Rick makes no promises and only has their name and reputation to back up their campaign.

Deborah rushed into this election, trying to be hip and cool with the younger crowd but shows no promise as a potential leader. 

Mop will end up mopping away whatever is left that’s good in the world. 

Vote Wretched Tooth, who knows how wretched this world has become and how they can gnaw our way to victory on a global scale.

Lizard Election
  • Rick: A good middle class working reptile, however covered in scandals, maybe untrustworthy
  • Mop: Cinnamon roll, trustworthy, unfit for presidency though?
  • Deborah: I feel like she's a fake ass ho you know? However she knows how to run a business
  • Wretched Tooth: Illuminati confirmed, seeks the truth, meme
  • I think wretched tooth has my vote, he keeps it real