The 7 Social Media Tips That Actually Work On Me

The 7 Social Media Tips That Actually Work On Me

by DeboraFenty, September, 25th 2017 7:32 am

For those who know me personally, has already know that I love writing. Maybe it sounds like a very easy task to do but, the truth is when you start writing you need more than skills to do it. For me, the hardest thing about writing is to let other people see my vulnerabilities.

In this kind of era, where everyone can easily judge other people by their Instagram feeds, captions and their Insta Story, it would be so hard for the millennials like you and me to be open up and shows your followers and friends that you have real flaws. 

The fear of looking bad and imagine people talk about you or laugh at you or pointing out their finger at you - These things are just nightmares. If you feel it too, we’re on the same page. 

We struggle, and then we try to survive and stay positive, we make ourselves better and requoting any quote we find reliable so we can chill and not go so hard on ourselves. But, is it enough? Could we actually do this over and over again? 

I guess if you ask me I will give you The 7 Social Media Tips That Actually Work On Me

1. Start detoxing your soul and mind by checking your following list. 

If you need a start, you should definitely do this! 

Start detoxing your soul and mind by unfollowing people that barely talk or even meet you anymore. Especially if you still have their number. Don’t be their prisoner by forced to ‘keep contact’ while they post a selfie 3 times a day, mostly upload a shaky picture that actually annoys you or worst - like they mostly share their negative thought on purpose so the whole world knows that they angry, sad or mad.  

2. Also detox your soul and mind by unfollowing any band, singers, celebrities that make you feel bad about yourself

Though you love them, learn to love yourself more. Don’t compare their page with your page. It will just drain your heart and make you feel less about your blessings.

3.  Try to mute their Insta story. ( Unfollow for Facebook)

 If you feel too harsh to actually unfollow them, ( this include some people that you barely know - or you just follow them because you felt obliged to or you will feel bad if you didn’t follow them back ) Try to mute their Insta story. 

( and unfollow: Facebook) 

 If you do this you won’t feel that bad guy by looks like you want to cut them out from your life.

4. Not checking your phone while you’re in the middle of a Quality Time

This is actually my favorite. Spent less scrolling your Instagram or checking your phone especially when you’re with your besties, family, date, or people that you try to make your time with. Because for me, being present and listen to them directly are more important rather than the importance of showing your followers friends that you had a great time with them. To post one or two videos or pictures are oke, but try to capture it and post it later. You can actually see the difference you’ll see in your relationships with the people you love.

5. Only use / check your phone when your friends, families are going to the bathroom or they ask your permission to check their first. 

for example.

If it’s urgent you can actually say

excuse me I have to reply to these messages, or I have to take these calls,

Say those words above to them rather than keep typing and pretend that you have a Multi-Tasking competence while the other person is actually talking eye to eye to you. 

Believe you me, that attitude is such a turn-off. You will lose their respect and somehow you’ll look confusing or even stupid by asking the question or even the same question that your friend/ families already told you.

6.  Don’t check your competitor! This is probably one of the best and the hardest advice to do.

I know, I know maybe you guys keep following each other on social media, but the truth is you guys know that you’re in a cold war zone with each other where you want to prove that you’re cooler than the other. - If you feel like that, my advice, STOP CHECKING THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA. Don’t hit their name if their picture shows up on your feeds, keep scrolling! Don’t stop and start opening their pictures and read their comments or counting their likes! Don’t do it!

Believe me, after a month or two you do this, you feel free - imprison! You can actually have peace and improving your life more! 

7.  Last but not least, remember! You are what you see, you are what you’re following on social media, you are what you read, and you are what you give your time for.

Hope these tips help you!

let me know if you actually do this and tell me your thoughts!