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Donald Trump’s grotesque abortion horror story is as offensive as it is misleading

After Clinton emphasized her firm support of Roe V Wade, Donald Trump used his speaking time to elaborate on a gruesome — and grossly misleading — description of abortion. Clinton called out his scare rhetoric and stood up for women’s rights. Of course, at one time, Trump would agree.

A reminder that “sidewalk counselors” do not know you or anything about you, aside from the fact that you’re pregnant. They will not have to live with the consequences of that pregnancy, and honestly, they don’t care if you do. 

Sidewalk counselors do not care about you. Never. Ever. They care about convincing you that you don’t have certain rights. 

Life is Pointlessly Pointless.

Eat, sleep, procreate, die. That’s all that matters. Humans have overstayed their welcome on this planet and I think it’s just time to fuck off. We try so hard to create meaning for our existence. We try to find love, find a job, or a hobby to add meaning to our pointless lives. Everything just ends up the same though…disappointing. We constantly venture life looking for “happiness”. A romanticized concept that humans created to help us move along. Happiness is nothing more than an artificial mindset that we are sucked into because we are too simple to understand why we exist in the first place. I never understood how people find joy in art, music, movies, their job, school, relationships, etc. All of this pointless shit we get involved in to add “joy” or “meaning” to our lives is a waste. We are prolonging our ultimate goal. Death. From the moment we are born we begin to grow so we can fulfill our biological functions, then we slowly decay. As it should be. I care less about how people have “found what they were meant to do”, “found that special someone”, or “Have found true happiness” whatever the fuck that means. Trust me you’ll be “happier” if you just accept that you are one in a million. Nobody special. Who is only wasting their time and energy on pointless deeds that will just go to waste when this pitiful planet is sucked into the sun or a great war breaks out, demonstrating that the only end goal is death and destruction. So go on enjoy life. Have fun. Carpe Diem till your hearts content. I’ll be waiting in Hell to tell you “I told you so.”

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How the Houses would React to:

SUDDENLY DEVELOPING SUPERPOWERS (ya know, aside from magic)


Gryffindor: Really into it, has been waiting for this day all their life.

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Hufflepuff: Feels a great duty to use their powers for good

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Ravenclaw: Struggles with the work-superwork-life balance

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Slytherin: Debates between altruism and what would be best for themselves


Please fire me. I am a paralegal, and one of the basic pieces of information we need from new clients for legal purposes is their date of birth. Usually, we simply allow them to write down said information on an intake form.

Today, I discovered that one of my clients listed their DOB as “12/31/15.”

I guess the unborn ARE entitled to legal representation, after all.

“You’re–God, You’re just–You’re just such an Idiot Shittykawa.” 

“I love you as well, Iwa-chan.”