debate 2012

As the debate went on, Romney tried many times to move the international affairs discussion back to the economy where he was more comfortable. It was as if he had only 30 minutes of foreign policy talking points for a 90 minute debate. As a result he seemed to string together random thoughts which often made him sound incoherent.

“Obama won the debate hands down.
—  Teagan Goddard

Romney is so disrespectful.

He’s sitting there rolling his eyes when the President speaks, and rolls his eyes at the Moderator when she tells him it’s time for the President to speak. Or that it’s time for him to stop.

He refuses to sit when the president is talking (while the President has sat down EVERY TIME ROMNEY IS SPEAKING)

He cuts off the moderator every time that she speaks. EVERY. TIME.

Gosh he’s just making me so ANGRY.

Romney. Just.