His left eye is still mostly covered by the brim of his hat, but he doesn’t make any adjustments, just stays in place and on display for Ren, who surveys him for a moment before dropping down onto him.  

“Fuck,” Ren says,-

Hux´s little hat is all that matters tbh.

Once again all I can do is cry over how great @hollyhark​ cwu is, this is what the world gets when I re-read LSNC. This is one of my fave parts tbh, and I wanted to illustrate how they looked in my head but idek if I did it any justice, anyways I just love Hux’s little hat and Ren just being done for by Hux’s debouched expression.


Some dramatic low quality preview shots of a comic I’ve been working on for some time now.

This comic will repurpose old character designs I made way back in middle school. I’m actually really liking how it’s coming along so far.

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Say hello to my Newest OC everyone, they are the ‘Child’ of Dendrometer (the pictures say 'son,’ but this character is Agender, they use third person, though they mind masculine pronouns, they will not be mad if you refer to them that way (so long as it’s an accident)). They dress in bandages (which I obviously don’t know how to draw) to mimic the look of a mummy. I haven’t decided on a name for them yet, but I want it to be something associated with peace, or being at peace with oneself/ the world, because that’s what this character is all about. Once I have developed them more, they will be integrated into the Poly-ship with CA and the gang!