It wasn’t very good.” he smirked,

“Oh shush” You turned around and smiled at Debra who had still been watching you that whole time. Bruce took your hand in his and squeezed it tight, he turned to you. He saw the beauty behind the worry and kissed your temple.

“Come on,” he began, still looking at his wife, wondering how he got so lucky. With Bruce holding you proudly by his side, you both began wondering across the marble floor together. He said quietly so only you could hear,

“The Witch is waiting.” 

–Something short and something maybe alittle sweet. Hope it was okay!

        she doesn’t want to admit it out loud,  but she’s really doesn’t know where the fuck to go from here.  there’s nothing that jumps out at her,  the trail she had been following is cold and it doesn’t look like she’s going to have any new leads popping up like early fucking christmas miracles.  still,  debra’s not going to give up.   “ any ideas ?