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For me, it’s more about wanting there to be more female directors. There’s no shortage of women who want to make films. There are so many male directors and so many male-driven films and there are significantly fewer female-driven films and female directors — and that’s not because they don’t exist.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning directed by women by filmography:

I Am Sam dir. Jessie Nelson (2001)
Father X-mas dir. Marie Rose (2001)
Cutlass dir. Kate Hudson (2007)
Hounddog dir. Deborah Kampmeier (2007)
The Secret Life of Bees dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood (2008)
The Runaways dir. Floria Sigismondi (2010)
Night Moves dir. Kelly Reichardt (2013)
Very Good Girls dir. Naomi Foner (2013)
Every Secret Thing dir. Amy Berg (2014)
The Bell Jar dir. Kirsten Dunst (2018)


Everything’s Coming Up Roses performed by Betty Buckley in 1998 Paper Mill Playhouse production of Gypsy featuring Deborah Gibson and Lenny Wolpe.

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The Seeker vuelve a ponerse en marcha tras las vacaciones de navidad y traemos como aperitivo una masterlist de avatares femeninos pelirrojos ordenados por edad, hemos puesto las fechas de nacimiento para que la lista siga siendo útil aunque pase el tiempo. No todas tienen muchos recursos.

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Dr.miller notes: Mangler Asylum (June 15th 2011) as a follow up to her treatment Deborah Rose was asked to keep a journal of her bizarre and torture dreams.

It happened again last night. the foul dreams. I could smell the decayed breath on my shoulders. I could feel the the burning eyes boring into my soul. It was pure madness something I could not control. Night I fear the night I fear sleep. nothing good happens in the darkness. dr.miller said if I write about my dreams if I process my feelings into words and spill it on to paper it might help. He said it would make the pain go away. But what does he know could he crawl into my head and see what I have seen? he doesn't know the torture I go through each and every night. But I am desperate. I would do anything to make it go away. to make him go away. this journal is not for him. he will never read it whatever I write is for my eyes alone. I know what I've seen. I don't want to think about it. I just want it to go away. I want my life back.

okay so the four disney seasons au is pretty much my favorite thing.

soooo i did some celebrity face mashups to kind of get an idea for how these girls would look like in real life - that way i could make them transfer easier into my art style and such.

elsa: amber heard, natalie dormer, holliday grainger

anna: rose leslie, deborah ann woll, sophie turner

rapunzel: holland roden, astrid bergès-frisbey

merida: lily cole, evanna lynch

i’ve had these sitting on my desktop for ages, so i figured i’d whip up a comparison and share it :3

Embracing my cliches, oh yes.

- Bath with blood red bath salts, scented with Blood Popsicle.

- Weird moisturizing sheet mask that kinda looks like I’ve applied a layer of someone else’s skin over my face.

- Bathtime reading: Deathbed of Roses by Deborah Scott. “An ACE Gothic”.

Someone just paint my goth card with shimmering black ink, okay? I don’t feel like getting out of the tub to do it myself.