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My middle sister moved to Rome yesterday. I am happy for her because I know she loves it and it’s good for her career, but I’m going to miss her so much. I do need some cheery stuff around, so behold The New Arcana, a whimsical take on the traditional tarot card deck by Debbie Fong at POMMO Press. This is such a beautiful, charming and fun deck that lifts up my spirits, and I think that’s the reason why it’s been such a great companion during my painful ankle days.

This is a 27 card deck, a modern twist on the major arcana cards of the tarot. Some of the cards keep the traditional names (The Chariot, The Devil, The Tower and The Moon), but as you can see, most of them have been revamped. The cards feature playful illustrations in a grey palette, and they are enclosed by a wooden frame like border. It’s important to highlight this border because in some cards it is an element of the illustration rather than a simple frame, as you can see in The Mirror and The Maze. I think this is a very clever use of the design, and something I adore. Hanging from the top border we find a banner with the number of the card, and the names on the bottom.

But the fun doesn’t stop with the brilliant play of the borders. There are some cards I like calling the “meta-cards” (or the cards about the cards) which show how much personality this deck has. This may sound repetitive so let me explain this with some examples. There is a card called “The New Arcana” which shows exactly that, the deck, and represents the present moment and the “right now”. The last card, The Credits, represents concepts like teamwork and cooperation, and includes the names of all the Kickstarter backers. This card is not as pretty as the others obviously, but I think it’s such a cute concept and I’d never take it out. And while not meta, I can’t ignore the fact that the devil of this deck is called Phillip (like Black Phillip from the movie The Witch which I loved and not only because I adore horror and Anya Taylor-Joy).

This deck comes in a custom tuck box that also holds the companion leaflet. In it, you can find that some of the associated keywords are given for interpretation, meditation and insight, while other keywords are more literal (yet super witty) and are sure to bring a smile to your face. Inside you can also find one of the extras, a diecut sticker featuring the design of The Third Eye (kitty!). The other extra is a postcard size card with elements from the deck. The cards have a matte finish which is fantastic for this colour palette, and they are flexible but durable.

The New Arcana feels playful, but also serene. It’s a great meditation tool for your moments alone, but I believe this is the kind of deck that you can share with friends for tranquil moments or not-so-serious ones. Because of the easily approachable imagery, this is a good deck for beginners; but it’s also a fantastic gift for someone who isn’t into meditation at all. So go check it out, see what other cute stuff Debbie has to offer, and maybe get your own goat pin in the meantime!
Enough Space For Everyone Else: An Anthology
An anthology of sci-fi comics/illustration/text showcasing diverse creators, characters, and tones—with no war/imperialism narratives!

The Enough Space Kickstarter is live and kicking!

While the sci-fi and space fiction genres, in theory, are about the infinite possibilities promised by outer space and the future, they have become dominated by the same imperialist tropes and narratives, about the same types of characters. Enough Space for Everyone Else aims to reclaim these genres and the notion of infinite possibility… both in what kinds of stories and whose stories can be told in these genres.

Enough Space for Everyone Else includes:

  • Cover Art by Eryn Williams
  • Art by Kodi Steffen, Claudia Rinofner, Zoe Maxine, and Elemei
  • New Comics by Megan Kearney, Alice Gao, Z Akhmetova, Kristen Gudsnuk/Benito Cereno, Niki Smith/Kori Handwerker, Anna Landin, Constanza Yovaniniz, Debbie Fong, Caitlin Major, Megan Gedris, Mari Costa, Patabot, Sigmund Reimann, Jon Vanneste, Jeff Laclede, Eryn Williams, Simon Lindenthaler, Diana Nock, Courtney Hahn, Tod Wills, VER, and Sarah Winifred Searle
  • Text Stories by TS Porter, S. Pace Smith, and Samantha Rich

If you haven’t pledged yet, now’s your chance!

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