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As long as he’s alive, a picture of you is a picture of Kai. You’re tied to him. You’ll always be seen as his victim. Well, we just have to expand people’s imaginations. This debate with senator Jackson, this is your chance. He’s gonna come at ya hard. This is your only shot for the public to see you take that motherfucker down. Then we better give them a show.

I am surprised that the words of Coretta Scott King are not suitable for debate in the United States Senate.
—  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who was rebuked by the Senate for quoting Coretta Scott King’s words criticizing Senator Jeff Sessions when he was considered for a federal judgeship in 1984. Sessions is now being considered for Attorney General.

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It was my birthday yesterday, and I was wondering if you would be willing to part with a snippet from early in Anabasis? No pressure at all if not. (Thank you either way)

Hey anon, sorry for the delay in replying. And happy belated birthday!

Early Anabasis, huh. Okay. I can definitely do that, though I warn you: this story is so long and I’ve been writing it over such a period of time that I already know I’m going to probably end up making a lot of changes (and possibly significant changes) to the early chapters especially. But what I’m posting here hasn’t seen those edits yet. So, some Early Installment Weirdness is probably to be expected.

Then again, diving back into the early chapters reminded me just how much fun philosophical debates between Obi-Wan and Padmé are to write. Obviously I need to revisit this more in later chapters.

This snippet is from very early on in the story (the earliest bit I’ve ever posted, actually), well before Anakin’s deposition or even the discovery of what his detonator actually was. At this point, even Padmé knows very little about him.

Immediately before this, Padmé and Sabé paid a visit to Anakin’s cell, along with most of the Jedi Council.

“Senator, I think you do very unwisely in this,” Obi-Wan said, his voice pitched low to avoid the ears of civilian construction workers and the few Jedi who passed them in the Temple halls. Sabé followed behind them, a silent shadow. “A Sith Lord is hardly trustworthy, and this one is his master’s apprentice.”

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Okay so I may have spent the greater part of the day thinking about this instead of studying but like image:

The Skywalker twins are born earlier in the war & despite the fact that they are all deeply involved in the war Padme + Anakin + Obi Wan (because lets be real he’s parent #3) decide they are going to use paid babysitters as little as possible and have the twins with them as much as possible.

It becomes quickly (and semi-reluctantly) accepted by everyone that Padme and Obi Wan will have a twin or two swaddled against their chests during meetings.

Padme debates policies on the Senate floor with Luke asleep in a sling.

Obi Wan helps organize troop movements with Leia held in one arm, the other hand and just a touch of the Force to keep her entertained.

Anakin quickly masters the art of moving around ships to repair/enhance with  Leia strapped to his chest and Luke his back.

It becomes a common sight to see Ahsoka walking through the halls of the Jedi Temple or the Senate Building with one of the children taking them to one of their parents because “Obi Wan was helping teach the younglings and they got fussy” or “Anakin and I have been sent on an impromptu mission and he’s finishing preparations”.

R2-D2 learns that if you rock the carrier they are in the human infants will stop its screeching.

Half the clones have at some point one of them unceremoniously shoved into their hands with the order of “keep them safe and get them out of here” because a situation has suddenly and unexpectedly erupted into violence and their parent/s are about to run into the fray.

Bail Organa has a small supply of baby toys/a spare set of clothes in his office for occasions where something has come up and Padme needs to go NOW and “would you mind? Just until Obi Wan can get here from the temple?”

There are even times where Mace ends up with one of them in his custody. He spends the time informing them of all the traits of their parents they are not to inherit, starting with “having children with Senators in the middle of a war”

I think I could go on forever but just the Skywalker twins ending up with like 100 unintentional non-blood aunt/uncles because there is a war going on & their parents are determined to use as little hired help as possible (so instead all their friends end up being roped into it)

listen okay no les mis headcanon is ever, EVER gonna make me smile as much as the “leslie knope is enjolras’ mom” i dont care how cracky it sounds i dont give a shit i just want, a nice fic, where he brings grantaire home back to meet the parents and its full of LOVE and LAUGHTER because he was raised by leslie knope and ben wyatt okay?? like the minute they step thru that door enjolras is in his passionate Yelling About A Cause Mode™ discussing, grantaire isnt sure what because they keep yelling over each other, with his mother, and ben is summoned by the sound of his SON and his WIFE debating,,, something about the senate, he doesn’t know either, but he’s like oh hey hi, hi you must be grantaire, enjolras, enjolras, ENJOLRAS, care to introduce us, and enjolras is blushing and hes like, oh my god yeah grantaire this is my mother leslie and my father ben, guys this is grantaire, hes great and i love him, and im JUST VERY EMOTIONAL ABOUT THIS

Republican senators’ fear is the only thing that will defeat this bill — and their fear is dependent on the volume and intensity of opposition. The whole point of Mitch McConnell’s strategy of writing the bill in secret and then quickly pushing it through is to minimize public attention and opposition. There are senators who right now are what we might consider “worried maybe” votes — they’ll vote yes if the risks don’t seem too great, but they could bail out if they can be made to fear a public backlash. Senators like Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia know that their states will be absolutely brutalized by this bill, but as of yet they haven’t been convinced that their constituents know that.

There are now 10 Republican senators who have either said they oppose the bill “in this form” — which means they could switch to support once some changes are made — or have publicly expressed their doubts about the bill without saying they oppose it. Today, Republicans released a revised bill addressing some of their concerns; it includes a provision locking people out of coverage for six months if they go without insurance temporarily, which is supposed to accomplish the same goal as the individual mandate. But the bill’s essence remains the same. Only if media attention to the bill’s horrors increases, and if the calls pour in to their offices, will they decide that the risks to themselves are too great.


There could be a tipping point at which Republicans start abandoning the bill en masse — but we aren’t nearly there. With a 52-48 majority, McConnell can only lose two votes on this bill, and he has probably already granted one to Heller, giving him permission to vote “no” in order to save his own skin. But if pressure increases and two more senators look like hard “no” votes, then you’ll probably see lots of senators abandon it, not wanting to be associated with something that was not only so substantively awful but also carries the stench of defeat. That will only happen, though, if they’re sure that the bill is headed for defeat. And that in turn depends on activists and constituents raising the stakes high enough to make supporting the bill seem incredibly dangerous.


It’s possible that the release of the CBO score of the bill — which could come as early as this afternoon — will be the event that focuses everyone’s attention on the bill’s consequences and elevates the volume of the debate to the point where senators can’t avoid the consequences of their decision. But that will only happen if those consequences are made undeniably clear to them.
Missouri Women Could Soon Be Disqualified From Jobs Based On Reproductive Decisions
Legislators aim to undo an ordinance that prevents discrimination in jobs and housing.

Lawmakers in the Missouri Senate spent more than 10 hours in a closed-door special session last week to push through Senate Bill 5, a wide-reaching anti-abortion measure that—among other things—would roll back anti-discrimination protections for women in one of that state’s major cities.
The legislation would undo a relatively recent St. Louis ordinance that prohibits potential employers and landlords from discriminating against women based on their reproductive health history. In other words, if they’ve had an abortion. Or have used birth control. Or if they are pregnant.
'Supergirl' Boss Reveals Timely Finale Title

Supergirl has found a fitting finale title after a season that has tackled themes of diversity, immigration, hatred, LGBTQ, and much more.

EW can exclusively reveal that the season finale will be titled “Nevertheless, She Persisted,” per executive producer Andrew Kreisberg.

The title is inspired by Senator Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to be silenced during the debate to confirm Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Warren spoke out against him, reading a letter by Coretta Scott King, during which she was interrupted several times before a vote was called to effectively silence her.

After the incident, Senator Mitch McConnell said, “Senator Warren was giving a lengthy speech. She had appeared to violate the rule. She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Much more than just becoming a meme online, it became a rallying cry about women’s ability to break barriers if they persist, which seems apropos for what’s ahead for Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) in the finale.

Not only is Daxamite Queen Rhea (Teri Hatcher) planning something nefarious in retaliation for losing her son, Mon-El (Chris Wood), but anti-alien group Cadmus is still lurking in the shadows, while Kryptonian villain Zod (Mark Gibbon) is also expected to appear. Good thing Kara will have extra help on hand with the returns of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) in the season ender!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The finale will air May 22.

Things that happened during Andrew Jackson’s presidencies:
  • At Jackson’s inauguration, Francis Scott Key yelled, “It is beautiful! It is sublime!” (He was talking about Jackson).
  • After the inauguration, a large mob followed Jackson back to the White House, all crammed themselves through the doors and drank all of the alcoholic punch; this of course caused all the party goers to get drunk, trash the downstairs and Jackson’s aides had to make a protective ring around him. The quick thinking slaves of the White House then grabbed all of the punch and moved it onto the White House lawn and there were still people lying hungover all over the green when morning broke.
  • All them cabinet sexual scandals *sips tea*.
  • Floride Calhoun not returning Margaret Eaton’s call at her home because “I ain’t gonna talk to no hoes.” and furthering the already growing sex scandal.
  • Jackson suffering from hemorages and never calling for a doctor and just sticking his own penknife into his arm and bleeding himself.
  • Everyone starting a rumor that “the soft hand of Mr. Van Buren touched [secretary of war’s wife] Mrs. Eaton’s knocker.”
  • Jackson telling his cabinet “Gentlemen, do what you please in my house, I am going to church.”
  • Jackson calling everyone who supported Clay “minions”.
  • At a hotel one morning after a big party hosted by the British minister, Margaret Eaton brushed past the minister the night prior, pretendinh not to know him and he remarked at the table “she had already forgotten the time when I slept with her.”
  • The postmaster of Albany, New York, War of 1812 veteran General Solomon Van Rensselaer was going to be fired and to save his job Van Rensselaer showed up at the White House and went directly up to Jackson. He pleaded not to be fired and Jackson said another. Van Rensselaer grew even more desparate and began striping off all of his clothes  and Jackson yelled at him. Van Rensselaer, nearly naked said, “Well, sir, I am going to show you my wounds, which I received in fighting for my country against the English!”. Jackson actually started crying as a journalist noted and the next day in the cabinet when the moved to vote on firing the veteran, Jackson flung his pipe away and yelled at them all. Van Rensselaer wasn’t fired.
  • The White House butler, Jimmy O’Neal being a drink and one time when Jimmy didn’t answer his calling, Jackson said, “Where can Jimmy be?” “Drunk most likely” was what his nephew responded.
  • First Lady take over (because Rachel Jackson died) Emily Donelson giving birth a second child, first daughter Mary Rachel in the White House and Jackson calling her “the Sushine of the White House.”
  • At a dinner given by Martin Van Buren, he went downstairs to take a nap but shot awake from he was told there was a fight upstairs. The fight was between the wife of the secretary of war and the wife of the commanding general of the U.S. Army–all because they had bumped into each other.
  • When Mary Rachel was baptized in the blue room, her godparents (one of whom was Van Buren) were supposed to repeat a prayer but the godmother and himself did not have the chance to answer but Jackson jumped in and interrupted them by saying the words even if he had no speaking part in the ceromony.
  • On a ride with Van Buren, Jackson’s horse slipped and Van Buren quickly grabbed his the bridle of his horse and Jackson then shouted, “You have possibly saved my life, sir!”. Moments earlier, Van Buren was about to announce his resignation as Secretary of State.
  • At the cabinet break up, the former secretary of treasury and war (Eaton and Ingham) almost got into a duel and Eaton rose up a group that kept chasing Ingham around Washington trying to kill him.
  • “The Bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me, but I will kill it.”
  • Jackson being called King Andrew the First by his enemies/opposers.
  • Wednesday, May 1st, 1833, Jackson observed in a letter that “the tariff was only the pretext, and disunion and southern confederacy the real object. The next pretext will be the negro, or slavery questions.” Six days later, the president named a new postmaster for New Salem, Illinois, a twenty-four year old lawyer who was a Clay man–and Abraham Lincoln was happy to accept the appointment.
  • Monday, May 6th, 1833, the presidential party was on a steamboat to Virginia, when a former navy officer, Robert B. Randolph, came through the crowd aboard the vessel. Randolph leaped at the president to attack him buy Andrew Donelson lunged at Jackson  and two others tackled the guy to the ground. Jackson’s face wad bloodied and everyone was in horror at what had happened–Jackson simply pretended it never happened.
  • Parents in the Northeast would bring up the name Andrew Jackson when their children misbehaved. According to a New England Sunday school teacher, she asked a student who killed Abel. A boy students rose from his desk and answered “General Jackson.”
  • Someone drew a political cartoon of Henry Claw sewing Andre Jackson’s mouth shut and his knee his holding him down on his crotch.
  • Jackson’s house burning down and him asking if the china was okay.
  • January 30th, 1835, Jackson was walking out of a funeral in the House Chamber for congressman Warren R. Davis of North Carolina. He was with the secretary of treasury and navy when all the sudden a figure emerged from the crowd producing a gun, standing less than ten feet from Jackson he shot off the gun but to his shock it misfired. The derranged man then ripped out another gun but this also misfired. Jackson then lunged forward, barring his cane and landed upon the man, beating him into the ground with his cane. He never stopped, he actually had to be pulled off of the injured man. The chance of two guns misfiring without any damage is 125,000 to one. Even bullets are scared of him.
  • Christmas 1835, Martin Van Buren lost a game of tag with Jackson’s grandchildren and was forced to stand on one leg and say: “Here I stand all ragged and dirty, if you don’t kiss me I’ll run like a turkey!” No one kissed him and the now vice president was forced to strut around the room like the bird to everyone’s laughter at the dinner table.
  • Jackson dreamed of Emily Donelson’s death the night that it happened–she was only twenty-nine and her husband was a day away, traveling home.

Elizabeth Warren’s epic takedowns

She did it again. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has often energized her liberal base with her take-no-prisoners attitude, found herself in a familiar position on the Senate floor Tuesday: fighting back against congressional Republicans. Tuesday night was one of many instances Warren went toe-to-toe with the powerful. Here are some of her best takedowns, starting with last night’s confrontation:

Opposing Jeff Sessions

While debating the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Warren read a scathing 1986 letter from civil rights icon Coretta Scott King opposing Sessions as a potential federal judge. In the letter, King called Sessions’ attempts to intimidate elderly black voters “reprehensible.” Warren read until Majority Leader Mitch McConnell silenced her for “impugning” Sessions’ motives.

While Warren was forced to take her seat, she did not go quietly. “I am surprised the words of Coretta Scott King are not suitable for debate in the United States Senate,” she said before the Senate ruled against her. Warren read the entire letter on Facebook live outside the Senate, and the hashtag #LetLizSpeak immediately spread on Twitter. McConnell inadvertently did Democrats a favor by interrupting, galvanizing Warren’s supporters and letting the letter dominate headlines before Sessions’ confirmation vote, especially now that fellow Democratic senators are picking up where Warren left off.

(Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)

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Feel free to ignore this, especially if you're busy, but I really love your Senator!Skywalker fics! So I was wondering what they do about the media and how Obi-Wan takes it when he finds out that they're focused on him? Thank you! Ps- I adore your blog, it's amazing and you are such a good writer. I enjoy all of your stories!

“…Song bird?

“Yeah I don’t know why they are calling you that Obi-Wan.” Anakin sighed, running his fingers through his curls in annoyance as the other stared at the news feed of him and Anakin dancing. “Much less my song bird.”

“You did help me. I guess that might be it.” Obi-Wan shrugged slightly, gnawing on his bottom lip. “What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing unless you want to. I need to give a statement to the media about you though. About what…about this.” Anakin gestured to them dancing.

Green eyes blinked in confusion at him and Anakin sighed. “They seem to think we are…involved. As if I would do that to you when you’re just now getting comfortable.” He flopped back in his seat, rubbing back his hair.

“They think we’re…fucking?” Obi-Wan asked quietly and Anakin hesitated, a few of the rumors floated indicated that was exactly what some where thinking by now. He nodded.

Obi-Wan sighed quietly. “I imagine they’re quite malicious those rumors, considering you’re fighting against slavery and I’m a former slave.” Very reluctantly Anakin nodded again. “If I…spoke to the media, would they be…easier on you? Would it steam the rumors?”

“Some people will always believe in them Obi-Wan.” Anakin put his hands on the others wrist. “You don’t have to do anything.”

“But I could ally some of these rumors, couldn’t I?” Green eyes peered at him and Anakin felt his heart stutter. He didn’t want to put the others recovery back damn it! Obi-Wan was only now starting to meet his eye and didn’t refer to him as sir all the time.

“You…would.” He reluctantly confessed.

“Okay then.”


“Well…color me impressed.” Padme whispered quietly to Anakin as they watched Obi-Wan answer questions.

So far the man was handling the media rather well, answering honestly to each of the holoshills though sometimes flinching a bit at personal questions. But he had a soft voice for them tinged with his Coruscantian accent and softer smile.

“I still don’t like this.” Anakin sighed to her. Obi-Wan had asked him to stay back while he answered whatever questions the media had of him and Anakin understood why but damn it he did not LIKE it.

So far Obi-Wan had however been good, only flinching at some questioning about his life at the Jedi temple and the attack that lead to him being a slave in the first place.

“Is it true you were a sex slave?”

Anakin’s neck snapped with the speed he turned his head towards the journalists, a fearsome glare on his face but he couldn’t identify who had said it as the whole room quieted down. So help him to honest moon goddesse-

But to his surprise Obi-Wan only looked confused by the question. “Yes, I thought that was fairly obvious.” He tilted his head slowly, steadily blinking. “I was not in charge of my own life, so people took what they wanted from me, regardless of consent. That is the lives of slaves, we own nothing, not even our lives or our bodies.” Protective fury rose in Anakin but to his amusement there was an uncomfortable shift among the speakers.

Obi-Wan had without explicitly stating it told them that he was used and abused without his consent. That this was the true life that Anakin was fighting to improve.

“That’s why I’m so grateful to Senator Skywalker.” Obi-Wan glanced back at Anakin and gave him a tiny smile. “He always asks what I want and if I say no he will let me be, its…a new state of affair for me. But I’ve come to appreciate it. I’m hopeful that my future can be…” He seemed to mull over the words to use and Anakin held his breath.

‘Yes, your future Obi-Wan?’

The copper haired man shifted on his feet then looked up, smiling slightly. “I hope that my future can be safe. That’s all I want now. Safety.”

“…Anakin you better look after that man or I swear, he’s getting an apartment on Naboo.” Padme hissed at him, Obi-Wan’s smile tugging at her heartstrings.

The blond just grunted before stepping forward, gently touching Obi-Wan’s shoulder to get him to step aside. Obi-Wan did so happily, shifting a bit behind his taller friend to hide. “I think with that…question.” He let his displeasure show, glowering at the crowd. “We end this meet-up. You’ve asked your questions and gotten your clarification. I hope to see the truth printed or I will have to speak to my lawyers about slander in the news.” He gave a slight bow and turned to Obi-Wan and offered his arm to the other man.

Obi-Wan was quick to take it and Anakin could feel him cling to it even as he saw Bail offer his arm to Padme to escort her. He was grateful for his friends standing with him in this case.

“You know, you might just have done my case of slavery debate in the Senate a whole lot of good.” He offered Obi-Wan quietly.

“Oh?” The blond glanced at him.

“Most aren’t confronted with slavery everyday. You’re a living proof of what it is and your words are genuine. It will speak to the people who hears it at least.” Anakin squeezed the others wrist gratefully.

“That’s good. I’m glad something good came from this.” Obi-Wan offered shyly.

“Something good did come from all of this. You.” Anakin smiled at his friend and Obi-Wan actually flushed a bit. “I enjoy your company Obi-Wan. I know it might not seem it but its nice to have someone around, company and you’re not a moron. You got a sound mind underneath that copper hair of yours.”

Obi-Wan ducked his head, peeking up through his fringes but he was smiling. A wide, gleeful smile.

And then it dropped sharply as the former slave suddenly shoved Anakin to the side, just in time for a blaster shot to impact the floor where the senator had stood moments ago. Another shot, this one Anakin sidestepped himself before he firmly grabbed Obi-Wan and hid him behind himself as screams erupted and the security guard finally reacted.

“Apparently, your legislation aren’t as popular with everyone.” Obi-Wan whispered.

“You don’t say.” Anakin sighed and tightened his grip on Obi-Wan’s arm. Time to call his mom before the news hit Naboo about this.

If you’re following many of the US politics wonks and hacks on Twitter you’ve already heard this a million times, but the Senate healthcare debate was the most procedurally fucked-up debate to occur in the Senate in probably a century. They just tore up the rule book