event meme

prose- very good at holding things without dropping them most of the time. cares deeply about eyebrows

poetry- small, good fashion taste, quirky, spends too much money on books

POI- spends too much time on the internet. very good at memes

declaration- practices lip synching extravagantly complete with dance moves, underappreciated

humor- yells a lot when excited. probably owns at least 1 pair of ridiculous sunglasses. 

drama- fashionable. wears a lot of scarves. likes birds

duo interp- graceful like a ballerina. goes to ikea just to look at stuff and eat meatballs. 

duet act- definitely has broken a piece of furniture on accident before. a fan of frozen yogurt. 

duo improv- secretly wishes they could do stand up comedy but don’t due to fear of failure. scatterbrained and enthusiastic. loves dogs a lot

extemp- excels at stubbing toes. fan of newspapers and buzzfeed. appreciates google chrome

impromptu- hand motions at everything. knows a lot of random facts, will bring them up any chance they get. 

expos- the mom friend. crafty, very talented at gluing fingers together. fan of magicians

oratory- pun god. owns a lot of shoes. best subject is english

congress- really good at arm wrestling. has strong opinions that they must share always 

ld- has a lot of games on their phone. cargo pants. their laptop has a bunch of stickers on it. 

policy- always forgets to eat breakfast, independent. bad at science

pf- most likely has a samsung phone. afraid of clowns. strong


Killer Mike spins for ‘Beastie Bernie’ after Sanders and Clinton debate

“You should at least want basic healthcare, you should at least want your wife to have maternity leave, and to be paid a living wage when you work at McDonald’s while you study for your degree. And if you’re wanting that, then you’re voting for Bernie Sanders.” - Killer Mike

#Love it!

Abraham Lincoln never joined a church,  never publicly claimed to be a Christian, and was often suspected of agnosticism or atheism. His family and close friends had differing views on whether he held Christian beliefs, but he did reference an all-powerful God who shapes events in many of his speeches. Source


Hey guys….. for anyone who supports Bernie Sanders, his campaign just got banned from the DNC’s 50-state voter file. This unruly punishment is going to severely hurt his campaign if he is not reinstated.

Voters eager to pressure Debbie Wasserman Schultz to reverse her decision to ban Bernie’s campaign can call her office at 202 225 7931and send emails to info@democrats.org. There’s also a petition circulating demanding Debbie Wasserman Schultz reinstate the Sanders’ campaign’s access to the 50-state voter file.

If you’re going to call her office, or send out an email, then you can feel free to say this:

We demand that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz immediately reinstate the Bernie Sanders campaign’s access to the DNC’s 50-state voter file, which is crucial for voter outreach in the last weeks before the first Democratic caucuses. Shutting down Sanders’ tools to reach voters is an infringement on democracy.


But what about the muggle born wizards...

…who still go home every summer? Sure they have magic now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still spend a LOT of time in the muggle world. Are you telling me that muggle borns have had absolutely no influence on Hogwarts student culture?

Think about Gryffindors, full of energy and wanting to play but unable to ride their brooms well enough to ever be coordinated enough for Quidditch. So they play touch football on the weekends. And the Hufflepuff muggle borns are, like, hell yeah! Let’s play touch and make friends! And of course the Slytherins are not about to let the Gryffindors start a league and be competitive without them, so they start to play. And the Ravenclaws join up and some of them get really into how you can retool standard Quidditch plays for football. And by the end the wizard kids have been drawn in too, of course, at first wondering what the hell this sport is and how could it possibly be better than Quidditch, but then everyone starts play tackle because of course they do, they’re teenagers, and suddenly the wizards are like, “Wait, you mean I get to be the Bludger? I’m in!” And the girls play too, of course, because Quidditch isn’t gendered so why should football be? And by the end of the year they have a whole league set up and they even convince Mrs. Hooch to let them transform the Quidditch pitch for games and everyone comes and cheers and it’s all around a good time.

And all the Hufflepuffs who wanted to do drama in middle or high school and suddenly they’re magic and all these new avenues open up. They can do Peter Pan where the characters actually fly! And only a few of their friends come to the first performance, some muggle born, others wizard, but the production is so good that they all talk about it and get the other houses interested to. So the Hufflepuffs hold open auditions for their next performance and they do a version of Beauty and the Beast where they transfigure the actors into actual living household objects. And for that, of course, they need serious help, and they get a bunch of seventh years to help with that and so now there’s just a bunch of drama kids running around talking about how to stage different muggle productions and what spells can be used and Professor Sprouts eventually convinces Dumbledore to set up a theater so that they’ll stop holding their meetings in the Hufflepuff common room.

Or what about the Ravenclaws who want to start a debate team and at first all the wizards think they’re crazy, but then the muggle borns do a demonstration and the wizards realize they can argue about just about anything, from spells to wizard politics and suddenly there’s practice debates going on in the middle of hallways and class, but the wizards get over excited and they turn into shouting matches while the muggle borns try to get them to “Calm down, please, you’re not using sources like I taught and what the hell don’t hex me!” And then a Gryffindor throws in their opinion one day and get’s drawn in, followed by a Slytherin because they always want to get the last word. And the muggle born debaters realize they need help so they recruit a bunch of Hufflepuffs to act as judges and decide who wins and who loses. And eventually they get a professor to hold real debates (rules and all!) and winning teams earn house points, just like in Quidditch.

And finally, the Slytherin muggle borns who are SO DONE with having no electronics because, seriously, they have social media to keep up with back home and who else will create a Hogwarts Pintrest board or blog if they don’t? And so they get a petition going and all the other muggle borns are immediately on board and after weeks of talking about it nonstop they get the wizard students to sign it as well. Then after a few more weeks of well reasoned arguments and some master manipulation they get each of the heads of house to sign it and take it to Dumbledore with a plan for how to keep wizard things separate from the world wide web, but make both accessible to all students and then he yes, finally!, and someone pulls out a gameboy they brought even though they knew it wouldn’t work and a first year pulls out a playstation he didn’t know wouldn’t work and they introduce the rest of Slytherin to Pokemon and Mario Cart and nobody sees any of the Slytherins after that for weeks, except in class, and they’re all mumbling nonsense about Pikachu and turtle shells.