It was so exciting to be on a panel at High Times’s SoCal Cannabis Cup!! I was invited to sit on this panel by moderator Debby Goldsberry and was joined by graphic designer and edible company owner Amber Senter, Alek of SC Labs which is a marijuana testing laboratory, and author Mark Haskell Smith, who wrote Heart of Dankness and Baked. I hope to have a video of the panel up on my YouTube channel next weekend!

Good morning! It’s the final week of my “tour” and there are two cities to see me in before I head back to Oakland next Monday! Tomorrow, come into Buds and Roses in Studio City and let me be your budtender! I’ll be there 12-6, be sure you bring your medical marijuana recommendation and come say high. Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at the High Times SoCal cup, I’m not stationed at a booth though so just look for me in the crowds and say high if I pass by! Sunday at 2:30pm in the Citrus Building at the Cup I’ll be on a panel hosted by Debby Goldsberry, grab a seat and hear us explore how cannabis can enhance creativity! <- travel dates and details

Spent a couple hours with legendary activist Debby Goldsberry today, it was great to get to know her better!
I’ve heard Debby speak at Americans for Safe Access meetings and the CA NORML conference in 2013, but today I did lots of the talking, about social media and it’s potential.
Ask for help when you need it! This community is full of friendly resources, and thanks to social media many of them are very accessible!