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Enough Space For Everyone Else: An Anthology
An anthology of sci-fi comics/illustration/text showcasing diverse creators, characters, and tones—with no war/imperialism narratives!

The Enough Space Kickstarter is live and kicking!

While the sci-fi and space fiction genres, in theory, are about the infinite possibilities promised by outer space and the future, they have become dominated by the same imperialist tropes and narratives, about the same types of characters. Enough Space for Everyone Else aims to reclaim these genres and the notion of infinite possibility… both in what kinds of stories and whose stories can be told in these genres.

Enough Space for Everyone Else includes:

  • Cover Art by Eryn Williams
  • Art by Kodi Steffen, Claudia Rinofner, Zoe Maxine, and Elemei
  • New Comics by Megan Kearney, Alice Gao, Z Akhmetova, Kristen Gudsnuk/Benito Cereno, Niki Smith/Kori Handwerker, Anna Landin, Constanza Yovaniniz, Debbie Fong, Caitlin Major, Megan Gedris, Mari Costa, Patabot, Sigmund Reimann, Jon Vanneste, Jeff Laclede, Eryn Williams, Simon Lindenthaler, Diana Nock, Courtney Hahn, Tod Wills, VER, and Sarah Winifred Searle
  • Text Stories by TS Porter, S. Pace Smith, and Samantha Rich

If you haven’t pledged yet, now’s your chance!

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