Inspector ReidxMiss Goren Ripper Street 1.06
  • Reid:At first I...felt it's shadow, then I saw the second boat bearing down on us. The hull split. We were thrown down the deck. Mathilda...Mathilda slid away from me.
  • Reid:Something fell, something molten, crushing. And I could not reach her. Watched her vanish over the side. Then everything went dark.
  • Deborah:I'm so sorry.
  • Reid:They never found her. They found bodies, they dredged the water, accounted for every soul...but five.
  • Deborah:Five?
  • Reid:Five people did not die that day.
  • How, I do not know, but, is so, must be so. And Mathilda is one of them.
  • Reid:She's alive, Miss Goren. I feel it. I feel it in my marrow.
  • Deborah:Does your wife have...have this sense also?
  • Reid:...
  • Deborah:Perhaps it is too hard for her to cling to so frail a...
  • Reid:It is not frail!
  • Reid:I...I...*trying to hold back tears*
  • Reid:It was my fault.
  • Deborah:How could that be?
  • Reid:And they knew. They knew.

So, Miss Goren was good enough for Detective Reid to cheat on his wife with, to sleep with and use for her help on cases and then toss aside but the woman he courts has to be a white gentile woman. I see how it is. 

Like, why the fuck?

I’m mad.

I didn’t even hardcore ship Reid/Deborah, but I am pissed.