INTJ paradox

INTJ: Is open to many ideas, perspectives and opinions. We are generally pragmatic people and will listen to ideas no matter how crazy. We trust that our Ni will sort it out and we will have the answer to why we do or do not like something, but we don’t decide before we get all the facts.

also INTJ: Will fight for their own opinions tooth and nail, because we have looked at every aspect and know we are right. If a person doesn’t know WHY they support something they aren’t worth listening to. Call back later when you actually have an argument to propose, not just emotion based ramblings. Doesn’t trust anyone unless they are well educated about the field in which they are discussing, even if we are not.

Era una persona muy paciente, tranquila. Siempre se mantenía lejos de la polémica, las discusiones, los debates, la controversia.
Simplemente no era lo suyo.
Cuando alguien tenía una opinión diferente, podía aceptarla con tranquilidad sin sentir la necesidad de compartir la suya ni mucho menos imponerla. De hecho, muy pocos habían escuchado su opinión con respecto a algo, o a alguien, cualquier cosa.
En el amor era igual. Muy complaciente (a veces excesivamente), evitaba los altercados a toda costa, incluso cuando tenía razón, y siempre terminaba disculpándose antes de tiempo, aunque no hubiera cometido ningún error.
Siempre cedía, hasta en las cosas más sencillas: “Quiero comer pizza hoy, decía, pero yo quiero hamburguesa, le decían, está bien, hamburguesa está bien, cedía”.
“Quiero ir a cine hoy, decía, pero yo quiero salir a bailar, le decían, está bien, bailar está bien, cedía”.
Y así con todo, hasta que un día le pidieron que cambiara de personalidad, de pasiones, de reacciones, de pensamientos, de sentimientos, de pasatiempos…
Y lo intentó. De verdad lo intentó, pero dejó de ser.
Y perderse a uno mismo es peor que perder la vida.
Entonces aprendió. 
Aprendió que hay que ceder lo necesario, sí, pero no lo suficiente como para matar nuestras fibras vitales, nuestra esencia, lo que nos hace ser quienes somos. Eso también es suicidarse.
Y lo más cruel de suicidarse en vida es seguir viviendo.
—  Psicotinta.
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Petition for public debates - please sign and share! 

Debates (and the fact checking and post-debate discussions) are an important part of the democratic process and one candidate should not get to decide that she wants to deprive the electorate of this public service, especially when she’s the one who has called the election.

Hillary Clinton may be the most prepared and polished but she still lets me down when it matters most. This debate was nothing like the Republican debates. It was civilized, constructive, and substantive. In the Republican debates every extremely hateful -ism (racism, sexism, etc) and phobia is rewarded while real issues remain unchallenged. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton agree on a on a lot of things but where they fundamentally disagree is where it absolutely matters the most. She fought Bernie about breaking down financial institutions that aim to do harm to Americans, she refused to say ‎”Black Lives Matter”‬ while Bernie both emphatically stated “Black Lives Matter” while saying Sandra Bland’s name on stage. If you’re going to call yourself a feminist you have to stand with ALL women, not just white women, and, there is a hell of a lot more to being a feminist than even just that. She refused to acknowledge that capitalism only works through the exploitation of minorities and she laughed off the view that healthcare and a college education is a basic human right. She’s not the president we need. Nor is she the president we deserve. We need a lot more than white feminism and half assed policies lacking accountability. We need a complete dismantling of our current political system. We need Bernie Sanders.