CELFIE pt. I by Dogwood

Partner in crime, Laura Reilly, and I put our heads together to go big. And what’s a better head bloat than toying with the idea of toying with  yourselfie? With Laura bringing her styling game and hella good looks to the *ahem* desk…I was able to play around with the concept with the help of a friend’s borrowed projector. After she did her makeup and I braided her hair, we shot for a couple few hours and re-emerged with these beauties. 

Minimale Animale Swimwear | Miista Shoes | Nasty Gal & Vintage Jewelry

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Floating Jewelry Lookbook / Summer 2014

Dogwood partner, Laura Reilly, and I joined forces with local designer Andrea Nyberg to help launch her new pieces for Floating Jewelry. We brought on board our “band of artists” (inside joke turned almost-serious hashtag) to hammer out the details needed to create this lookbook. 

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“…Because the thing is, being young is hard. You have your main hustle, your side hustle, maybe you’re learning sometimes and then on top of that you’ve got a reputation to uphold, a network to build, homies you’ve got to give face time to and the next thing you know it’s six in the morning and you’re nowhere near your apartment. While maybe you’ve already learned to pack sunglasses and a phone charger to soften your next-morning-struggles, I say just stop kidding yourself and bring a fucking quilt. You know its gonna be hella comfier than whatever mattress pad-less scrub’s spot you end up at anyways." 



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