Someone To Listen || Josh & Debby

Josh left the house quickly to go and meet Debby, not realising quite how much he needed to get out. But he was very slowly going out of his mind and coffee and someone to talk to would undoubtedly help. He hopped in a cab, making it there ten minutes later, and then dashed on inside, wanting to get out of the cold as soon as he could.

Finding a table wasn’t hard, it was still fairly quiet thanks to the cold weather, and after grabbing himself a large cappuccino, he sat down in the corner, shrugging his coat off.

Text || Debby
  • Georgie: Debby! Thanks for the gifts, love them! I knew you try to get something with Narnia in there :P And you know, sugar always works for me xD And for you information, no I did not forget to wear the blue dress ;) xo
Time to Smile || Debby & Georgie

Georgie secured her jacket as she walked through the city to Debby’s flat. The fact that Debby just seemed to drink her pain away didn’t sit well with her, probably due to the events these past few weeks. Skandar leaving seemed to have been harder for Debby than she ever expected… of course it would have, she had been his girlfriend after all. Sure, Georgie hadn’t really taken it well either - he was basically her brother and he had just left without a word. So in order to make Debby forget about she thought it would be fun to just hang, and bond even more over their love for cakes and everything else that contains sugar. 

When she finally arrived at Debby’s building she looked around quickly, trying to memorise it all, she hadn’t been to Debby’s flat before so it would be something new. Walking up to her door she knocked, moving away from the door a little to lean on the wall, “Open up, Debby! I want my sugar.” She grinned to herself, the way she was shouting people might suspect that she was drunk, though she really didn’t mind at all.

Midnight Waves || Josh & Debby

Debby was coming ‘round, Josh couldn’t say no to be honest. It was the middle of the night, as it always seemed to be, but he was wide awake and he could always use the company. Fable was asleep by his feet, snoring quietly, he was flicking blindly through the TV channels. There was nothing on. He sighed, switching it off, letting the screen go blank and tossing the remote down onto the couch beside him. It was a good job she was coming 'round, he didn’t cope with boredom all that well.

A Friend Indeed || Josh & Debby

The phone fell from his hand after reading the final text from Debby, a soft sigh escaping him. Yes, Josh wanted company, but he didn’t want the questions that came along with it. Thankfully Jen hadn’t stayed long, clearly too wrapped up in her boyfriend - or lack therefore of - troubles. It shouldn’t have annoyed him as much as it did, but her mind hadn’t been there at all and he had no interest in listening to her cry over someone else. Maybe it was mean, but they hadn’t been together all that long and she’d practically dumped both him and Emma when her new group of friends had come along. He found it hard to sympathise. Debby was Debby, he’d get none of that with her, maybe her being around would help.

He wasn’t entirely sure how much time passed before she got there, but when he heard the door, he got to his feet and made his way to answer it slowly. It was a few seconds before he realised the crunch he’d heard as he stood up had been him standing on his phone. He stared at it for a moment, and then shook his head, getting back to the job at hand and letting Debby in. “Hey…” he said, greeting her with the smallest of smiles. He stepped aside to let her inside, and then pushed the door closed behind her.

Nice As Pie || Josh & Debby

Kicking the oven closed, Josh let out a low whistle, eyeing up the pie in his hands. Only moments from being charred and black around the edges it definitely looked a sight. He was usually so good at this stuff, he didn’t know what had happened. Tipping the tray from side to side, a thoughtful expression on his face, he let out a sigh of frustration a second later. Things had gone a hell of a lot better last year. Did it really matter though? Last year he’d been there a mere ten days. Now he’d been in the country for over a year. He was doing it out of tradition, not out of necessity. He dropped the tray down onto the counter and raked his hands through his hair, reaching for his drink. Forget it, he thought. He was worrying over nothing and Debby had provided the apple pie after all. Speaking of Debby. With his glass in hand, he swung back into the living room and flashed her a bright grin, with then turned a little impish as he said, “Fucked it up…” He shrugged, holding his hands up in defeat. They’d been alone for ten minutes or so, Georgie having ran out to the store and to take Fable for a walk just before the redhead had arrived.

Texts || Debby
  • Josh: So I know you've done a disappearing act and that's OK, I get it. You're Debs you'll be fine. I know what it's like to want to be alone for a while too, to feel like everybody hates you. But we love you, OK, and you need to let SOMEONE know that you're alright, that you're not lying in a ditch dead somewhere. You know I'm always here if you need someone to talk to. xox