Whatever you do, don’t think about the fact that after filming ADC was sent untold hate, telling her that people wished a character she had so carefully and lovingly created, was dead…don’t think about the fact that when she didn’t respond that hate moved on to her personally and she was then told they wished she was dead…

Don’t think about the fact that the people who consoled her did so by telling her how much they loved the character she’d created…how she was a hero to them…that she made their day (and lives) better…that she meant the world…

Don’t think about the fact that she already knew the fate of Lexa…that she would already be able to guess what that fate would mean to the people who were trying to make her feel better…that she would already know how much it would hurt them…that even though she was apparently wanting to come back next season, the powers that be said ‘no’.

No wonder ADC was so rarely on social media and Eliza seemingly spent every spare 5 minutes during filming at a ‘health retreat’…don’t even begin to imagine the emotional stress…no wonder most of the cast and some of the writers seemingly have zero fucks left to give…

DnD Session #14: Sudden Family Drama

“I’m literally only useful if you give me a head start.”

“And standing in the middle of the room is a barbed debble. Devil.”

“So it’s pretty large, but there are no pews.”
“Are there pews? Oh.”

“Do I get an attack of opportunity because it passed through my attacketyboo on its way to Balazar?”

“We’re boned; might as well punch things.”

“Okay really though, how many HP does this duck have?”

“No, we’re not fighting the evil duck of doom that has more HP than a fucking bedazzler!”

[chanting] “UP MY ASS! UP MY ASS!”

“And if you look to your right, you’ll see the GM backpedaling.”
“If you look to your right and your left, you’ll see ‘I didn’t prepare this.’”

“We’ve established that the horse is a horse.”

“Out of character-” [singing] “POLITICAL INTRIGUE”

“Do not intercept with your ass; that is not productive.”