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my daily to-do lists are shorter this summer because i’m working full time, so i’m experimenting with spreads a little. last week’s was “3 things i’m proud i accomplished each day.”

The most under-appreciated joke in Spiderman:Homecoming is when the high school debate coach (Martin Starr) says “can’t lose a kid on a field trip” with a slight chuckle and then, tears beginning to well in his eyes, mutters “…not again.” 

A sea of silence and the two teachers, my girlfriend and me, laughing our heads off in the theater.  

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hi! my new literature teacher is a huge misogynistic piece of ugh and i really need to shut his mouth because he basically says there are no women authors and some women authors may actually be men. bc women only write shitty romance apparently. any advice on how to debate him?

try bringing up Mary Shelly (Frankenstein), Louise Erdrich (lots of classic short stories) , Jane Austin, Margret Atwood, Virginia Wolfe, Sylvia Plath, Emily Bronte, and/or Alice Walker. I’d recommend doing some research into the authors you plan to bring up so you can give an informed argument. Also, ask him to cite the reasons he says some female authors were actually men. I feel obligated to tell you you most likely wont change his mind, so make sure you have an audience otherwise you’re just yelling into the void. Ask “Why” a lot, it makes people nervous when they need to back up their bigoted arguments.

-Mod Ches/ your debate coach

Why Spider-Man is my favorite MCU movie

SPOILERS (I’m on mobile and I don’t know how to do the “after the cut” thing. Sorry.)

- This is exactly what high school sophomores are like, oh my goodness
- Michelle flipping him off for fun at the dance
- Michelle trying to get in some light protesting at one of the embassies before the tournament
- Michelle reading On Human Bondage instead of like interacting with other humans (am I remembering that correctly???) (UPDATE: I did not remember correctly. It appears to be Inhuman Bondage by David Brion Davis.)
- Michelle is MJ
- This is exactly what high school is like
- The giant stupid hall pass
- The bad school announcement video broadcasts with awkward script reading and also Comic Sans
- Okay, the diversity of that school was amazing.
- “We don’t want a student to die at a decathlon meet … again” (as a debate coach myself, I’m thinking the coach probably strangled a kid with his own bare hands after a long tournament, but that’s just my interpretation)
- Every. last. teacher.
- The chemistry teacher has ONE LINE and ITS A BAD CHEMISTRY PUN
- No wait, come back
- Michelle sketching people suffering
- All of Peter’s nerd shirts
- Webbing came from shooters, not out of his skin
- Ned is the man in the chair
- Spider-Man has at least THREE people who know his secret
- HAPPY is so grumpy and proud of himself for working hard
- Happy never responds to Peter but keeps Tony up to date on everything
- Pedro is such a bad dad joke
- Villain is a Hufflepuff
- The villain R&D guy was adorable because he was so excited about his technology
- YouTubing how to tie ties
- Aunt May
- I think he lurbs you
- “You might wonder why you’ve waited so long for something so disappointing” (I laughed so loudly I think my sister wanted to disown me.)
- Peter leaving notes for the cops
- Tony has an invisible jet
- Interrogation mode voice (lay off the Batman, Stark, yikes)
- this was a test, right? Yep, you passed.
- I’ve been carrying this everywhere since 2008
- When the door opened at Liz’s house. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Audible gasps from the audience.
- Using a TI-83 to hack his way out of a top secret containment facility
- Spider-Man vs. The Suburbs lol
- Training montage: 37 minutes passed
- Easter Eggs: Cap’s NEW shield??? Thor’s magic belt thing? Coach WILSON knows Captain America? ????
- Basically all of it

i promised an omgcp forensics (speech & debate) au, so here are some motherfucking bullet points:

(fair warning, i don’t know much about collegiate forensics\the NFA, so i’m writing on the premise that they run pretty much the same)

(cw for all the usual canon stuff)

  • SO. let’s start with Jack.
  • Jack’s dad is Bob Zimmermann, aka one of the big CSDF (Canadian forensics) success stories. he competed in whatever their equivalent of extemp is, as well as debate, and won a shitton of awards before becoming a prominent Canadian political figure. 
  • meanwhile, Alicia competed in interp categories before becoming a model and actress. both Bob and Alicia are vocal supporters of speech and debate, but usually the only people who care are other speechies.
  • and Jack is comfortable speaking in public. he grew up watching his parents do it all the time. he still gets nervous, but it’s not this big, scary thing.


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Good vibes! My English teacher messed up my pronouns in class, but corrected himself in the next sentence. Some guy asked why he switched pronouns in the middle of the sentence and my teacher apologized for his behavior after class and said that he would talk to him. Also, my debate coach said that he didn't realize I was trans and apologized for if he ever midgendered me.

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So I'm a competitive debater and this one REALLY ritzy private school in our circuit hires like, former Harvard professors and national qualifying debate coaches to write their cases for them so their team is Really Good. I may or may not be sexting one of their competitors and about a week back I got his entire affirmative case for this month. I'm also a lesbian,

that’s strategy

A Turning Point: Chapter One

SUMMARY: With his reputation in shreds, Steve finds nothing better to do than nope around under the social radar - of course Billy Hargrove, whose seen that there’s still plenty of fight left in him, won’t let that happen. 


enemies to friends to lovers (i guess), slow burn, harringrove, probs some smut along the line, my first chapter fic, encouragement makes me want to write so play nice in the comments, I’ll make a masterpost at some point don’t u worry :) Also tagging @hannipunk and @addigaddi who both showed interest on a previous post thank u my lovelies - anyone want to make suggestions be free to do so, unbeta-ed for now :) :)

 Chapter One

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Helping Your D-Partner Manage Stress (Pt. 2)

Part 1 is here

The Haus kitchen seemed as good a place as any to start.

Bitty had sympathy-baked pies for the team; blueberry, peach, and cherry cooled in a line down the counter. The whole room was still pleasantly warm from the oven and the Haus smelled the way heaven might, if heaven had been inspired by a Southern Living magazine.

Dex was more calm than Nursey had seen him in at least a week, curled up on the toxic couch, legs folded underneath him as read the textbook in his lap. His clothes were worn in just the right way to stretch perfectly over his body, like some kind of catalog ad. Dex muttered something to himself, eyebrows squishing together as he underlined something in his book. It was objectively adorable, and Nursey could admit to that. 

It didn’t change the fact that he needed to take time off to relax and, just maybe, pull the stick out of his ass.

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Autumn Arrives and Autumn Leaves (George Washington x Reader)

Title: Autumn Arrives & Autumn Leaves

Pairing: George Washington x Reader

Word Count: 2003

Summary: You and George are teachers during the high school’s annual Fall Festival, and George is forced to wear plaid when his good luck expires.

Request: “96 and 45 with George Washington

“You look pretty hot in plaid” “Stop being grumpy. It’s lame.”

A/N: If you recognize some of the teacher’s names from your history class, you’re welcome. And if you want a sequel, just let me know.

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Relevants as Teachers

Intuitive - Math Teacher

Vro - Driver’s Ed Teacher

Aldi - Vice Principal

Assign - Anger Management Teacher

Chapo - Soccer Coach

Mwolfe - Football Coach

Uckers - Debate Teacher

Glovember - History Teacher

Fired - Theatre Teacher

Sister - Student Teacher

Jords - Principal

Wrap - Economics Teacher

Alliegant - Literature Teacher

Seun - Graphic Design Teacher

Jumpy - English Teacher

Worry - Swim Coach

Orb - Criminal Justice Teacher

Alchemy - Foreign Language Teacher

Eyeroll - Art Teacher

Skive - P.E. Teacher

Nmad - Foreign Language Teacher

Celebro - Sex Ed Teacher

Permit - Dance Coach

Abuses - Culinary Arts Teacher

Gleams - Jewelry Design Teacher

Entitle - Photography Teacher

Krystal - Student Teacher

ilyt - Psychology Teacher

Scride - First Aid Teacher

Pauia - School Nurse

Cuckt - P.E. Teacher

Eater - Technology Teacher

Plough - Nutrition Teacher

Roast - Janitor

Jailbait - Band Teacher

Imagine #3

“Are you all packed?” Mr. X asked as he pulled up to your driveway. 

“I think so,” you replied, slinging your duffel bag into the trunk of his car. “We’re only staying for two nights, so I shouldn’t need that much stuff.” You slid into the front seat and glanced at your phone. “Has everyone else already headed out?” 

It was the weekend of the big debate tournament, which would be taking place in Springfield, a good four or five hour’s drive from where you lived. Your teammate’s mom had offered to chaperone and also drove a huge van that seated five. There just so happened to be six people on the team. Thankfully, Mr. X, who was the debate coach, had offered up a seat in his car, and you had accepted without a second thought. You shivered at the prospect of spending so much time with him, alone, in closed, confined space. 

“Yep, Mrs. Miller and everyone else hit the road about twenty minutes ago,” Mr. X confirmed. He reversed out onto the street, raising a playful eyebrow at you. “You ready for this?” 

“I feel pretty prepared,” you shrugged. “I mean, I practiced all of last week. I know my speech by heart. Plus we’ve been working towards this all year. We’ll definitely place at least in the top five.” 

“No, silly,” Mr. X laughed. “I know you’re ready for the tournament. I meant are you ready for this road trip?” 

“Oh,” you said. “I don’t know, depends. What kind of music are you gonna play? The music can make or break a road trip, you know.” 

Mr. X turned on the radio. The Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” started blasting. 

Immediately you felt your cheeks heat up. Mr. X also seemed to stiffen, and the tension in the air was palpable. 

Wet bus stop, she’s waiting 

His car is warm and dry 

Mr. X coughed and abruptly changed the channel to a generic pop music station. Justin Bieber’s soulful crooning filled the air. There was a moment of silence, before you both started singing along at the same time. You broke off in surprise.  

“No way,” you teased. “You actually like pop music?” 

Mr. X glanced over at you, a playful smiling hovering on his lips. “Yeah, actually, I do,” he said. “It’s my best kept secret. My reputation would be ruined if anyone found out, so I’m trusting you.” 

You mimed zipping your lips, then went back to belting out “Love Yourself”. You continued singing along with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and Ariana Grande, until both your voices were hoarse and your sides ached from laughter. Afterwards, you fell into a companionable silence. You turned to stare out the window at the endless sea of green hills rolling past, and before long, you found your eyes drooping. Before you knew it, you had nodded off. 

When you woke up, it was dark out, and Mr. X’s car was parked outside the hotel where you were staying the night. His jacket was draped over you, enveloping you in the warm, familiar scent of his musky cologne.  

You yawned and stretched, unbuckling your seatbelt just as Mr. X opened the door and poked his head in. He smirked at you, but his eyebrows were furrowed, as if he was worried. 

“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty,” he joked. “I was beginning to wonder if you would ever wake up.”

“Very funny,” you griped, swiping through your phone. “It’s not my fault that you’re such a boring conversationalist that I was put to sleep.” 

Mr. X chuckled, but it quickly faded back into the look of concern. 

“Is everything okay?” you asked. “Is something wrong?” 

Mr. X sighed. “Apparently the hotel mixed up our reservations and instead of four rooms they only gave us three: one with two doubles, and two with a king. So Madison and her mom already offered to share a room, and the rest of the kids are fine with splitting the doubles. That leaves…you and me. In the king sized bed. Is that okay with you? Would you mind?” 

Your heart leapt into your throat, and you could barely get out your next words. 

“No, of course not. I wouldn’t mind at all.” 

YOI x Kotobukiya es Series Nino Rubber Straps (Vol. 1)

Original Release Date:
April 2017

Featured Characters (11 Total):
Viktor (Regular & Kotobukiya Exclusive Coach Versions), Makkachin, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, Guang Hong, JJ, Michele, Phichit, Seung Gil

For some reason, the main trio are in skating costumes while the rest are in warm-ups. As usual, Phichit is beyond attached to his phone, but Guang Hong seems to be joining him in that aspect this time.

It’s debatable whether coach Viktor is holding Makkachin or the Makkachin tissue box, but either way it’s an adorable exclusive strap!

More from the Kotobukiya series!

INTJ and Relationships

By hotaryu

(I’ll be elaborating more on future submissions, to focus on some types I’ve had relationships with, and I thought I might be able to explain my perspective on my relationships with people of other types.)

I’m an INTJ in the abyss called college so anyway, let’s get this on the show, shall we?

INTJ - My sister, and my closest friend are INTJs. We’re on the same wavelength, and due to our Ni-Te-Fi-Se, we’re like comrades who silently pat each other on the back. We talk a lot about random topics on an intellectual level - like logic, about college life, about how things work out. While my sister and I are fairly close, I’m way closer to my INTJ friend, who is my debate partner; she and I met due to being members of our university debate society; during the summer, we had intensive training sessions.

She and I get along very well; we both have an individualistic mindset, we’re both efficient and we are goal-oriented. Logic-wise, 90% of the time, we talk about debate and logic. Don’t get me wrong - we chill; heck, we make these wacky Attack On Titan references to ourselves all the time. We compare our debate society to the Survey Corps and I’m the Erwin to her Levi for some reason orz. 

Long philosophical talks, mostly about debate, she and I live, breathe debate. That gif above? That was pretty much her when she met me (I’m the blond dude, she’s the dark-haired guy).

We agree on things 99.9% of the time, but then again, our relationship is not far from perfect. She sends me texts when I’m at class asking me to go out and have Starbucks with her, and she sends me plenty of messages. Through time, we’ve grown pretty close and I understand her pretty well. 

She’s been great, because she understands the way I think, she’s reasonable, she’s very intelligent, she’s funny and cute and she’s very supportive of me through time and time again. It’s a very healthy relationship, surprisingly.

To my salty debate friend, I love you so much. You might be romantically salty, but you’re sharp as fuck, you’re adorable as hell, and you’re so precious like all the stars in the night sky. I believe in you. 

Live for yourself.

I want you to keep on doing that for me. 

ISTJ - My sanest friend ever. She’s quiet and is hardly vocal; she sticks with things majorly in her comfort zone, and she’s fairly organized. We’re fairly close, and in our relationship, I’m the dominant one. In general assemblies, she’s the one who usually texting me so that we can go there together; in normal school days, I used to nag her to come out of the campus during free periods so that she could enjoy food that’s not from the campus, good restaurant food.

What I like about her? She’s sane. Super sane; she’s a great listener. I’m usually the one who rambles off ideas to her. Also, she’s quite sharp in her own way and very observant; we talk about politics and anime.

We bond because of our Te-Fi; I think that mainly what makes us click. Her Te-Fi makes her reliable; you can expect her to be very professional with you anytime. Beside her, I’m the one who loves theories, ideas, while she mainly has her feet planted on the ground. Her humor is also Ne-based.

To my ISTJ friend, you’re a gem. 

ESFP - I had a friend back in high school, who was an ESFP. And she was one of those people who were overly affectionate. I’m not that close to her, but the thing I found charming about her was that she was very honest and genuine with people she interacted with. 

That was one of the rare exceptions where I actually like ESFPs; usually they annoy me because of their Se-Fi. 

ENTJ - They’re those students who are very driven, and organized - and vocal. My debate coach, my RP friend, my high school friend - and also, one of my first college friends - are ENTJs. I really like ENTJs; they’re efficient, and very vocal about issues and transparent as well as very professional. 

With my RP friend: He considered communication between the two of us to be important with the plot we wanted to implement, and he followed it through. He was also very supportive of my debating career |D We did bond over shippings and Dante’s Inferno which we both liked.

And not to mention, we did get along because of our Ni. 

With my Coach: Aggressive, articulate, my coach is a debate beast, with ten years of debate or more under his belt; he’s got his name decked in debate halls of fame. While he intimidated me at first, he’s very vocal and as much as possible, tries to get shit done; he stresses a lot on efficiency of the members. As a coach, he’s also very supportive and generous; he paid for me when I went to have dinner with him. 

I’ve been under his tutelage for more than one year and let me say that he is really a great guy. He’s got great tastes in clothes and things to watch; he’s also really a debate beast. I mean literally.

He’s always up for a debate, literally, and his drive amazes me. He’s a very inspirational guy, he really does have a soft spot for his “kids”. |D /brick'd 

I really like ENTJs tho <3 <3 They’re great people, not afraid to be blunt. 

ENFP - I have two main ENFPs in my life - my cosplayer friend in college, and a high school friend who graduated salutatorian.

My High School friend: She’s very passionate; we got along because of our  Te and Fi (by that time, my Ni was just starting to develop, I used Fi a lot in my younger years); she’s been very supportive from afar. I like her altruism, and her honesty, and that she’s not a bitch. 

My Cosplayer friend: She and I consider ourselves “sisters” of a kind. We love our anime, we got along because she was such a huge sweetheart. When we first met, I was cosplaying Levi Ackerman and I needed help with the wig and she helped me and she hung out me in the event. 

Compared to NxPs I know, she’s actually not a devil’s advocate for the fuck of it. We both bond over our workaholic tendencies (Te), our ideals (Fi) and a lot of other things. Her social awareness is impressive, and I like her genuine passion with which she does things in life. Her blockmates considered her weird because of her Ne, but I actually respect her Ne a lot and I really do enjoy her company, despite her being overly emotional, because she’s very open-minded to new ideas that I like panning out in the open.

I’m the INTJ with the resting bitchface and she’s the energetic ENFP who brings out my nerdy side in the morning. I love her honesty, her open-mindedness and passion for life; to her, I provide intellectual simulation, honest conversations and cold calculation. 

INTP - Ayy. This is so tricky. I have two INTP friends - one RP friend, and one friend in my Bio class.

My RP friend - He’s very easygoing compared to me - his mantra in life is basically asking where the pizza is, while my mantra is I CAN. I appreciate his easygoing, analytical and considerate nature - and I really like his use of wordplay in RP. Despite he and I having different cognitive functions (Ti-Ne-Si-Fe to my Ni-Te-Fi-Se), we share a love for SnK and fashion. 

I usually try to motivate him. He’s a really sweet guy and considerate, and very smart and analytical, but nope, I wouldn’t date an INTP.

my friend in Bio - We bonded over our love for SnK; she looks up to me a lot, I just realized that recently. Aside from that, I like her bluntness and the way she sees things. She’s sharp and quite easygoing, to my workaholic tendencies. We both bond over music and debate and anime to nerdy proportions and academics-wise, she goes on her own pace while I struggle to chase after long-term goals and deadlines. 

She looks up to my public speaking skills and joined the debate society because of me. She goes to me for advice and intellectual questioning.

INTPs are chill but they’re pretty sharp in their own way. 

INFP - Saving this for last, since I only have one INFP in my life right now, and it’s my precious ambiverted panda friend. 

During my early days in college, she did me a really good job of being honest with me, and I’ve never forgotten that. She and I talk about music, and you can talk casually about random things with her, and she won’t judge. She’s very and super nice. And easy to work with. Surprisingly too, she’s quite funny. 

What I don’t like: she’s a procrastinator |D 

To this special INFP, please believe in yourself more. You’re so precious. 

Out of all the types, I would want to date an ENTJ (or INTJ). 

General Impressions of MBTI Types

ISFPs are beautiful, fragile butterflies.

INFJs are crystal balls in human form.

ENFPs are manic pixie dream people.

ISTJs are like fanatically religious cats with schedules for everything.

INFPs are hummingbirds lying on the ground after flying into a window.

ENFJs are the Mufasas of the world.

ENTPs are like debate coaches who believe life is a misfit orphanage and they are the caretaker.

ESFPs are flying squirrels.

ESTJs are either Dolores Umbridge or your loyal guard dog, there is no in between.

ISFJs are moms.

INTJs are the ones no one can understand.

ENTJs will be president someday.

ESTPs are Kanye West in a laser tag game.

ISTPs are American flags flapping in the wind.

ESFJs are like pioneer women churning butter.

INTPs are puzzles.