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Celebrities: Taurus

- Channing Tatum

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 - Dwayne Johnson

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- Gigi Hadid

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- David Beckham

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- Megan Fox

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- George Clooney 

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- Debby Ryan

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- Robert Pattinson

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- Adele

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- Sam Smith

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Sherlock - The DOCTOR WHO Connection

There is a long-standing theory that there are really only 10 British actors, who consequently are in everything. To (kind of) prove this, I’m starting a new series: Sherlock - The X Connection.

First installment: Sherlock and Doctor Who

All About Taurus

Zodiac 2 of 12

Dates: April 21 - May 20

Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Nickname: “The Bull”

Color I Think Of: Gold

Planet: Venus

Ruling Body Part: Neck

Celebrities Who Share Your Sign: Debby Ryan, John Cena, Channing Tatum, Chris Brown, Dwayne Johnson

3 Positive Traits: Loyal, Independent, Caring

3 Negative Traits: Lazy, Stubborn, Persistent

Careers: architect, banker, actor/actress, professor

Most Compatible: Virgo, Cancer

Least Compatible: Sagittarius, Aquairus

Which celebrities are born in the same month as you?

January: Zayn Malik, Nina Dobrev, Cody Simpson, Dove Cameron, Calum Worthy, Naya Riviera

February: Harry Styles, Shakira, Victoria Justice, Rihanna, Emma Roberts, Ed Sheeran

March: Justin Bieber, Camilla Cabello, Becky G, Lady Gaga, Madison Beer, Adam Levine

April: Emma Watson, Peyton List, Miranda Kerr, Austin Mahone, Shay Mitchell, Channing Tatum

May: Debby Ryan, Sabrina Carpenter, Miranda Cosgrove, Robert Pattinson, Megan Fox, Adele

June: Lucy Hale, Ariana Grande, Angelina Jolie, Lana Del Rey, Lauren Jauregui, Claire Holt

July: Selena Gomez, Ally Brooke, Daniel Radcliffe, Cher Lloyd, James Maslow, Jennifer Lopez

August: Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Dylan O’Brien, Kylie Jenner, Joe Jonas

September: Zendaya, Beyonce, Cameron Dallas, Niall Horan, Logan Henderson, Hilary Duff

October: Katy Perry, Bella Thorne, Josh Hutcherson, Rowan Blanchard, Bruno Mars, Zac Efron

November: Miley Cyrus, Kendall Schmidt, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Scarlett Johansson, Laura Marano

December: Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, Bridgit Mendler, Louis Tomlinson, Ashley Benson, Ross Lynch

Survivor - Season 32, Kaôh Rōng
The Third Member of the Jury: Debbie Wanner

Oh man, I was pumped about Debbie before the game began. As soon she mentioned the Survivor contestant she was most like, I was hyped. She did not disappoint. Debbie was tons of fun to watch. From her changing chyron to her confessionals and decent head for the game, I’m glad we got to see Miss Debbie this season. Still unsure of where I stand on the vote that resulted in her blindside (good move? for who? we’ll see next week!), but I enjoyed her nonetheless.