deborah parker


The Perfect Cast of “Kim Possible”.


Lia Marie Johnson as Kim Possible!

Luke Benward as Ron Stoppable!

Noah Gray-Cabey as Wade!

Amandla Stenberg as Monique!

Peter Stormare as Dr. Drakken!

Elizabeth Gillies as Shego!

Ezra Miller as Eric – Synthodrone #901!

Jeffrey Pierce as Dr. James Timothy Possible!

Deborah Twiss as Mrs. Dr. Ann Possible!

The Late Ricardo Montalban as Señor Senior Sr.!

William Levy as Señor Senior Jr.!

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Bonnie Rockwaller!

Greg Finley as Brick Flagg!

Adrien Brody as Monkey Fist!

Edgar and Rafael Morais as Jim and Tim Possible!

Villains, science experiments, gals, guys and a naked mole-rat. Ordinary drama, right?

I’m heading home for the summer lovelies, and so won’t be online as much as I want to be… 

… You are a bunch of people who I am very grateful for; your support, kindness, understanding, and general positivity has boosted me when I’ve really needed it, trying to find my way in the big ol’ world of ours. Some people have told me I have no place to do what I do on here, but fuck ‘em. Tumblr is a place for safety and expression of some of our innermost thoughts and feelings, and you guys have been there for me. You’ve been there for Jamie too - to see the admiration of his talent grow so much is amazing. Here’s to everything he has done and will do.

So thank you, have a wonderful summer, and I shall see you all soon! X


My faves doing things: with each other part 1

Deborah Kerr and Greer Garson
Eleanor Parker and Grace Kelly
Lana Turner and Esther Williams
Greer Garson and Vivien Leigh
Norma Shearer and Judy Garland
Olivia de Havilland and Ingrid Bergman
Katharine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers


Still have misgivings about the very structure of this organization, but this list of members and of course the millions of supporters make me so hopeful for our future.

I don’t remember if I asked this but: I was watching some of the videos for The Following season 2 on their youtube channel and in one of them I couldn’t help but notice that the FBI agent looked like Deborah Parker. Is it just me? Like am I the only one who sees that? Granted, we can’t see much of her face but the woman even sounds like her. Maybe it’s just me and I’m going crazy.