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I’m confused.

Apparently, everyone in the tags are saying that Pokespe’s anniversary is on March 3 (Yellow’s birthday). But iirc, it’s supposedly August 8 (also Red’s birthday), because that’s the date the first volume is released in Japan.

So uh, clarify me on this? What exactly happened on March 3, making it Pokespe’s anniversary?

Silly Speculation

Okay, I don’t have much to support this, but wouldn’t it be interesting if in Rocknaldo Steven was to get a homeworld gem

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to talk to our exaggerated conspiracy theorist?

Peridot is learning about earth and doesn’t quite understand much about humans yet and Ronaldo still doesn’t know a lot about gems, but still has a small decent amount to get a debate going.

Not saying it will happen, but it would be interesting to see. 

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Sorry for the sarcastic messages. I've been feeling extra petty and salty lately and I need to let it out lol. I made the mistake of getting into a debate with someone who insisted Rey/Kylo were cousins and that romance would "cheapen" their connection. I'm cool with ppl having their own theories, but I'd be lying if I said that I'm not tired of seeing the word "cousins" every time Reylo comes up. The wait for December is killing me tbh. I want to be free of this painnnnn!!!

LMFAO no need to be sorry dude they were mighty entertaining

“CHEAPEN” goodness fucking gracious sorry i think they mean “ROMANTICIZE” or perhaps “MAKE REALLY NEAT” 

honestly i just i can’t help but think of “cousins” as suck a fucking joke by now. once when i was at denver comic con last year a guy in tf2 cosplay screamed “kissing cousins” at me as rey and a kylo cosplayer and i just busted out laughing it was so fucking funny???? like we weren’t even doing anything we literally were just walking next to each other

i feel you tho, i too am Being Torn Apart

okay like I have a really difficult time understanding why people find Chaol’s character to be interesting /at all/. I find him to be so annoying because he’s like that moderate liberal white boy who thinks women should be allowed to have abortions but also wants a wife who stays home in the kitchen. Where she belongs. He’s like, a total Dean from Gilmore Girls. He’s /so/ convinced that he’s a nice guy who knows what the right thing to do is all the time. 

Like even in Tog and CoM he’s that textbook guard character who is bound by some unrealistic sense of honor and duty and thinks he understands the ins and outs of morality. But of course that honor doesn’t allow for things driven by emotion. That honor doesn’t allow for survival unless it plays by his rules. That honor doesn’t allow for power in the hands of women. And that honor doesn’t allow for killing those who have wronged you. Chaol is like…the least likely character to succeed in a zombie apocalypse. He holds everyone to some moral code, and damns them when they don’t live up to it (he does this with Celaena in CoM and basically all of QoS). Inflexible morality and honor inevitably leads to problems because it doesn’t allow for understanding of emotional conflicts, nor does it allow for forgiveness when those emotions drive people to do bad things. Chaol damns Celaena for killing Nehemia’s murderers. Rowan just accepts it and is like “good.” Chaol thinks Aelin’s power makes her a monster. He thinks less of her because she is fae. Rowan is like “okay you’re fae. whatever. show me what you’ve got.” Rowan is infinitely more interesting than Chaol, as a love interest, and a man, because where Chaol’s sense of honor is based on some hard lined Moral Code™, Rowan’s sense of honor is based on protecting those close to him. Once he claims Aelin, its clear that his moral compass now has one direction: protect and help and love and serve Aelin Galathynius to the best of my abilities, and the rest of the world be damned. Chaol’s love for Aelin is bound by his inability to reconcile her past as an assassin and her fae heritage with his immovable and someone flawed moral code. 

In the end, it becomes clear that Chaol is just pissed that Aelin is so much more than he is. Greater than anything he will ever be. Rather than supporting her and attempting to help her, he pushes her away, damning her for not fitting into his carefully crafted view of the way humans are supposed to act. 

Maybe some ppl like Chaol and his sense of honor, but I’ve read enough books on medieval chivalry to know that that bullshit ain’t for me. 


endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.

Why is it so hard to admit that, in the beginning, Viktor didn’t speak or understand Japanese? I see headcanons that he learned Japanese after the party where Yuuri stripped, but it’s so easy in theory. It’s not like Viktor had literally nothing to do and just focused all his time on Japanese. Japanese is hard, gotta break it to you.

Not to mention how a lot of fans think the people in Hasetsu don’t speak English because they’re a remote village, but this random fisherman gave Yuri instructions in English, otherwise he wouldn’t have understood.

I’m sure Viktor understands more Japanese now, as Yuuri speaks some Russian words himself. It was confirmed that they all speak English with each other and it’s said in a Crunchyroll article that Viktor can’t speak Japanese. Also maybe we shouldn’t underestimate the people of Hasetsu seeing how tourism is probably their biggest revenue.

i wasnt ‘born ready’ but nazi science has solved that problem for me

So much of the media discussion of Trump’s Muslim ban, both in US and international media, centers around issues of terrorism: offering statistics about the infinitesimal number of refugees who are involved in terrorist activity, and decrying the ban as something that’s likely to increase the numbers of people joining ISIS and other terrorist organizations. And all of that is true, and it’s important to call out Trump’s false claims. But here’s the thing. I think most of the media is missing the actual point of the Muslim ban.

It’s not about terrorism. It never has been. By allowing the narrative to be framed that way, even in our critiques of Trump, we’re conceding a vital point. We’re buying in to the narrative that this is about terrorism, and that we’re simply debating the proper response to it. It paints a picture in which protestors and liberal media outlets are unhappy with Trump’s response to the issue.

But that’s not it at all.

The truth is we’ve seen this before. A ban on people entering the country, based on religion and / or ethnicity, is the first step. Next will come the Muslim registry. There will be a quiet purging of all Muslim employees from government jobs. Persons listed in the Muslim registry will be monitored by police “for the protection of the public.” Discrimination in hiring practices in private companies will become first legal, then actively encouraged. Muslims will be first encouraged, then coerced, and finally forced to move into segregated areas, or perhaps into protected camps or detainment facilities. People will start disappearing.

That’s what this is about. The ban is about taking that first step. Talking about terrorism only serves to lend legitimacy to Trump’s claims that this is the primary issue. But it’s not. The issue here is a white supremacist administration that actively wants to purge undesirables.

Your weekly reminder that:

  • Victor Nikiforov’s name is officially spelled with a C as decided by the show’s writers
  • The YOI Wikia is WRONG, they know it and they refuse to correct their mistake, therefore invalidating their role as a source of objective, factual information. If they can’t even get a main character’s name spelled correctly, then none of their information can be considered reliable because who knows what else they changed just because the admins wanted.
  • If you write it with a K because “that’s more correct in Russian”, I hope you also write Atabek Altyn, Yuriy Plisetsky (or Yuri Plisetski) and Akuseeru, Ruuppu and Ruutsu Nishigoori, because those are more accurate and correct spellings in relation to those characters’ countries of origin, and if you don’t use those spellings, then you don’t care about being “culturally appropriate” and are just being stupid :D

If you spell it with a K for aesthetics… I mean that’s your prerrogative and I’m not gonna bitch at you for it but I’ll also never undestand why

As much as I am grateful to have finally gotten Ymir’s backstory, there’s still something that’s got me curious and I can’t let go of: her titan form. Many people have noted her resemblance to the devil figure in the myth, both seen in Frieda’s book and the one Grisha’s father had.

I can’t readily brush this off as a coincidence. There was so much focus on her speculated relation to Ymir Fritz that her resemblance to the devil here got put on the back-burner. 

There’s another peculiar matter that once received plenty of attention in the past: her resemblance to the titans of Zeke, Grisha, and Eren.

Now we know Zeke is indeed closely related to Grisha and Eren, and for the longest time I thought Ymir would also have some relation to the Jaegers, if distant. But there hasn’t been any blatant evidence pointing to that lately. She never knew what her family name was, which at least opens up that possibility. 

Now, I have an absurd idea on how both these points relate: Ymir, Grisha, Zeke, and Eren are all direct descendants of the devil – the one from the legend of Ymir Fritz.

That isn’t to say all these characters are meant to be evil or something simple like that. After all, there is no absolute good or evil in this story. It’s more about their tendency to upset the status quo and act as keys to the story. At face value, that doesn’t have a direct relation to the role of the devil, but it takes some explaining. 

I had been thinking of this particular interview with Isayama, where he referenced the epic poem Paradise Lost when discussing the role of the Colossal Titan as the God of the SnK world. Living in heaven meant perpetual happiness, but was also considered living as a slave to God. It’s clear how this notion relates to the SnK world: the people in the walls live contently in their own world, but it’s not something to be celebrated. The narrative frames that complacency in a negative light. Eren infamously referred to this style of living as being the same as cattle. They are ruled by the titans. The Colossal Titan isn’t the only godlike being – the 145th Fritz King is called that in story by Rod Reiss, along with any of the royals who held the Progenitor’s power over the years. Everyone’s freedom was restricted because the king chose not to fight and hid away in his own utopia, where he took the people’s memories…on an island called Paradis.

In the same interview, Isayama stated that those who chose to go outside the safety of the walls are the ones who have chosen freedom. They go into hell willingly rather than being confined to the king’s bastardized version of heaven. In Paradise Lost, those that chose the freedom of hell were called devils. From this perspective, being called a devil means you’re willing to fight rather than be complacent with the unjust world. They are the ones who initiate drastic change, even if it means causing chaos. 

With that in mind, being a direct descendant of the devil symbolizes that ideology. The likes of Zeke, Grisha, Eren, and Ymir all act(ed) as keys which resulted in significant changes affecting the direction of the story. That isn’t to say they are the only ones that have done so, but this is specifically about them and their relation to the devil. Whatever that devil was, anyway.

Change isn’t always great, though. The devil in the legend gave Ymir Fritz the power to turn into a titan, and everyone of the same race as her had their biology altered to be able to do the same. After her death, the ensuing chaos for nearly 2000 years using that power was hardly anything good. 

For that reason, Zeke is an interesting case. He isn’t on the side of the protagonists, so he isn’t fighting for their freedom. However, he is furious about the way of life in the walls that the king dictated. He, too, doesn’t approve of the king’s ideology to hide away from the world in a so-called utopia. There’s only disdain for those he perceives as being unimaginative and unchanging in their ways.

He’s at a crossroads of sorts, because he would be a direct descendant of both the devil and the Fritz line. The former represents chaos and change, while the latter is order and stagnation. Both of those can be for better or for worse, as seen with the king’s way of living in peace. Zeke’s got the chaotic part down, but he has no desire the help the Eldians. He’s gone with the Marleyan belief that these people must be wiped out. Even the 145th Fritz king believed his own people deserved to perish. 

I’m personally a big supporter of the idea that Zeke will eventually help out Eren to use the coordinate, and recognize that his disdain for all Eldians is flawed. He wants to end the cursed history, but his way of doing so would only perpetuate the cycle of violence and revenge that’s been happening since the death of Ymir Fritz. 

There’s also something amusing about Ymir, a descendant of the devil, falling in love with Historia, a descendant of the Fritz (I’m going back to the idea that Reiss = Fritz). Two bloodlines that symbolize completely different ideologies. The world is funny that way.

kinda like really super fucked up that its 2017, 72 years after the end of the Second World War, and we’re literally having to create anti-nazi messages to combat the resurgence of fascist propoganda, and also it’s really super fucked up that even with context like the Second World War, i actually have to read with my own two eyes, people in 2017 saying that punching a nazi in the face makes you no better than a nazi


I’m only a man with a candle to guide me,
I’m taking a stand to escape what’s inside me.


The Lords × Major Arcana | Second Part

I. The Magician wills with bolts of fire
XII. Hanged Man bows to heaven’s laws
V. Hierophant
blesses the narrow ways
XVIII. The Moon
warns of the dangerous sea
VIII. Strength of faith shuts savage jaws
XIV. Temperance blends and finds true worth

Friend, Rose is literally the only companion who fits that, and then only if you think quirky applies to her particularly (I wouldn’t say so).

Actually, nevermind, she doesn’t, either. She’s nineteen. None of them fit it.