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The One And Only // Lip Gallagher

“Ian! Get the fuck off me!” I scream as my best friend continues to tickle me. “I’m serious! I’m going to pee, get off!” I say through numerous giggles.

“Okay, okay,” He says breathlessly. “Go to the toilet. I don’t want to be peed on!” I laugh in response and head to the bathroom. I walk in and see Carl shoving his head in the toilet bowl.

“Get outta here you little rascal! Fiona’s not gonna be happy when she finds out you had your head in the toilet bowl.” I joke.

“The water got cut off and I needed to wash my hair somehow!” He grins and leaves to cause more mischief. I do my business and hurry back to Ian’s room to pay him back somehow.

“Gallagher! You little gay fuck! It’s pay back time.” I say as I storm into the Gallagher boy’s room.

“Pretty sure I’m not gay,” I hear someone say followed with a chuckle. I look up at the top bunk bed to see the one and only Phillip “Lip” Gallagher.

“Sorry Lip, you seen Ian?” I ask trying to play it cool. Right now I’m actually freaking out because I’ve had a crush on Lip ever since I can remember.

“He ran out yelling about how someone was going to get him. I think he went to Mickey’s place.” I groaned. “Oh wait! You’re the one that was going to get him.” He laughs. “Makes sense now.” Lip chuckles to himself as he jumps off the top bunk only wearing his boxers, I blush but I’m not too embarrassed. I’m used to this by now. I plop onto Ian’s bed and watch Lip get dressed in jeans and t-shirt. As creepy as that sounds I assure you it’s not.

“Coming out for a smoke?” Lip asks. I nod and follow him out of the house. I sit on the porch railing and grab a cigarette out of my pocket, Lip stands in front of me and gets a blunt out. I light mine and then use my lighter to light Lip’s. His face is quite close to mine right now, but I do not mind one bit.

“So Y/N, I was thinking.” He pauses and takes a drag. He blows the smoke out and lets the blunt hang out of his mouth. God, he looks so good right now. “I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime?” I sit there in shock.

“What? You mean, as in like a date?” I ask nervously. He nods. “Sure!” I smile and take a drag of my cigarette.

“Great, I’ll take you out later. Gotta catch up on some homework. See ya later Y/N.” He finishes his sentence by quickly pecking my cheek. I giggle and watch him walk into the house.

“Damn that was cute,” I hear a familiar voice say. I look over to spot my annoying, red-head, gay, asshole best friend.
“Oh fuck off.” I pause. “We have some unfinished business,” I smirk as Ian’s eyes widened. He quickly catches on and runs straight into the house, with me following.

**sorry it’s short, I’m tired but I still wanted to write this before I forgot the idea**


A director will always tell you, when you go in to do a scene, ‘You go as big as you want, and I’ll tell you when to come down.’ And I found that on 'Shameless,’ you can’t follow that rule because they will never tell you to come down. So, I’ve had to find my own balance with when it makes sense to get this upset or angry.


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Anniversary - Lip Gallagher Imagine

Pairing: reader x Lip Gallagher

Word count: 857

Requested: Yes!

“Can I have an imagine where the reader and lip Gallagher are married and it’s their 1 year anniversary and frank comes over and tell the reader he’s proud!”

From @trueblue80s

Warnings: Swearing, drinking etc…

A/N: Hope you like it!

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You laughed, watching your husband Lip as he span Liam around in the air like it was nothing. It was your one year anniversary and you couldn’t be happier. To celebrate the occasion, Fiona had happily held a party at the Gallagher household and invited anyone and everyone she knew. You were all surprised at how well the turn out was for the party, especially because of the now blazing snow storm that was taking place outside of the house.

You stepped into the kitchen to top up your drink, jumping in surprise when the back door slams open and Frank rushes inside of the home. “Holy shit Frank! You scared the shit out of me!” You panted, walking over to him as he patted the snow off of his shoulders. “Where’s the beer?” He began to walk around the kitchen, his eyes lighting up once they landed on an unopened 6 pack that laid behind the bread.

“Jheez Frank, nice to see you too.” You rolled your eyes, picking up a bottle and walking back into the living area. Your eyes were scanning the room, looking for your husband when you felt arms wrap around your waist. “Looking for something babe?” Lips hot breath fanned your ear as his arms tightened around  you. “The only thing I wanted I got sooo…” You dragged out with a cheeky smile, turning around in Lips arms. He stared into your eyes, his face slowly dropping the smile it was wearing. “What’s wrong?” “Frank’s in the kitchen. It’s like he only comes around when there’s free alcohol and a warm house.” You sighed, leaning into Lip’s strong shoulders. “Just ignore him, he’ll leave eventually.” “I doubt it, look outside. I may not get along all that well with the man, but there is no way I’m kicking him out into that. If he needs to stay, he’s going to.” By now most of the people attending the party had left, meaning that it was really only the Gallagher’s left in the house, and the storm was worse than ever. It was a wonder how Frank had even made it to the house in the first place.

The both of you stood in the corner, watching Fiona, Ian and Debbie bounce around with Liam and Carl, although Carl wasn’t really moving, it was just Ian stood behind him,pulling up his arms and waving them around. The both of us laughed, seeing everyone so relaxed and having a good time was a contrast to the constant trouble and stress that most of the family members usually emitted. It was a nice change to see.

You rolled your eyes as Frank stumbled into the room, his body twisting until it spots you and Lip. He begins to walk towards you with a small limp. “Y/N, Lip. I need to borrow Y/N for a minute, don’t worry, I’m not gonna kidnap her.” He speaks when Lip turns his head to look his father up and down. Lip reluctantly let go of his leash on your waist as you began to stand. ”Sure, let’s go to the kitchen.” As you followed Frank’s lead, you couldn’t help but wonder what he wanted.

“So, you’re probably wondering why I wanted to speak to you. Honestly, I just want to apologize. I know we haven;t got along too much and yes, i know that it was my fault that we didn’t. I know that I am an asshole but you were still lovely and sweet to me, no matter how much you didn’t like me. I remember there was this one time where I told you to fuck off, and all you did was smile and walk away. I also want to thank you. For everything you have done for this family, for Lip and everything you have done for me.” He laughed. “Like not kicking me out today as soon as you saw me walk through the door. Overall, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. I’ve known you since you were young, Y/N. After everything you have gone through for yourself and the people around you, I’m more proud of you than I am of some of my own kids!” He joked, at least I hope he did. “I would rather my son be with you than anyone else on this planet. Thank you Y/N.”

His words brought tears to your eyes, you had never heard this much compassion in his voice before. At least, not when he spoke to you, you hadn’t. You stood up to hug your father-in-law. “Thank you Frank.” You smiled at him when you both pulled away. “What the fuck did I miss?” You both let out a laugh, you wiping your tears away as Frank walked towards your husband with a beer. “Boy! Have a drink!” The elder cheered as he dragged Lip back over to you.

“You okay babe?” Lip looked over at you in worry, but you just smiled and nodded your head. You were okay, in fact, you were more than okay. You finally felt fully able to call yourself a Gallagher.

Shhhh: C.G**

A/N: I know I know, I said I’d do more Lip, but this one was calling my name! I’m gonna make a list soon of the imagines I’m gonna try and write so request some!
Now onto this smut…

Warning: Sexual content, swearing etc you know the go.

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Proud - Lip Gallagher

Request: Can I have an imagine where lip Gallagher is married to the reader and Frank comes over and there’s a storm and a blackout and Frank tells the reader he’s proud of her

Warnings: This is so boring.

Pairing: Lip Gallagher x Reader

Word Count: 1222

Note: I googled “what is Lip Gallagher’s middle name” and it came up with Ronan so I am using that. Also, I don’t know much about america so I am guessing.


It was 6 pm on a Saturday and you had been home all day basically just waiting for the day to be over, the worst part of the day hadn’t even happened yet, Lips dad was coming over and youse two hadn’t exactly spent any time near each other, the only time you saw Frank was when he had nowhere to stay and you had to let him sleep in you house or at family gatherings/parties. The only good thing about the day was that your husband Phillip Gallagher was now home so you could relax.

“Y/N, Where are the spare batteries?” Lip yells to you from upstairs, there was supposed to be a big storm coming tonight so he was looking for everything that youse might need.

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